Delaware State University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The students at my school are very friendly. They were really helpful when I first came on campus. We're like one big family and I love it!


Delaware State Students are very friendly , They are willing to help in your time of need and everybody is like a big family.


My classmates are very helpful


My classmates are helpful and cooperative individuals.


A persons first year as a freshman in college it can be diffult but stay on track. One cannot like others take thier focus away from what know is important. Get a planner and write out what ones plans are going to do everyday. If one has a planner they will be last likely to get off track.


Classmates are always friendly, everyone always get along in the class setting exspecially due to class group projects that techers enforced a lot.


My classmates our very friendly and helpful.


My classmates are outgoing and know what they want and they go out and get it. We are family at my school and then sometimes we can be the worst of enemies. Alot are ambitious and then you have those that are slackers.


I feel like no student will feel out of place because despite it being a black college , everyone is so diverse.


My classmates are always interesting and fun and make it easy to learn from one another.


My classmates in my class are a wonderful set of people.Everyone is always looking out for eachother in anyway that they can.We are all different but we all want to make our dreams come true.There just not friends there my familly and i just want to see all of us graduate and become the person we knew we could become.


Students who are academically inclined to succed but do not use the facilities available to attain their goals.


My class mates at Delaware state university could be described as unique and determine individuals that are willing to learn.


I really do not associate with many of my classmates however the ones that I do interact with are very independent, intelligent and very determined individuals who aim for nothing but greatness. Oh and before i forget they are also extremely competitive.


My classmates are determined like myself. We all would like to get our degrees and get out into the work force, to be the best we can be.


The people with the most constant influnce over my collage experince.


My classmates are motivated students who go to the lengths in order to achieve academic success.


My classmates are fairly quiet and polite.


Some of my classmates are kind of un-motivated. Delaware state university is a smaller university and I notice that sometimes I am the one pulling the weight in some classes. It seems that students are here just to go here and get a degree. Delaware State University has a reputation for being a kind of easy school. That is not why I am here. I came because I saw potential in the music program and wanted to be a part of it and help it grow and prosper, I feel that some students are here for the wrong reasons.




They are normal.


Sometimes unfocused.


My classmates are boisterous and very intuitive, but can be disrespectful and lazy like most college students.


A generally cohesive mix of all kinds of races, religions, and other beliefs.


always willing to work together


My classmates at first were still in a high school phase but after a week or so they were very respectful; making it a wonderful experience.


My classmates are hard working individuals who do enjoy a good laugh here and there.


classmates here seem to be all for themselves


They are the trypical class, some are asleep, some are missing, but the majority of the class is sitting with their books and supplies out waiting for class to start.


For the most part, my classmates are really eager to do well and they want to succeed. The majority dont associate with those who would goof off in class and they focus on getting the A.