Dean College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are very intellengent in the classroom aspect when it comes to learning .


Classmates are wonderful, supportive people, wheather your full time or part time you make wonderful friends who are there to encouarge you, as a part timer you sometimes have smaller classes which is eaiser to make connections with your classmates!


Lazy, tired, and not focused.


My classmates are diverse.


My classmates at dean are helpful, we work together to get our work done.


My classmates are helpful and very nice people who I believe are openminded by the way they treat others.


At Dean College my classmates are all different within their personalities, but come together very easily as friends.


My classmates are fun, outgoing, smart, talented, and goofy young people


My classmates are diverse in their work ethics, but all seem to get the work done effectiently by the required date.


Starting answering!The students at Dean College are really diverse, and come from many different places and backgrounds. Dean is a very accepting student body, and lots of different students interact with each other


The school has students who have learning disabilities, and everyone becomes very close with one another. Everybody is very nice. Dean also has a lot of diversity on campus.


At Dean College the student body is very diverse. Students come from any background, country, speak many languages, and yet all together we turn into one big melting pot called Dean College. Together the very different students make up a well balanced and happy community. To class students wear anything from sweats to jeans and business casual attire, the only kind of person that would feel out of place here would be someone who did not want to be in college.


There are several racial and social groups on campus: African American, Caucasian, Asian, Hispanic, etc. All of Dean College's students come from various financial backgrounds. However, the student body as a whole, for the most part, work to their best potential to make their college education (and tuition fees being spent) worthwhile.


The students at Dean College are really diverse, and come from many different places and backgrounds. Dean is a very accepting student body, and lots of different students interact with each other - I love going to the basketball games! And many of the athletes come to the dance productions and theatre productions. It's really awesome because at Dean, there aren't "cliques" - everyone kind of hangs out with everyone and we don't only stick to friends in our major; everyone interacts with each other!


After being here for two years, I have realized the students at my school are very accepting. Coming out the summer before college, I was nervous to attend a school and have people judge me for being gay. Not once did I find myself unwelcome, I felt that everyone I was surrounded by was accepting and willing to start a friendship. I live on a floor with a lot of athletes and I never feel uncomfortable or awkward around them. We say whats up to each other and go on with our day. I am super friendly with everyone and they are super friendly back.


As a Student Ambassador, I see every kind of prospective student you can imagine - and as a Work Study in the Advising Center, I have seen nearly every student Dean College houses! Dean has a variety of students, from a large international community to ambitious Student Government Association members and passionate artists. I can only speak for me and my own circle of friends: I know that I like to surround myself with vibrant personalities and talented, engaged people. My circle of friends here at Dean have varying interest in academics, a huge variety of hobbies, and every one of them is passionate about the field their in. I love having conversations that help me expand as a person, and they are always readily available to me. In addition to passion, the key characteristic my friends on campus share is loyalty: despite ups, downs, ins, outs, etc. we are all there for each other at the end of the day. I have had my highest of highs while at Dean College, and had the support and enthusiasm of my friends with me. I have experienced rough patches because of home life, injuries, etc. and every single person who supported me when I was on top braced me while I was low. I love the students at this school wholeheartedly.


My classmates at Dean College are very focused individuals who all want to succeed.


My classmates are astonishing, extraordinary and significant part of my learning process.