Dean College Top Questions

Why did you decide to go to this school?


I decided to go to Dean because their dance program as well as their other academic programs are very organized and ensure each student's success in the field of study they choose to pursue.


My decision to go to Dean College was based of being a real small school, with smaller classes and low student to professor ratio. Dean also has an amazing theater program, that will help anyone with theater interestes.


I decided to come to Dean because I was unsure of what my degree would be and they offered a great place to start. The course catalog was filled with so many different choices, I did not know where to begin. The other reason I chose Dean was because of how helpful and nice all of staff and faculty were each time I visited. I am so happy I chose Dean College.


I decided to go to Dean because during Dean Day I had the chance to observe a class and it made me feel good to know how small the class rooms were. Also, the campus itself was a plus because I knew if I went to a big school I would get lost in the crowd.


I decided to go to Dean College because of the family-style atmosphere, and the warmth I felt from everyone on campus. It was obvious the professors were willing to help in any way they could, and the students were so friendly. Also, the theatre program seemed so awesome and creative, and I was right! I've learned so much from attending Dean College, and I'm excited I still get to have a year and a half left!