Daytona State College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish had known to push myself harder in everything i do. I learned alot from the school but if i did more and had more time it would of been amazing.


I wish I had known before attending Daytona State College that it was not much different than attending high school. Seeing as I am in my last semester before I receive my AA, I felt as if I have just completed six years of high school, rather than two years of college.


that i would be welcomed with open arms despite my ethnic background and that i there's always someone to go to in order to have your questions answered immediately


I wish I new that even thought they were changing to a State college that they didn't have that many 4 year programs. I will now have to transfer to a University or another State college to finish my major.


Currently, I am still in high school and attending Daytona Beach Community College (now named Daytona State College) in order to receive my AA degree before I end high school. However, the one piece of advice I would give to high school students is to get as many college credits completed as they can before graduating. With AP classes and Dual Enrollment, there are many opportunities for high school students to get college credits for free and not pay tuition.


I wish I had known that applying for scholarships and grants and loans was this easy before I started school, instead of playign catch up now because I have no money.


I wish I would have had a better understanding of the ins and outs, as well as the dos and dont's of financial aid. A college curriculum is imposing in and of itself. The added stress that comes with not knowing what's available and the hoops one must jump through for financial aid does not contribute to a healthy study program. It seems the departments are separate and the left hand never knows what the right hand is doing and it is left up to the student to make the two shake hands.


I attend Keiser University (Daytona Beach) but it was not a selection.


I wish i would have taken the time and talked to a counselor and really tried to figure out where I wanted to head with my future plans such as programs i would be interested in and classes I needed to get out of the way. Finally years later when I am really trying to finish up my classes I talked to someone and they were very helpful.


There really isn't anything I am oppose to, not that has come to my attention for the past first two semesters enrolled at UCF. I'm actually satisifed with all assistance that the UCF adminstrative staff and faculty has demonstrated. Thanks again for a wonderful first twos emesters. I am confident that there will many more fulfilling semesters ahead.


I wish I knew that the academic advising was easily accessible to me at each campus. Having information available for the public as well as potential and current students is a plus if it reaches us. If we are enrolling or looking to enroll at a college then we have made the decision to obtain knowledge in most cases of any kind that is available to us. With the age of technology it is easier than ever to get information. Let us know we looking for the information and with all the stresses making it easy to find helps.


I wish I knew that going to college isn?t all fun and games, just because I go to school where I grew up didn?t make it any easier to focus. I also learned not to procrastinate, if you fall behind, pick yourself up as fast as you can.


I wish I would have known that no matter what excuse you throw at your professors they have definitely already heard it.