Delaware State University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


It is very unorganized and it takes unecessary steps in order for things to get done that should not be needed. Things are made a lot more complicated than they should be. It is very unreliable.


The fact that the students go home every weekend so makes the campus kind of boring on the weekends.


The students, they don't take college education seriously.


The worst thing about my school is not learning about enough ways to pay for it.


The worst thing about Delaware State is the lack of organization by administration. It is known that financial aid, admissions, and student accounts often lose your paperwork so it is necessary to have copies of everything you submit. Also, you have to check up on all of the staff to make sure they are doing their jobs. You can’t expect something to be handled unless you take care of it yourself. All campus events start late, even the professional ones. So you should either come late or prepare to wait at least 30 minutes after the designated start time.


The worst thing is the school spirit. I attend a HBCU of course but we have no school spirit. People are lazy and just dont feel like showing pride in the school.


I dont actually have anything bad to say about my school.


The worst thing about my school is the fights that abruptly emerge at parties or any other social function that was made to help better the University. It is very disgraceful and disappointing when students are trying to enjoy themselves, and have a good time but people choose to act uncivilized and unprofessional; in return ruins the party for each and every student. The campus has been shut down and on constant watch because students are constantly misbehaving. It was an honor to be enrolled at HBCU, but now I just wish the students were a bit calmer.


the administration is the worst part of my school. they are very unorganized.


The food, and the fact that alot of students I see that go to Delaware State University say it's party school. Also I feel that their is alot of drama within the school as well.


The worst thing that I would consider about this school is that there is not alot of food choices around for us to go to with our meal plan, and not only that but sometimes the food isn't too good either; it depends on the day.


I would say the worse thing here on campus is the UNITY. I feel as though the students here and the falculty here do not have a good relationship. A lot of activivites that the Student Governemnt tries to plan the administration blocks these activities all the time. The social life here on campus is horrible! It forces the students here to travel home almost every single weekend, because they figure they can have fun in their home state instead of their college.


i love my school and that's why I decided to attend this school however Delaware State University has one main problem that is absolutely the worst thing about them and that is their organization skills. Delaware State does not have the best system of keeping every students records on file. Especially when it's financial aid, everything is misunderstood or they say their system didn't update with the information that other offices updated with already which gives students and parents the run around and it gets truly frustrating.


The one thing I consider to be the worst thing about my school would be our options of things to eat. I went to visit a few of my other friends schools during homecoming and they had so many options of where and what to eat here at Delaware state university we have the cafeteria which isn't always going to be what you want or Austin Grill which after a while gets tireing eating the same old stuff everything else we have to go off campus for and if you dont have a car its a problem getting there.


The worst thing about my school is the fact that it is not very organized and certain processes take an extreme amount of time to be fulfilled.


The worst thing about Delaware State University is that most students are from the same five states. Maryland, New York. New Jersey, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C. I would personally like more diversity.


I feel that the worst thing abot my school is the type of food that is served in our new student center.


The unability to control what classes are being offered, Hinders me the most.


That the classes are big, but that is just me.


I think students should have more school spirit at athletic events. Football recieves the most fans but it needs to be more enthusiasm at all the sporting events. More money for students would be nice too.


In my opinion, the worst thing about my school is that the administration office is very out of order. Things aren't taken care of in a timely manor. They often come up with new rules or policies that cuase us to have to rush and that causes stress. They dont seem to be looking out for our best interest. They also dont always answer the phones. At times, when they do, we are left on hold for a long time. They place holds on our accounts without notice. They are very inconvenient.


The buildings are taking forever to be put up


the worst thing about my school is the safety lately we have been having numerous shootings and unfortuanate robberies


The worst thing about the school are the lack of financial aid scholarships. I grew up in a middle class home, however, my family did not help me through college. Since I am dependent, I could not recieve practically any financial aid my first year. Now that I am indepent three years later, I am hoping they will have more to offer.


Many areas in the school are very unorganized. If you don't keep a copy of EVERYTHING then sometimes they lose things and that hurts the students. Also, many of the students here don't share in the type of lifestyle that I do, so I get bored quickly and don't have many close friends on-campus.




The lack of accountability by administration staff. For example, they won't hesitate to kick you out of school if you have not paid your tuition, but when you actually need help for something they give you the run around and many of the staff people has jobs but do not do what they are supposed to do like making sure your scholarship gets posted on time. In addition, the school focuses too much on athletics...students who get paid to play sports, have access the best gym equipment on campus, but aren't held accountable for their poor academics.


Student accounts was never accomidating. Very rude.


nothing i love everything about my school


that it is nothing to do on campus because i am always bored


how disorganized the office is


Negativeity about the recent events about this school and why the school didn't follow its HBCU heritage