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What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


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Dean College is a great college. Although stereotypes vary at different school's, Dean I believe dose not have stereotypes. This is a great community.


The stereotype of students that i have heard is that all the student s that come here just come here to play football or just to dance and move on.


The stereotype at is Dean attracts kids who are interested in perusing dance and theater. Also attracts kids who have speacial learning syles. No the stereotype is not accurate. The college has a very diverse student body. I have become aquanted with students who are interested in, Liberal Studies program, Sports Management, Early Childhood Education and so on. Some students are from near by communities and others come to dean from further away. Students that look at this school are interested because it is in a small community but it it is also near Boston. Students also look at this school becuase of the oppertunity for internships, small teacher student ratio...alot of attention. There are kids drawn to this as well becuse school the athletic teams are really strong.


At Dean, there is a mix of the stereotypes of "stoners" and "jocks". The football team has a bad stereotype of being lazy when it comes to schoolwork. But all and all, many diffrent people are friends with other stereotypes.


A typical stereotype that comes up when people talk about Dean is that "everyone is either a dancer or a football player". I think this is mostly due to the fact that dance is one of our popular majors, as it was one of the first programs at Dean to become a 4-year program. In addition to that, football is the largest sports team we have at Dean. Many athletes are recruited for the football team at Dean and go on to play for Division 1 schools all over the country. That being said, I do not think it's fair to classify all Dean students in those two categories because we are much more diverse than that. We have students from all different parts of the world, with different majors and interests. This creates a great variety for student involvement and activities on campus. The diverse community and meeting those who are not necessarily "just like me" truly makes my college experience unique.


As a theatre major, a common stereotype is that theatre majors are some of the hardest working students on campus...and it's true! Not only do theatre majors have to go to classes during the day (up to 9!) and do our homework, but we also have to go to rehearsal at night, so to be hardworking comes with the territory.


Every school has there own clique. The student body at Dean College is very diverse and all mesh well together. I think some stereotypes of the students at Dean include Jocks, Artsy students, International students, fashionable and leaders.


Some of the basic stereotypes at Dean College are The Dancers, The Theatre Kids, and The Jocks. There isn't a lot unique about these stereotypes at Dean vs. any other learning institution. What makes these the most common ones is the student body breakdown: our biggest programs are the Dance and Theatre programs, so those students who are enrolled in them are a big presence on campus. As for athletes, they have the same stereotypes that Football, Basketball, Baseball, Lacrosse, and Soccer players have everywhere. People say the dancers "Run Dean College," which is grossly inaccurate: they are just a large percentage of the student body. In the same way, people say "If you're not a performer you're just here for the football team," where as there are many academically minded student athletes in MULTIPLE degree programs here at Dean. Stereotypes here are as true as stereotypes anywhere else you go!