Delaware State University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


This is a diverse and welcoming school for all types of people. I believe it is a wonderful University for anyone and everyone to attend. For people who desire a college that is in a more urban area, then this school is not for you. It is a small town school, even though it is in the city of Dover.


A person who is just trying to get away from home or someone who really doesn't intend on doing well in their studies should not attend this school. In fact, they shouldn't attend any school for that matter. It's a waste of money to pay for school and not take it seriously.


Truly, anybody have the opportunity to attend any college of their choice our dream. I want to attend college because I want to help people, by making the future a better place for the next generation. I came to America in 2004 from Haiti. I have worked very hard to get the best education in high school even though I started with a limited English ability. I hope that going to college will challenge me to follow my dreams, because college provides an even higher education. I know that college is the place that will provide a greater level.


someone whos easily influence by others or activities someone who can become easily distracted


some who thinks they can could get a good grade just by going to class and not doing the work. and a person who just wants to party all the time. so if you really want to party then you shouldnt come to this school.


students with GPA's under 2.0


The kind of students that should not attend this school are students that like challenges, loves to stay active, and like diversity.


someone who is not confortable in their own skin