Delaware State University Top Questions

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The campus is beautiful and we have a family atmosphere. There's also alot of school spirit.


The uniqueness about my school is the fact that we're like a family


Our school is the #9 on the list of HBCU colleges and we make sure we are all a family at Delaware State University.


Delaware State makes you feel like this is your home and the students, staff, and professors are your family. The first time I ever visted Delaware State I had made a connection and I walked around as if I had already belonged. It is hard to explain, it's something you have to experience you have to encounter on your own (schedule a visit today!) It was like love at first visit and every time I step foot on campus I feel good inside because that's my second home.


The univesity is unique compared to other colleges because it is a horistorical black college and make the learning experience different.


Nothing I can really say as of yet.


Attending Delaware State University will prove how hard both my teachers and I have worked to prepare me to be successful. I also want to attend Delaware State University to improve my intelligence and to be the best person I can be. I do not take education for granted. I came from another country where it is very difficult to get an education. I appreciate very much the ability to get an education that America offers. I want to be a nurse and continue learning as much as I can and I will not let any limited destroy my dream.


My school consist of students from all around the world , but yet we come together as a family. Delaware state provides me and enviorment that makes me feel as if im home.


Delaware State is unique in its campus life, and school togetherness. Del State is big on bringing everyone on the campus together. With activities from its "Taste Lounge" where all students gather to listen to music, dance, play games, and so much more to its excellent campus events. They have cookouts on the Presidents Lawn, Pagents, Church Services, crab feast and anything you can imagine to bring students together. When parents visit they go all out to show how much they truly care about the Hornet "family".


Delaware state has made it accesible for all people to attend and succeed in life


It is the only HBCU in Delaware and my mother is an Alumni so that makes me very proud to be a student at the unversity.


Delaware State University is an upbeat well spirited school. With plenty of school spirit and diversity. Also they are very serious about sports, they are a Division I school.


Small campus, big school spirit


It is really cheap for a four year college.


What's unique about my school is that it is very diversified even though it is considered an HBCU.


i dont know


We're a small HBCU.


the family atmosphere