De Anza College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


De Anza College is a great community college with a university feel to it.


A diverse, left-leaning, environmentally friendly school with very intelligent and caring professors.


Coming fresh out of high school, becoming involved with a club or more on campus can make a positive outcome for your first college experience.


De Anza is a very culturally diverse Communtiy College. We take pride in being one too by having shows put on throughout the day with different types of traditional dances and music. On occasion the college does have a food fair so that people can learn about different cultural cuisines. Our professors are for the most part understanding and will work with you to help succeed. This college is the middle ground between high school and a university. This college also felt like I just attended class and then left without getting to know my peers. Join Extra-Curriclar Activities!


De Anza College is a diverse community of students who want to succeed. My first quarter at De Anza College, I was blown away at the determination of every student on campus. These students were not here because they were " dumb" or could not get into a good university. Rather they were at De Anza to save money. The fact that I was surrounded by such intellect and determined students, helped me make up my mind to succeed as well. It geared and motivated me to step out of the norm and be an educated latina.

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