De Anza College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about De Anza is the rigor of the courses. There is a definite understanding that if one attends De Anza, one should plan to transfer out. I have talked to people who were there to take a few classes after they graduated from universities. They have protested that De Anza's classes were on par with the difficulty of their classes in the latter half of their college careers. De Anza's classes are difficult because the faculty knows that if they want their students to succeed, they must make their students learn firsthand.


The best part about De Anza is how much clubs attempt to make students interact in fun ways.


I like that it does not discriminate against any single person and that anyone, young or old, rich or poor, American or not can attend.


Along with DeAnza's wide selection of classes it is a very multicultural school, which contributes to students learning outside the classroom. There are many different cultures and backgrounds that make the campus thrive with extra curricular activities and clubs. Many people enjoy sharing their culture with others. I have learned so much from others and am able to understand significantly more about social communities and human nature. Although cultures are all different; the main feeling throughout all of them is family, love, and place in the community. No matter how different we appear, underneath we are all relatable.

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