Dean College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


This school has programs for those who plan on attending a four year program, but need to improve their grades or their athleticism. The four year program that my school does offer is dance. I would recommend those that are interested in furthering their future or career in sports, or dancers, attend this school. The programs that are available are for those who need to improve their grades before furthering their educations. Also, they are for aspiring dancers of all tracks. THe programs are extremely helpful and it being a small school allows more one on one than other schools.


I think a person who wants to put themselves in a new enviroment with all new people should attend Dean College. Dean College students are from all over the world, so if a person was to attend here they should be comfortable with meeting new people and adapting to their surroundings.


A person who has a little trouble with school in the past.


A person looking to boost grades to get into a four year university


The type of person that should attend this college is one that is patient in obtaining their degree. The college its self is a wonderful school and the teachers and/or professors are amazing as well as the counselors. A perspective student should know up front that it will take a little longer to complete your degree if you need to complete all classes in person. Even with that restriction, the college offers all the latest learning environments such as on-line, in residence and blended classes. The campus grounds depict a typical New England environment, attractive and quaint.


Someone who is looking for a small attentive school. The faculty here will not only know your name they will know your goals and asperations for the future.


If you want to go to Dean College you should be a person that enjoys a small campus. Going to Dean College would also mean that you're a person who enjoys meeting new people. Also a person who enjoys more of a hands on approach with professors should attend Dean.


Dance majors, or general studies majors.