Delaware County Community College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


I think every person that is looking to get some sort of higher education should attend this school. Personally I think it is more cost effective to attend community college and then a 4 year university because it is far cheaper than going directly to a 4 year university.


A dedicated and persistant person should attend this school.


If you're not sure of what you want to go to school for, but know you want to go to school for something- start here. You'll save a ton of money while being able to explore different classes and majors, and DCCC also has a fantastic Career and Counseling Center with knowledgeable counselors that can help you make decisions for your future. Attending a community college to start your education is one of the smartest ideas for incoming college students in this day and age and I am so glad that I made the decision to.


The kind of people that should attend Delaware County Community College should be people that are definitely motivated. That includes people that didn't have the time or money a few years ago. DCCC is affordable and have many different campuses to choose from as well as online courses so you can attend whenever you have time.


Someone who realizes the importance of education and wants an opportunity to learn and prepare for their future. The school offers alot of different progams and degrees and also provides the counseling if you are unsure of the path you want to take.


Someone who is not sure if college is right for them .