Defiance College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


If you are not use to the small town atmosphere you don't want to be here. It is a very friendly campus where instructors are willing to help all the time. The down side is the town doesn't offer much to do and the nearest place with tons to do is an hour away.


Students who do not want to be pushed to their academic limits shouldn't attend Defiance College. They need to display a thrist for knowledge and wisdom that can only be obtained by hard work and dedication to their chosen programs. Without that thrist, those students are going to have a very challenging experience in their college career.


The type of individual who should reconsider the decison to attend Defiance College is the person who feels as though he or she does not need to give effort to achieve a above average grade. Defiance College provides a wonderful faculty, excellent resources for studying, as well as helpful (and knowlagable) tutors to aid in achieving the student's desired grade. If a student does not wish to utilize these resources readily given, if needed, than this individual should reconsider his or her choice of college.


A person looking for a variety of activities and variety of people. Everyone knows everyone here. There is not enough students to participate in useful organizations, so two or three students usually bear an unfair amount of work for the organization they are in.


People that are from big cities that want to be in a big city, this place is flat and full of cows, cows, oh and did I forget to mention cows?


The kind of person that needs tons of different things to do on and off campus, doesn't want to get to know the professors, or hates small schools. The size is perfect for me, but there are many people that think it is too small.