De Anza College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


De Anza College is best known for its high transfer rate and great financial aid. All of the people I know who are in their sophmore year are already deciding on which college they got accepted into to go to. The others are there because they say that the financial aid is easy to get there than other schools. I know a few people who came to De Anza from West Valley in the fall because they could get more financial aid here.


My school is best known for being one of the best community colleges to go to if you are financially struggling and planning to transfer to a four year university. Many students like me do not want to go in debt in the future so most of us start in De Anza because they do FAFSA and fee waivers if you cannot be able to pay for tuition/books. I've heard many great experiences from past students that they made the right choice attending there and educationally prepared themselves for transferring to the universities they wanted to transfer to.


My school is best known for having the nicest campus for a community college around.


good transfer rates, good professors for community college


The best community college for students that are interested in transfering to an University.

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