Daytona State College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The faculty in financial aid and other departments. They are often unknowledgable, not friendly, and the wait time is FOREVER.


I have not had any experience with this school that is frustrating.


Daytona Beach Community College is no longer a community college, but a state college. The most frustrating thing about my school is there are not a lot of sports teams, or school spirit like there is at big universities, and I have always wanted to experience that part of college. The students dread going to school because it is just like high school for them. The teachers treat us like we are high-schoolers and I wish they treated us like actual college students even if it is not a bigger university.


Sometimes you need a different class and you have to travel to another campus to get it.


The most frustrating thing is the amount of people on finicial aid who do not take there work seriously and never show up for class or do assigned work.


Just how high the tuition is, I love it here but I don't think I can afford another semester. on my own


The most aggravating thing about my college is the difficulty one has when trying to park their vehicle. On most occasions, students are forced to arrive up to an hour before their class begins to ensure he or she will find parking accommodations. If more lots were incorporated onto our campus, it would eliminate the tardiness of many students, thus reducing the interruptions form straggling students that distract those attempting to concentrate on the subject materials.


The teachers seem like they are their for their paycheck and not really concerned about the students education.


The most frustrating thing about Daytona State is that most everyone assumes that because you are attending a community college, you are either stupid or poor, or both.


The dificulty in getting in to see the heads of departments in the main offices. Sometimes, there are lines, and sometimes you have to be a little more agressive as a large number of the assistants and secretaries are work study students.


The most frustrating thing about Daytona State College is the lack of communication between all of the staff and the professors, it?s hard to talk and ask for help if nobody knows what you?re talking about. They send you from person to person because they don?t know what the answers are.


The most frustrating thing about the school is the administration department. They are not very helpful and not quick at responding to your questions.


The most frustrating thing about school is time management between home and school.


The most frustrating thing about my school is driving to class and not finding a parking space. There is not enough parking at the Palm Coast campus. Many students have to park on the grass wherever they can find a spot and nothing is being done about it. Additionally, there is a long and narrow wooded walkway from one building to the other which I think is very unsafe to walk through, especially at night. The school should clear out some of the trees and make it appear more open.


The most frustrating thing at my school is the parking situations. The beginning of the semesters is when it is at it's worst. It does get better as the year progrsses, but there seems to never be enough spaces, which can be challenging at times.