Dean College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I find that the best aspect about my school is its' size. The school is small and allows for a more intimate setting in the classroom as well as when you are in need of help or assistance from a teacher. This allows for more one on one time and in turn creates an overall better learning experience for the student. I found it helpful when it came to wanting to ask questions and be involved in class discussion.


The best thing about my school is that there are lots of opportunities to get involved with the performing arts because it gives dance and theatre students the hands-on experiences they need to gain experience in their career fields.


I think the classes are the best things about this school. All of my classes are great .


The best thing about Dean College is the ability to excel in what you want to learn about. Even if it isn't your major there are a lot of extracirriculars for students to be able to join.


The Dean College campus is very unique because it's so small. From any point to it's opposite point on campus, it's roughly 10 minutes, unlike the HUGE campuses where there are shuttle buses that need to be used to get students across campus. Also, the buildings on campus are a mix of really old buildings, and brand-new buildings built just for the school.


Everybody is willing to help you if need be. Their is a lot of diversity on campus.


Dean is only 100 acres, which means that if you need to run back to your room in between classes it wont take longer than ten minutes to get there.


The best thing that I consider about my school has to be the fact that the teachers are very nice and willing to help out students who are struggling in certain subjects academically. They have personalised tutors that help students with organizations and help them do well in certain subjects so they can pass with decent grades. The students who tutor are nice and are able to help those who are struggling academically. There is alot of different activities on campus that the students may engage in or participate in.


The best thing about my school is that we are forced to do both academic and artistic classes (being a dance major). I really enjoy that we aren't just relying on our skill/talent to get by, and we will be academically intellegent in addition to a performer.


I think the best think about the school is that professors are readily available outside of class and most are willing to help. Classes are small, and the dance progam is well renowned. Professors get to know students on a personal basis becaue there are not large lecture halls.