Daytona State College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Students who are not goal orientated should not attend Daytona State College. Not only would they be wasting their time and money, but they would also be wasting the time of Professors, advisors, and other employees that work there. While Daytona State College is fun with plenty of activities and groups, this is not a college known for it's sororities or loud parties. Students who are seeking out and craving to celebrate through long hours of the night would not be too pleased if they attend the very casual and comfortable Daytona State.


People that are only going to college because their parents have the money set aside for them to go should not attend Daytona State. While it doesn't have the workload an ivy league school does, they don't baby their students. If a student doesn't apply themselves, they will never make it in the career world.


I don't think that there's a "type" of person that shouldn't attend this school. My school really is ideal for anyone starting out in college. Daytona State is a great place to get your AA and they also offer four year degrees in certain programs. Daytona State is very flexible as far as class schedulig goes. Wether you are a full time student or a full time mother needing to take a night class once a week, this college is the place for you.


I do not think that there is a person who should not go to Daytona State College. The college is open to everyone and can benefit anyone who chooses to take advantage of the facility. It offers many degrees and programs in various areas of study. The only negative aspect of the college is that it is a four year degree university. If someone would like to earn their masters degree then they would have to transfer to another university.


Someone with no self motivation or intent to go to school. This school is large and there's no one holding your hand making you attend so you have to want to better yourself, for yourself.


This school is more for those in a transition to their careers. It is a wonderful school for someone to receive their Associates Degree, or major in education, but anything beyond that cannot be found in this school. Daytona State College just recently changed from a community college so they are still a developing school. A person whose dream is to become a lawyer or doctor, or anything of the sort would not be happy here.


I think anyone and everyone should attend DSC, it has something for everybody.


The type of person that shouldnt attend Daytona is someone who is not lookin to succeed in anything. The teachers here offer the help so you can do good and pursue your dreams. Grades are not given by just showing up everyday and sitting in class you have to apply yourself and do work which will ultimatly help you in classes as well as move foward as you persue your career of choice.


Almost anybody could join this school. If you are really not willing to put a effort into the school then you will not accomplish anything. The advisors want you to be serious and will help you find what you a career.


I think that this school allows all students, of all ages and ethnicity to attend it. However, if one is looking for four year degrees, this is not the college for that person. They only offer a limted number of four year degrees.