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There is nothing unique about Dean College


It has small class rooms so that the students can get to know their professors and learn better than in those with bigger classes or 100 and more students.


In comparison to other schools, my school is unique becuase of its small and close knit campus. This school has a great way of making everyone feel comfortable and as if they are not just a number in the class room. I always feel of importance on this campus and that i am truly cared about by not only my friends, but the faculty and staff.


Dean truly cares about how you are doing education wise. The profs are accomidating when need be and there is always help and plenty of resources availabe!


Dean college is a great place to learn great dance technique while making some very strong friendships. They have three great dance teams, two of which I am currently a member of. Academics are fairly simple but also can be challenging at times. It is located in a small town, which can be nice at times.