Daytona State College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would say don’t do it. Don’t run in the first race of the year injured. Running in that meet caused me to fracture 10 bones in my foot .The the damage goes much further than the physical. Little did I know that my over-eager attitude would lead to my downfall? That Injury caused me to spiral out of control and led to virtually every mistake I have made. If I could have avoided the injury I could have avoided everything else. I ended up getting hooked on drugs, used women and got kicked out of my house. When I finally met the love of my love she left me because of my mental state. It caused me to lose everything. The 2 years since then I've still been struggling to regain my foothold and fix the mess I caused. Getting back into school and paying for it is the last step. I have made my amends, kicked the habits and reconciled. Now it’s time I get back on the track, stay healthy make good grades and mentor those around me from making the same mistakes I did. I am ready to do good.


Lizzy, what is the matter with you. You need to stay focus and study hard. I know it is all strange and scary, but don't let anybody get in you way. Keep your head up and rember that God is always going to be there for you. Oh, and don't worry about losing wieght you are beautiful at one hundred and twenty-five and at one hundred and eighty.


If I could go back and tell my high school senior self about college, I would tell myself that college is an ongoing challenge. I would tell myself about how hard it is to learn the material and test well on it. I would also advice myself to read the text books ahead of time so I could have a better understanding what the class and lectures are about beforehand. However, the best piece of advice I would tell myself is to work ahead and never procrastinate on anything. Once you fall behind it’s hard to get out of the route without making yourself sick staying up so late. The hardest thing to prepare my former self is to tell him that hanging out with friends is much different than it is in high school. I would say, seeing your friends is not an everyday event. It is actually a treat and privilege to find time to socialize with your good friends. The last piece of advice I would give myself, is to work hard in everything that you do and never get discourage from a failure. And finally try not to stress. It’s a waste of time.


If I could go back in time, I would have applied to more scholarships in order to receive more of stability. I would have also saved up more money so I didn't have to work as much as I do now. It's hard working a full time job and going to school full time as well. Another important piece of advice I would have given myself was to intern and shadow more people that had jobs that interested me. This would have given me more of an understanding of what I really want to do for my future career so I could have been 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} focused on that. :)


I know there is the saying of never saying never but if I could go back to being my youthful and lively high school self , I would tell myself never, "never stop being full of life, never give up, and never stop following your dreams. I know it sounds cliché but it is the truth and this advice will take you far. It is 2014 and I love my life the way it is but if I had this advice I would be further along in my process of being successful. First, never stop being full of life, vibrant, positive, and fun to the people you know and the people you will meet. Second, when going through the application process and test taking for college it might be strenuous but study hard and never give up. Last, If there is something you dream of doing please follow your dream and never think it can't be accomplished. Never say you can't do something because you can accomplish anything you put your heart, mind, and soul into.”


If I could go back and talk to my high school self I would convenience myself to try harder. I finally discovered in my last year of high school the importance of a good GPA. I would tell my 9th grade, 10th grade and 11th grade self to focus on my future more. High school years are the easier years. I had a learning disability in elementary school and middle school. Before I left middle school I had overcome that disability. Instead of trying HARD to continue improving I slacked off and just passed. Live and learn – a hard lesson.


I truly wish I could go back in time and talk to myself in high school. Honestly, I wish I could go back to a high school freshman. There are so many opportunities out there for scholarships that I could have gotten if I had applied myself in high school. I would tell myself not to skip class, study, and do my assignments. I would tell myself that college is not like high school, and there are no second chances. Once you lose your financial aid, all costs come out of your pocket. I would tell myself to focus now, because the choices you make right now will affect your future more than you can possibly imagine. I would tell myself that because of those choices, I am now struggling to make ends meet, and pay for my classes. I would tell myself to imagine what it's like to work full-time, be 21 years old, and not even be half-way done with your degree. I would ask myself, how does that make your feel? This is now my reality - I would tell myself that life is not a game.


I would tell myself to work harder and get more classes out of the way sooner.


Wait until you're at least 25 years old to attend college. You know you won't study as hard if you attend right after High School, so get the most out of life first, then concentrate on your future. The future will come regardless.


A Better Me Sex, drugs, and partying are common problems that throw off many aspiring students upon entering college. Fortunately, that was never my lifestyle. Given the opportunity to travel back in time and enlighten my high school age self, I would tell myself to start developing personal study habits that are effective for me, as these are the roots to the foundation of my future college education. Although high school level curriculum doesn’t always entail strict study habits, continually improving these habits will pave the way to a successful study system in college. If I could go back, I would break it down into concepts that my high school mindset could relate to; high school is somewhat of a practice period, developing yourself until you’re properly prepared for the big game, that being college. I took some shortcuts in high school that, at the time, made things much easier, but ultimately left me unprepared for when it really mattered. If I truly could go back in time, I would continually stress never to take anything for granted, and to take advantage of the preparation period so that I don’t fail the real test.


I took a year off after high school, and worked for an attorney. Not having a vehicle to drive the twenty miles to work, I took two city buses to get to my job. I saved up enough money to go to the junior college the next year. I lived on my own, so I needed the money to pay my bills while I went to school and played volleyball. The following semester, I worked locally in order to save money so that I could go back to the junior college in the fall and play volleyball again. I would not have changed what I did, it's the next part that I would have changed. I received a full ride scholarhsip for volleyball to the University of San Diego. I squandered this gift by not taking the academics seriously. I was asked to leave after the year was over. I learned a very hard lesson. When given a gift, use it to the fullest. If given the opportunity today, I would enjoy every moment of that scholarship, and know that with my goal now of becoming a paralegal, I would complete the program. That would show my gratitude!


If I were a college senior today, I would tell myself that college is the most important task that one must fulfill. It is best to work hard thoughout your high school years so that as a senior, you can choose any college or university that you would like to attend. My advise is that attending a community or state college first is best as it allows you to take all the general education classes that are neccessary for any degree for a lot less money that doing so at a university. Once all those classes have been compleated, then continue on to a higher education insitute. Also, take advantage of all the help that there is out there as far as scholarships, and grants. Help is definately out there, you just have to apply yourself in order to receive it. Most important, be consistant and follow through. The journey seems long from the start but in a blink of an eye, you are at the finish line and your dreams become realty. Good luck.


Since the age of six, I have known I wanted to be an educator and help other children. When I was younger I recall pretending to be a teacher, assuming the role of the leader as I handed out library books to my friends in order to give a "lesson." As I grew older and went into high school my passion for education grew, though like some high school students I occassionally questioned myself and wondered, "Is this field really for me?" If I were able to turn back the clock and visit myself in my high school years I would simply place a hand on my should and reassure myself that education is, infact the right field for me. I would let my past self know of how important her role is eventually going to be and how she will one day have a positive influence on a child's life.


If I went back in time with all I know now and had a long chat with myself I would had told said to do it all. On that note, do it all means attend any meeting's such as sports to try-out, club's to get interactive and much more. Slacking off on free time is not as fun as it seems. So taking and doing my all is what i would tell my self. I had higher leaning in high school which was not a choice so everything was set from there on out.


The most important thing is to stay focused and know what I want. When something I don't like happens or I see something that should not be happening, I must speak up and voice my concerns and opinions. I would also tell myself not to let every little thing get to me and not get stressed out so easily.


What I have really gotten out of my college experience is just how easy it is to be social and how acceptable people are with who I am. They are happy to make a new friend, especially if it's someone they can work photography projects with. Before college, I was so incredibly shy, it was practically painful. But when I began college, everyone was the new kid on campus and they valued anyone willing to speak with them. Now into my second semester, I will talk to anyone and everyone. I have made so many friends I know will last. Everyone isn't the same either; it's something I truely value. They are all their own person, liking all whole spectrum of music and fashion and they all have their own ideas on how politics work. It makes for priceless conversations and days out that I will never forget.


Attending Daytona State College for my first two years has given me a great start to the education that I need to be a successful elementary teacher. I believe that no matter what, every single person should work towards a great college education because it will be very important for their future. Daytona State College has allowed me to volunteer at local schools to receive the extra experience I will need later down the road, and it has been incredibly helpful. I am extremely excited to get my Associate's Degree in May 2011, and then go to University of Central Florida in Fall 2011 to further my education career.


College benefits many different students in many different ways. The way college benefited me out was by making me a more organized and mature person. Throughout high school, I slacked off and did as little work possible just to make a C in the class. I was told that if i didn't get my act straightened up by college, I would be in trouble. The first day I started my college classes, I was frantic and stressed. I didn't know what to do when the teacher started writing notes in class until I observed everyone else. The good majority of students had their notebooks out writing down exactly what the teacher wrote. I gave in and started writing. Before i knew it, I was writing down every single assignment I had to turn in and every test date. After the semester was over, I was surprised that I received straight A's! I eventually incorporated being organized outside of school and wrote down everything I had to do. Organization overall made me a better person. without college, I would have never learned this valuable life skill nor would I be doing anything special in my life.


I met my best friend here and we are in the same program. It helps to have people you know and trust go through school with you. I like being on campus and feeling like i'm really acheiving a goal.


I have not yet attended any college as this will be my first semester. My experience with college has been the process of deciding to enroll in school and in doing so. After more then a decade of believing that I would never attend college, a passion for Environmental Justice issues has inspired me to pursue formal education in the subject. This has been one of the most ambitious projects I have ever chosen to undertake. Successful completion of the enrollment process is giving me confidence and determination to thrive in the coming period of higher education.


I love attending Moore Norman Technology Center. It has opened up alot of doors for me and it has made me a stronger person and a determined leader! I have learned many things and hope to continue my education further!


I have been able to study main different areas with the A.A. degree I am in the process of getting. I decided to stay in Daytona Beach to be closer to my family. I do wish my school was a little more conservative and had more food and study areas on campus. I have had good professors as well as bad. The good teachers have been very encouraging with my career choice. When my college went from a comunity college to state they raised the tuition cost which has made it very hard to keep up with a full time load. I have been at the school for two years and plan on graduating with my A.A. and then continuing on into a B.S. degree in Pre-Clinical science.


I have gotten out of my college experience many things that I will take with me for rest of my life. An unending thirst for knowledge, and a new founded appreciation for education. It seems the more knowledge one gains, the more knowledge one finds he or she needs to get him or her to the next step in life. One never understands how little he or she knows, until he or she discovers what they do know. It is valuable to attend college to gain newfound hope, in having a goal to reach for and not a dead end job. A higher and more respect pay grade, and a brighter future then those who never bothered to attend college. College gives you the opportunity to find new subjects you might not have enjoyed before, while still creating stronger connects to the things you enjoy working on.


I was able to learn alot and meet alot of new people and learn alot of different things while i been here. I would not trade this experience for the world and now i will be able to find and get a good job because i went to college.


I've gotten so much "different" information in the many different institutions that I've attended and I've learned that the material presented can be given to you via various avenues. Furthering your education will always have its benefits rather than being a negative attribute to add to your resume; in the time that I've spent in college, I've received more career opportunities from the simple fact that I was a college student and was actively seeking to reach a higher level than before as each day had passed. I've learned to be more patient and to become sensitive to others' needs; lend a helping hand whenever you can in order to inspire that brother or sister to continue to reach for the stars, no matter how long it may take. I've also learned that great minds come in all different shapes, sizes and colors; appreciate that all minds interpret things differently, but eventually it will all come together for the common good of the people.


I have gotten a lot out of my college experience. When I came looking for a school I was lost and didn't know where to turn. I chose this school in the first place because since there are less students in each class I can actually ask questions, so it was for my educational benefit. I also wanted to stay close to home so I didnt have to actually live there. I have learned that at this school they are actually here to help me not like all those other schools that want you there just to say that they have the most students or just to make the most money. I have learn that this school can give me the same education than any other college for an inexpensive tuition and actual help and/or tutoring from teachers.


I have learned alot, It is valuable to attend college because i am furthering my education and bettering my future.


As a recovering addict I have screwed up my share of things, including College the first time. I think the most important thing I have ;learned about going back to college is that I can suceed. And even more importantly that I deserve to suceed. It is also giving me the opportunity for me kids to learn that if you want something bad enough you can succed. I don't them to waste 20 years of their life as a drug addict like I did but I also want them to see that even addiction and be oer come and you can succed.


I've obtained much due to my college experience which has in turn contributed value to my life because I've attended. While a freshman in college, during my first semester, I learned many tools I am able to utilize till this day through courses such as Student Success and Computer Technology. While struggling through mathematics, I was able to receive a grand amount of tutoring sources, compliments of my college, to best assist me to earn the grade I was deserving of. Such sources included access to internet tutoring in various Academic Support Centers within all of their campuses along with tutors, ready to assist, present in all of their ASCs. Furthermore, the college consisted of reliable internet connections in various computer labs, along with the Academic Support Center and library which contributed to my being able to submit my assignments to all of my professors efficiently. At the end of my first semester, I was proud to understand that I earned a GPA of 3.8 and was added to the President's List to receive this award of academic recognition and I was grateful that my college directly influenced my earned achievement.


I have got many things from my college experiences. The first thing i got is that a sense of accomplishment and sense of humor. I became very mature person after i started attending to college. Things started to realize that i am not a child anymore and i need to study in order to fulfill my parents and my dream. Without being something or without having an education, I am nothing. It has been valuable to attend college because i wanted to get valuable education in my life. College experience is one of the great things i have achieved in life and i became very sincere in studying. I also learned from the college experience that the time i need to study, i study sincerely and the time i have to do fun, i do fun. While i study i don't think about anything except the study. i have a good GPA right now and i just got qualify for Chi Alpha Epsilon National Honor Society. So, the harder i work the more better things i get. I never thought i would qualify for it but i did. College is a place where i learned many things. Thank you.


College certainly has been a challenge. It has forced my mind to stay in shape with all those algebraic equations and english papers i have to write on a daily basis. In a way it helps prepare me for my future job as a firefighter where im sure i'll be multi-tasking and loaded down with work, constantly giving all that i can. My college experience would be nothing though if the people i see as i walk down the halls didnt smile and laugh with me after class, if we didnt do math labs together and struggle over difficult problems eventually finding an answer. They made my morning easier, made my college experience an experience rather than just another day- because of them i can feel accomplished and successful as we both grow.


If I could go back an talk to my high school self i would have said not to ever give up on something i want just because at the time it seems like too much money and to work harder to make sure i got what i wanted out of life. To hold onto my dreams and never let anyone discourge me. And to apply for a few scholarships which i slacked on doing in high school. I would mostly just tell myself that to make sure that I did what ever makes me the happiest no matter what it is, and to stop putting others above me.


My number one piece of advice to myself as a high school senior would be to focus as much as I could on my academics so I could obtain my educational goals faster. I happened to be the common high school senior who caught the "senioritis" bug and admittedly slacked off during not only my senior, but also junior, years. I fell so far behind that I could not even walk with my class and had to take courses at the local community college in order to earn my diploma. Now, although I am only 26, I would sit my younger self down and say, "Listen. I know what is best for you and I know what you are capable of. Don't let the distractions of insignificant things hinder your progress. All you have to do is focus enough to graduate on time, and even take dual-courses while still in high school, and you will not regret it. You can be 22 and have completed a Bachelor's degree, or you can be 26 and have two years to go. I know you'll make up your own mind, but please just take heed to this advice."


I can honestly say that I have not had the pleasure of being a senior yet. Nonetheless, college is worlds different from high school. The pressure is doubled, and the responsibilities are all the more complicated. If I could go back to my freshman or sophomore year, I would have started Dual Enrollment then so my work load could have been more spread out. Additionally, I would have begun entering scholarship contests then, or started researching colleges and majors then- as opposed to now when I have AP exams to prepare for and college work to complete.


If I could go back in time and teach my high school senior self a thing or two about college life, I would say "Don't procrastinate." Waiting until the last minute in college causes failing grades as opposed to in high school when teachers let you turn in things late. Deadlines are made for a reason, and that goes for tuition and other fees as well. As a high school senior, teachers always told you to "take notes if you want" but I never understood the importance of notes until i started college. I would tell myself to take as many notes as possible and that notes could only help, never hurt. An important piece of information I would tell myself as a high school senior would be to make sure you are always on time. College classes are held at a certain time, so make sure you are there on time. I would tell myself that there is no such thing as tardies in college. Your professor might allow you to miss one class and after that it is a failing grade for you. That is no fun, and is in no way a great start to college.


If I could go back in time and be able to tell myself as a senior what to do or not do, I would say thats it's not all fun and games. College is harder thn High School and my thought process was that it was going to be easier and a lot more fun. Don't get me wrong, college is way more fun than High School but going into college expecting it to be easy was not a good thought process to go with. My first sememster I ended up stressing myself because I needed help and I didn't expect to need that much help. I am now in my second sememster ahead in my assignments and enjoying every class because I understand that college is not all fun in games and if I want to be a good teacher in the future I have to work on it now.


If I could go back in time and tell myself everything that I know about college, I would tell myself to start early. Don't mess around and wait to do things after I have already graduated from high school. I would tell myself to start planning in my junior year and get things started that way.You need to duel enroll so you will have more classes out of the way and you won't have that many classes to do after you graduate and you will be able to get my degree sooner. I would also say not to mess around in high school. I know many people like to fool around their first two years and then try to fix their mistakes in the last two or even last year of high school, and by then its almost too late. Take things more serious and pay more attention that you are doing now.


If I could go back in time and give myself advice about a smooth transition into college, I would tell myself to be more involved in school. By this I mean, being more involved in academic programs/clubs, community service, extracurricular activities and taking college level courses. Being involved in those activities would help mold myself into a more responsible person. Responsibilty can help with time managment, organization, maturity and social skills.


If I could go back in time and tell my highschool senior self a few things about college life now that i've expierienced, this is what i would say. Dear Natasha Bradley, girl please graduated and immediately go off to college. Do not wait or take a break or you will not have that passion to attend like you had when you first completed high school. The information you learn in high school will be fresh in your brain and you will not have to take pointless prepertory classes to reawaken your brain. You will be more prepared for college because you and your friends would have visted schools and completed all the neccissary paperwork needed to enroll and recieve financial aid. You will feel more comfortable being at school with friends of yours, that are in your same age group instead complete strangers younger (freshman classes) then you. So please Natasha i beg of you, Don't procrastinate PLEASE go directly too college.


Knowing what I know now about college life, if I could go back to my senior class self, I would tell me to stay where I'm at. I duel-enrolled my senior year, and then changed to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University for my college, and that was a mess. I was not quite ready for that tough of a courseload or that dedicated or advanced of a school. I would tell myself to stay at DBCC (now Daytona State) and finish the AS I started, and then decide where to go. Finish all the prequisites at an affordable community college. Knowing where my life ended up, I can't say that I'd change a thing. I'm a little behind schedule, but I wouldn't change my life now for anything, which tells me that I truly can't change my past. So, I'm not a rocket scientist. I can't pass physics. I paid far too much for a school I was in no way prepared for to tell me that, and I wouldn't trade the experiences for anything. I'm back in school, and my life is where it's supposed to be.


I believe that even if i was given a chance to talk to myself I would only be telling myself what everyone else was telling me at that time. For the things that I could only tell myself would simply ruin the expeirence of the transition into college life. Therefore I would leave myself be to enjoy and take in the experience all on my own.


If any advice could be given to my younger self, I would recommend that I invest more time searching for funding. I set aside very little time my Senior year of high school toward looking into ways to help pay for my schooling. I received financial aid, but was still surprised to discover the large quantity that I was responsible to provide. My education is worth an infinite amount of money because knowledge truly is power, but I would have enjoyed my college experience more if less of that money were to have come from my own pocket. If additional time investments had been made to find this money, I could have spent less time working my freshman and sophomore years and dedicated all of my time towards focusing solely on my classes. I would also advise myself to increase the number of classes per semester. Unfortunately, I made the very unwise decision of only enrolling part-time, in fear that college classes would be too difficult for me. Once that fear was gone, I could see that I was capable of so much more. I wish I could give my former self the boost of self-confidence and hope.


If I could go back in time when I was a senior in high school, I would tell myself to stay in college and no matter how hard it gets to keep going. There is never a easy way out. Getting married with a person who had his own business dosen't mean he will be in business his whole life. A person needs to get educated to run a good lasting business here in the United States. If you don't have a strong fundation it will later fall. Having a good education is very important and when you attend a community college with good professors it is even easier to finish a degree.


If I were given the chance to go back in time and tell myself, as a high school senior, about college life and making the transition, I would deffinately do so. I would let myself know that college life isn't as hard as it sounds and the transition would be easier if I enrolled imediately. I would explain that taking time off isn't as appealng as it sounds and that getting back on track is hard. I would inform myself where the economy is headed and how important it is to go to college right after high school. I would let myself know that college isn't that much different from highscool, exept your classes are spread out so that you have time to yourself in-between. I would say how stimulating college is and how it helps build character. I believe going back in time to let myself know about college life and the transition would open my eyes, relieve stress and make a difference by keeping me on track.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, knowing what I know now about college life and making the transition, I would advise myself to take my time. I would also advise myself to not take all the easy classes first, mix and match the moderate course with the harder courses. I would also advise myself to start planning for scholarships earlier. And, probably the greatest piece of advise that I would provide to myself would be not to procrastinate, and take a whole lot of notes.


Not to take college light hearted. Your education is an essential for the work place. Maybe to persue college as a single women instead of tring to be in a committed relationship. You need to devote time to school and really have no need for a relationship. It will all come in due time but, this is the time to focus on you and your future!!!!


If I could go back in time as a Senior and give myself advise, I would have considered a lot of the wisdom I have now. I would have gave advice on how to complete fafsa information and why it is important, applied myself to more scholarships to avoid taking out loans, advise on dual enrollment programs, and how to manage my schedule accordingly. I feel that it is important to know all the information that you can obtain as a student to qualify for the financial aid that is available to you. In the long run it helps the students from taking out loans that are not needed. The most important advise that I would have gave myself is about the dual enrollment program. It would have benifited me educationally and financially. I would have gained a head start in completing some college courses that I ended up taking later. I do realize now that I am older and with working at a University that Highschool Seniors and Freshman in college needs as much information as possible with an understanding. The advice I listed above are the main sectors of advice that I would have givin myself.


Most people miss high school to some degree when they go to college. The social aspect, Homecoming festivities, being a part of some kind of club, seeing friends on a daily basis, having a structured routine, whatever the case may be, it seems that most of us go through of phase of missing some part of high school. However, alot of us go through a somewhat different phase of regreting something in highschool, whether it be not participating in school activities or clubs, not finding their niche, or not feeling that they did their best. There's so much I didn't do in highschool. I went to one football game in all four years, didn't really come out of my shell or become confident until AFTER senior year and graduation, and spent alot of time alone. But I think what I regret most, is not taking full advantage of the free education I was provided, and not doing my best to actually learn and absorb 4 years worth of information.. If I had the chance to tell myself anything as a senior, it would be to strive harder, stay motivated & take advantage of every opportunity offered to me.


Procrastination is the root of all evil. With paperwork, homework, registration, just everything. If you find yourself considering the possibility of putting off work of some sort to...I don't know, party, or go on Facebook, don't do it. Balance and moderation are key. But procrastination will get you stressed and falling farther and farther behind. It'll be easier on you, and reflect better with your teachers and future employers if you keep the procrastination to a minimum.


Have you lost your mind? Are you seriously considering moving out of your family home and throwing away your scholarship opportunities simply because your father married a woman that is making your life miserable? You need to hang in there and in a few months you will have graduated from high school with honors and then you will be off to college. Do you realize the importance of a college education and how it can help neutralize many of the economic situations those without a college degree will face? Are you prepared for the difficulty you will face if you decide to re-enter school after thirty years? What about the children you will have? Can you apply the necessary attention to classes while changing diapers and helping with school science projects? What about marriage? How do you put together a puzzle of marriage, children, work and school without adding stress to your life? Should you decide to take the road less traveled, you will see the difference in your life. However, should you choose marriage and children first, remember, you can still obtain a college education.