Dean College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Too small, i dislike seeing the same people every single day. I want to go to a university that i meet new people everyday.


The worst thing about our school is some of the older classrooms. Plus the chairs and old desks.


How small it is


to be honest the night life/ location franklin is fullof older people and there is not much to do off campus on weekends in franklin and the T is oo expensie for a college student to be going every weekend.


There is literally no bad thing about my school. I love everything about it fromthe teaching staff, sports, cafe, i coudn't have gne to a better school.


The worst thing that I would consider about my school has to be that sometimes the students who are tutoring are not available at decent times and how sometimes they don't help out with the certain subjects that students may need help in. The dining hall does not open for breakfast on the weekends until 11am. The food is quite decent but sometimes is not right for the people with food allergies. The shuttle is only available on weekends once a month.


The bias views of those like advisors and counselers to comfort low income students and disregard upper class student needs is visable. The no drinking policy encourages students to stay indoors and not socialize with other students. Not to mention the poor food and horrific upkeep of necessities like bathroom and shower facilities within the dorms.