Daytona State College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about Daytona State College is their location and tuition cost. With the combination of having to drive less and lower cost tuition I am able to stay in the black with my finances. The location is also amazing right in the middle of the world's most famous beach Daytona Beach. It is close to food, historic sites, the beach, and much more. Their location is very easy to get to without getting lost or taking back roads.


The best thing about my school is the small class sizes. It gives the students more one on one attention.


Daytona Beach Community College (State College) is small enough to give some individual attention if you prefer not to be in a large auditorium setting. However it is large enough to have a great curriculum. There are several campuses, but the main campus – in Daytona Beach, Florida is in a great area. There is a hospital in walking area, also the naval clinic is nearby. Someone getting in the medical field would make a perfect fit. Daytona Beach is known world wide for it’s beaches, Daytona 500 and many more things. DSC would be a great fit for many.


The best thing would be the convenience. I live close by, they offer several online courses, and night classes so I can work and still go to school.


I like that Daytona State College is now a four year school. I just finished my first semester with seven credit hours, and I did it on-line, so I have not participated in the school experience by being at the school physically. When I have gone up to the school, meeting with the academic advisor, taking the math placement test, getting a picture I.D., I have felt like I belong to the college community. I am 52 years old, and I feel everyone has been very accomodating.


The best thing about Daytona State College is the class size. You get to learn more by asking questions the are answered. If you need time for a one on one section, the professor is waiting and they apply almost everything to the real world.


Energetic students, and friendly staff, who are willing to go above and beyond. To insure students get the best possible education for the money they are spending.


I obtained my AA in General Studies and continue to take pre-requisite courses at DBCC for my BSH in Dietetics from UNF (where I will be transferring in the summer). I only wish I could attend DBCC (now Daytona State College) for the rest of my educational career, as the professors, advisors, and even financial aid office have all been wonderful to deal with. It is an overall great school.


The option to take classes online or in the classroom. Some people work better alone than with others or some people just simply don't have time to go to a classroom. Having classes online available allows more people to get a better education. Many people have had to quick school because they got pregnant or their job took up too much time and didn't allow them to make time for it. Now that theres online courses, those people can go back to school and get their education as well. No one is left out.


It is close to where I live and is not expensive to attend.


I would consider the professors to be the best thing about my school. I think that the professors are the best thing at my school because they are the ones imparting knowledge into us (the students). Molding, shaping and creating the future leaders of tomorrow, professors and instructors alike want the best from every student. I appreciate them for wanting to educate. Me realizing that professors, instructors, teachers, and any educator whether inside or outside of the home are not paid enough but are willing to make sacrifices on our generations behalf.


One of the best thing about Daytona State College is the over all college community. There is a variety of different clubs and organizations to join, and they are inspired by the students. Students are allowed to express themselves by designing there own clubs or organizations. Bulletin board postings are all over the school; not only to sponser clubs, but there are posts for student housing and jobs for students that are either on our off campus. The sky is the limit at D.S.C.


The best thing about my school is that the classes are small so there is alot of one on one help from the teachers and tutors if you need it. You can always go to your teacher during office hours to speak with them about what it is you are struggling with and they have the time to sit down with you and explain everything and make it much easier for you to understand so that you will be able to succeed in their classes. I find this very helpful because I dont feel ignored.


The very best quality that my school has to offer is the flexibilty of the courses being offered. The professors are also very well organized in their assignment. I am proud to be a student at UCF, majoring in Elementary Education. This is only my second semester at UCF, but I"m sure my future courses will also teach me and prepare me for my lifel-long career as an Elementary Educaton Teacher. The administrative staff has also been very helpful and attentive from the very semester I initially enrolled. I sincerely do appreciate all the support. Thanks again.


When I first stepped on campus, I was immediately welcomed by the staff and students as I walked down the hallways, not knowing which way to go. There was plenty of help available and more than enough tutoring if I ever needed it. The professionalism of my teachers pushed me to want to learn more, not to give up and at the age of 54, I never felt out of place as I kept up with the students and was proud to make friends that will last for a lifetime.




The best thing about my school wouild have to be the diversity. We have studemts from all over the world that come to my school to get a start on a better life.


the best thing about my school is the low cost of tuition and the small class sizes so the teachers can work one on one with you so you may get a better grasp on corse matierial


The music department is probably the most developed part of the college.