Defiance College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back in time to when I was a senior in high school, I would tell myself to just relax. The advice that I would give myself is to simply be myself. I would encourage myself to be confident in my abilities and to not change. I would tell myself to not stress out or worry about the transition because I will adjust in no time. I would also tell myself to enjoy every second of the experience because time really does fly. Most of all, I would tell myself to make the most of everyopportunity.


I would tell myself to live on campus and not to commute. I have switched my major so I would also tell myself to follow my gut instict. Not only that look hard for scholarships school is no where near being cheap.


I would go back and tell myself to follow my dreams no matter how crazy or hard they might be to achieve.


Coming to college has given me a new perspective to my life. When I was in high school I was always in the background and I was happy to be in the background just floating on through the years. Now that I am in college I decided that I was not going to let that happen again. So the first day I went out and made friends. We met the first night at our schools freshman “Jam” at the YMCA. We clicked automatically. It was the first time that I actually made friends that fast. We have been good friends ever since. I know that it has not been that long but we are just that close. At college I have learned that I do not always have to be in the loner. I can be a part of a group and actually belong and have fun. College is valuable to me because without college I would still be as much as a loner that I was in high school and being alone is not a good way to go through life. I am glad I went to college it was made me a better person.


My college experiance has allowed me to view myself as a person capable of achieving any goal I set my mind to accomplish. As a victim of abuse I felt incapable and inadequate to achieve anything in my life that I had dreamed of achieving when I was in high school. Once I finally entered college, the faculty and students made me feel at home and helped me to realize I was a much more intellegant and hard working than I thought I was. I set my mind on recieving a 4.0 (which, in high school I had not done); I studied as hard as I could and utilized every resource given to me. When I recieved my first end of semester grades with a overall score of 4.0 I began to cry. Defiance College has given me the ability to appreciate myself and the achievements I acquire throughout my lifetime. I cannot thank Defiance College enough for providing me, as well as other students, the needed instruments to help us achieve our sucesses. Without the faculty, the materials, and the tutors I could not have found my inner strength and drive to achieve and learn more.


i have gottan a very good education out if college so far as well as making new social discoveries. education is a big part of life and here at defiance college the professors always are willing to help you in the process of discovering your self and discovering if your in the correct major. It has been valuable for me to attend college because i have not and would not get this kinda of eduaction or social interaction any where else.


I have gotten so much out of my college experience. When I first started college i got depressed and i was having a hard time making friends. I decided one day that I wanted to rush a sorority. I did and I am now a memeber of Alpha Xi Delta and am also serving on Exec board. I also joined Pep Band and DC Players and got a lead in the Spring play. My classes have been very enjoyable and I now know that teaching is what I want to do for the rest of my life. College gave me a different outlook. Being on my own is the toughest part because I usually rely heavily on my parents. It has been valuable to attend college because I have figured out what in life makes me happy and I now know that mychildren will have a better life than I had.


College has help to better myself, it has help me mature becasue now i have to learn to live on my own a little bit. I also have to be responsible now that i have no one over shoulder to tell me things, or make sure that im doing my homework like i should. Defiance college has helped me alot it has help to not just grow but to be an adult.


Defiance College has given me the confidence I needed for a long time. Before, I wasn't sure that higher education was for me and if I would fit in as I am quite a few years older then a majority of the students. However, I got comfortable very early into my first year. I made firends fast and the professeors were very engaging and had an open door policy for any questions or concerns the students had. Not only did it solidify the fact that I should be going, I also got better at planning ahead and getting ready for exams and such. Without Defiance College, I would not be the man I am today.


I was homeschooled throughout my primary and secondary education, so the biggest thing that I was worried about was how I was going to survive college. I was worried about going into such a different leaning environment, and I was worried about what people would think of me. I never had to deal with teachers before, or taking standardized tests, or being in a place where I didn't know anyone. If I could go back, I would explain what classes are like, and tell myself how to prepare for them. I would tell myself how to take notes, and that I should get to know my profs, because they are more likely to help you out if you struggle if they know you. I would also try and reassure me that making friends is easy, you just have to be a friend to someone to make them want to be your friend. I would let myself know that every other freshmen is in the same boat, and they all want to have friends. So I would say to bring cookies on move in day and offer them to people to help me move in.


The advice I would give myself is to try my best and get more involved in school clubs.


When you walk on to a campus and feel at home you know its the right Campus for you!


Ultimately, the right college is one where the student feels comfortable that they can get the most out of their college experience and where the parents feel comfortable in sending the student. The final decision of where to attend college rests with the student, but it is important that the parents feel like they are sending them to the right school. Colleges should not be picked by the financial aid they give to the student or the social scene. It is more important to go to a school where a student feels they can get the most out of their potential. This school should increase the quality of the future for the student and help them to live a quality life. No matter what college is chosen, it is up to the student to make the most out of it. College is what you make it, and students should get as involved as they want. Making the most out of your college experience is key because many students do not get the opportunity to attend college and it is a once in a lifetime adventure. Enjoy college, but go somewhere where you can get the most out of it.


First and foremost if you know which area of study you wish to go into look at schools that are well known for that area. if you are entering are an undecided major head to a larger university that offers a variety of majors and career fields. look into all the finacial aid options as well as those provided at your high school. college offers a lot of great opportunites so get involved!! you will meet many new people with differnt beliefs and backgrounds but stay open to their ideas and in the end it will help to make you a more well rounded person. dont do things like drink just because its what many of the other students are doing. stay focused and remember your paying for this education so do you best and work hard at it. go with your gut instinct if you vist somewhere and it feels like the right place it more than likely is.


The best advice I can give any parent or student is research. Orientation is a great way to get a feel for how a university want to be perceived by prospective students, but you still need to do some independent homework. Talk to former and present students about financial aid, job availability, and overall campus life. Talk to professors about class size and homework expectations. Students considering residency need to look at on-campus and off-campus pricing and options well in advance of the first day of classes. It is also very helpful to review the bookstore - textbooks and all the supplemental reading deemed "required" by the professors do not necessarily need to be purchased through the bookstore. If the campus bookstore offers an online listing of classes and the required texts, you can save some serious money by buying your books online. The last thing I would suggest is getting the meal plans in writing and make sure you understand the limitations and exclusions that apply to each plan.


Finding the right college is about figuring out what you enjoy doing. By finding a school that caters to your interests, you will make the most out of what your school can offer you. Schools offer so many opportunites because they want the students to take the opportunities. It is very inportant to get involved with as much as possible on campus. It will make for a more enjoyable college experience, and most opportunities can be added to resume's.


Becoming a college student is very special and highly influential time in one's life. Parents and/or students really should begin searching their Junior year in high school. This is the age that students may have found their path and understand what it is they want out of life. The most valuable piece of advice that I could give an incoming freshman is to get involved on and around campus. Joining and creating service programs have shaped me into the successful student I am today. Becoming part of an organization that makes a positive impact on communities as well as individuals really depicts who you are. Getting involved truly helps a college student grasp the big picture and shows them what life is really about. Make the college that you choose your special place. Be sure that your actions will leave a positive mark in your college's history.


When looking for the right college, don't settle. Find one that has your desired academic major, is of a comfortable size for you, has a good curriculum, and has a variety of extra-curricular activities that interest you. To make the most of your college experience, try your best. Study often and as much as you need to, but allow yourself to have a social life. Interact with other students to make friends. Don't fall into the habit of wasting the weekends away with parties and alcohol. Keep your goals, morals, and beliefs in mind; don't let anyone push you past your boundaries. Take this time to discover who you are and what you want out of life. Use the opportunity to experience being out on your own. Try to exercise regularly and eat healthy to avoid illness and depression. Don't isolate yourself. Be involved with your campus; attend school events and have fun. Have a sense of pride in who you are, and the school you attend. Having pride in your school will give you a more positive college experience. College is your time to experience life; enjoy it, don't waste it.


Go on college visits if you cannot decide upon what current students, coaches, or professors are telling you. I chose my school before even visting, came to make sure it was exactly what I wanted and fell in love with basically everything about it. If you are not interested in sports then see what other campus activities or clubs or organizations are on campus. Even small colleges and universities have more groups than most people would imagine. Be as social as possible makes the college experience more interesting when you have a group to share it with. Once you are an upperclassman treat the underclassman with respect and offer them help at all times. You can make more friends and make the campus more enjoyable and possible a little less scary for them and even you. Always remember to have fun and leave a little bit of time for just you.


Make sure that the college provides the majors and classes required to complete that major in a timeframe that fits your goals. Parents need to investigate all options and find a college with helpful financial aid individuals. Ask a lot of questions of these individuals, there are many grants/scholarships available and if they aren't helpful, find a college who is. A strong support system in any college administration is extremely important for young people. We are just "learming" to be on our own and still need some leadership until we become comfortable in our new environment. A smile and kind words go a long way in making us feel welcome.


Its going to be rough in the beginning, however college is by far the best decision i have made in my life thus far.


Don't settle on your first experience - shop around and apply to a variety of places.


The decision that a student makes about the college that they choose, should be that exactly: their own choice! Do not let your parents choose, this is your future and you have to live with what you choose.


All you can do is look at as many schools as you are interested in and choose the school that seems best for you.


I would tell them that the College has its faults like most schools do. The regestration office tends to mess things up screwing up people's situations whether class or finanical. The college is in a small town so there is nothing really to do and students tend to get drunk and get in trouble for it.


Figure out what size of school you would like to attend, and what kind of environment you would succeed in. Some of the biggest reasons I've heard of people disliking school or dropping out are that the school was too small or too big and they either didn't have enough to do or there was too much to do instead of doing school work. The reason I transferred after my freshman year of attending Urbana University was because of the sports centered attitude of the students and faculty. Defiance College offers many opportunities to travel abroad and have life changing experiences- if this is what you might want to do I would definately suggest going here. There aren't many small schools that offers as many travel opportunities as Defiance does.