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De Anza College

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What kind of person should attend this school?

De anza is filled with many different people, which essentially is how the entire town is. Any one should attend this school! I really had no idea what to major with at first and was fairly nervous about going back to college after my first time at Brooks Institute which wasnt for everybody. But every one is soo different and great in thier own way at de anza and It felt very welcoming. So anyone should attend.

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I misinterpreted, I am going here, as in been accepted through Palo Alto Universities program but I attend Gavilan College at the moment. I know people who do attend this school and they are students who do well there. The type of person for this school is: well organized, deicated to their work, does not mess around, attends each class, and wants to have a very bright future.

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Everyone. De Anza is great for freshman coming in, and for working and older students completing an AA degree while working. De Anza has great teachers and a wide variety of programs, and classes offered to fit your schedule.

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