Defiance College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend Defiance College?


People who wish to recieve a high quality education with small classes, very qualified professors, and friendly students.


Defiance College is great for someone who is looking for a small school, who can deal with a little drama in order to get a good education. The staff and faculty here are great beyond words. This is why I came here. The people here knew who I was and cared enough to get to know me and really wanted me to come here. They still, now that I am enrolled, do their best to make sure I am getting what I want out of DC.


Someone looking for a small university with a hometown feel.


Any type of person, our campus is pretty diverse in personality types so anyone can make friends that are like them and not like them very easily.


A person who wants to do good at college, but not expecting a lot of people and likes to lean new things. YOU MUST ENJOY VOLUNTEER WORK!