Dean College Top Questions

Describe a typical weekend.


A typrical weekend at Dean is actually a lot of fun; usually we have things like themed weekends, or dances, so there's generally a lot to do. Sometimes a lot of relaxed stuff like making your own stuffed animals, or airbrushing your own pillowcases, and then other times we have stuff like ski trips or trips to NYC. If, on the off chance, there isn't something planned for the weekend, we're really close to the commuter rail so I could go into Boston, or take a quick drive to the Wrentham Outlets, only 10 minutes away. All in all, there's always something happening to keep us busy !


Although everybody who commutes back and forth from school goes home on the weekends. Their are still fun things that students who are on campus can do. They have a commuter rail that is 2 minutes away from school. Take this and go into the city. A great way to explore Boston. There are also different activities sponsored by the Student Activities that are a lot of fun. New York City trips, Skiing trips, trips into Boston and many more fun things.


A typical weekend is what you make of it. A lot of people say their is nothing going on, but those are the people who do not want to be involved with the campus events. the RHA and the SGA put on events every weekend to have something for the students to look forward too.