Dean College Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


i hate it


Since Dean is so small, its always easy to find a familiar friend and face. Though this is something people often comment on. The size of Dean is the best and worst aspect. Everyone knows who you are. For me Dean is the right size, I enjoy the community feeling and home feel the campus and town of franklin provide. I feel that Deans fit is good for most people. Some love it and stay for four years, others puddle through and transfer onto better fits. But everyone is here to help us students find success.


People come to Dean for different reasons. My opinion of Dean is that: Professors here really want you to succeeded,and it is a really great college. If you are involved in the Arch , program the classes are very small, and you meet a lot of great student's.


My overall opinion about Dean College is that it is a school that really cares about their student and their well being. All the staff members at Dean College love their job and are truly dedicated members of the Dean community.


I love the program that I am in: dance major, English minor. Both programs are very organized and focused on the success of its students. What I love most about the B.A. program for dance at Dean is the amount of importance the teachers put on improving technique as well as academic skills.


I think the best part about Dean is the homey atmosphere. Moving away to college is obviously a life-changing event that is often scary and overwhelming. When I moved into Dean, I immediately felt right at home. The campus alone is very beautiful and has a small town feel to it, just like where I am from. Beyond that, the learning atmosphere is very comfortable. Because of the small class sizes, every teacher will know your name and will be able to adapt to your learning style in order to help maximize your college experience. Every teacher I have had here at Dean is truly dedicated to my success within the classroom, and outside of the classroom as they are all available during office hours for extra help. Another comforting part about Dean for me is that because it is a small school, I walk by plenty of friendly faces during the day; rather than at a large university where you may be lucky to run into one person you know while walking to class. In addition, there is excellent school spirit. Many times the dancers will perform at a basketball game, or we all go to Longley Field to watch the football game, or students come to support the dance and theater productions. As a dancer, it is great to look out into the audience and see my peers supporting what I love to do. The small school and homey environment has made an enormous difference is my adjustment to college as well as my fantastic last 3 years.


I love being at Dean College. The individual attention we get from our professors, and the area (close to Providence, RI and Boston) makes for a lot of fun memories. Our school is the perfect size - big enough to be your own person, but small enough to know everyone. The attention we get from our professors & from our faculty is also really excellent - Dean College really cares about the success of its students, and they will do anything in their power to see students excel and grow.


My overall opinion about this school is that its a great place to be fresh out of high school. Dean College is a great transition from high school and it prepares you for the future. Dean College is a small school with a small student body. It is close to home and is in walking distance from the train to Boston. Dean College is in Franklin, MA, a small, quite area that is proud to have a college in the center of town. Dean is known for their theater and dance departments and the shows they put on are fantastic. I try to attend every dance show and play possible and see the different talents my classmates have to share. When I tell people I go to Dean, they don't know much about the school in general. Most of the people I tell don't even know where it is. I tell them its my home and a great place to be.