Delaware State University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best known for being ranked number 9 out all of historically black colleges and universities.


Delaware State is best known for its research opportunities. There are numerous programs that fund research for undergraduate and graduate students. They allow students to work with various departments as well as universities to conduct cutting edge research. Our optics lab is responsible for creating lasers which are being shuttled to Mars on a land rover to extract samples. Students have the opportunity to participate in such research and work hand in hand with the professors conducting it. The majority of our professors have their Doctorate degrees and the small class sizes allow you to get to know them directly.


The school is best known for it Nursing and Business programs.


My school is best known for their nursing program.


I'm not exactly shure what my school is best known for. I know it was told to me before, but I don't remember off the top of my head.


My school prepared you to become successful in life, so basically if you know what you doing will not regret in future. on my situation i took school seriuosly so i can stand for my family in the future.


My school is best known for being a good academic HBCU!


Delaware State is best known for the academics given at the school. The school gives students the opprotunity to have hands on experience in their field, while providing seminars for students to learn more about their career choice. This is good because they help you decide whether you want to continue with the career you chose in high school. And if you want to change your major, your provided with an advisor that helps you complete the process of change your major and classes. Delaware State provides structure, support and a quality education.


Delaware State University is best known for its aviation program, and celebrates its successes with that program yearly.


My school is know for the sports


My school is best know for their business and agriculture programs.


My school is best known for their parties.


Sadly, Delaware State University is known for reasons that most schools don't want to be known for. There was a shooting here two years ago and people still dwell on that. The other reputation that Delaware State University has is being a semi-easy school to pass through. It also carries the HBCU legacy, which is great thing for a school to be a part of, However, there is a lot of emphasis put on it and it can make some people feel awkward at time. That is more of a problem with the student body, not the faculty.


Education, Business, Agriculture


Our school is best know for everything either dealing with sports, social activities or the marching band.


Delaware State was once known for being a fun party school. It doesn't really have much of a reputation anymore. There is negative connotations because of a random incident on campus but hopefully thats going away, because it was an isolated incident.


Being an HBCU


i dont know




My school is a "POWER HOUSE" when it comes to athlete's. WE have one of the best football teams around, our softball team just won the MEAC championship and out basketball team is doing well also




I'm not entirely sure. I would say probably for being Delaware's only historically black college.