Delaware State University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone that is very patient and is looking to attend a larger school for a smaller amount of money.


The type of person that should attend Delaware State University(DSU) is one whom is in search of a lot of diverse culture and opportunity. Although DSU is located in a small town in Delaware, Dover that is attending DSU you will have the ability to communicate with not only students from near by states but also students who live outside of the United States. To me this is very beneficial because being somewhere that is so diverse allows one to step out of his/her comfort zone to be exposed to new things.


Education majors & Nursing majors should deffly attend this school. They have the best programs for them on campus.


Everyone can attend this school because they have alot of diversity.


The kind of person who should attend this school is one that can adapt to any environment. I feel like I am one of those students. I say that because this is an environment that can become very frustrating to one who dislikes the same exact things happening over and over. It takes a strong individual to remain and make the best of thier situation.


A person that wants a quality education, for a decent price. Very open minded school that goes through great lengths to help you achieve, should you put the effort in to succeed.


People that should attend Delawre State University are people that are ready to be a college student and are ready to know what college is really about, rather than the he say she say. Delaware State provides a high level of education that takes time, dedication and hard work. The work the professors give is not work that one can procastinate about, it has to be done ahead of time. Also a person that is willing to say no to some events and stay in and do work. There are plenty of event on campus for students.


A person who desires a medium size campus, with plenty of events to keep them occupied. Delaware State is very much a "party" school so I believe only those who have mastered the essential college skills of time management and studying should attend this university. Although it is a party school, many students have mastered the social life and the books. Those students who believe in school pride should consider Del State because we beam with pride for our mighty Hornets!


The kind of person that should attend this school are people who are very driven and that do not need motivation. These people should also have money/scholarships before coming to this school if not it will be hard to attend school. These people should also be relaxed people who know what he/she may want to do once he/she obtain their degree. These qualities a long w/a good support system (family, and mentor) is a must to attend this school if its not their chances becomes slim when it comes to making it out of here...


Any Student that would like to see how the African American culture acts as a family while getting the proper education they need in order to succeed in life.


There is no type of person who should attend this school. If someone wants to go to college to meet new people, enjoy a once and a lifetime experience at a university, make connections, have fun, and most importantly, earn a degree, they should attend Delaware State University. There are all different types of people with different types of personalities, likes and dislikes, and all sorts of things. Everyone would fit right in!


Any kind of person can attend my school, eventhough it's an HBCU. My school is very diverse and every person comes from a different walk of life. I would suggest that one be open minded to new people and experiences, but it doesn't require a specific type of person.


A person who is commited to graduating and giving their all in the classroom.


Someone that is focused and well organized. To succeed in Delaware State University one has to be dedicated to doing well.


Personally I believe that somone who attends Delaware State University would love the climate of weather which is kind of fair being that it is up north. I kind of dont believe there is not no one type of person that would or should attend this four year university, it depends on what you like and what you are willing to learn and what you have to offer to the world as an indiviual.


The kind of person who enjoys interacting with others. A person who is dedicated to their studies and understands that school work comes first but also knows how to have fun when the time is right.


Any person who is not afraid to socialize. Also someone who is attending school for business.


I would say someone looking for a nice small campus would like delaware state Also they should be friendly and out going


this school is very out going you will meet people that you never thought you would meet and this school os very into thier sports but alsointo thier academics. the courses will chanllege you, the school has all the aspects that a person is looking for.


The college I attend is a historical black college but it is the closest to home. My family couldn't afford to let me stay at college in Oklahoma where I started at a two year college in pre-veterinarian medicine. Right now I have 4 student loans and I still owe tuition that My family and I are stuggling to pay.


Someone who doesn't like the city because its in a very rural area, a peson whom loves to party, someone whom have been around African Americans and wants a another shot at life


An in state white student who wants to major in agriculture or business, and wants to join a greek organization.