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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


It will be one of the hardest things that you will ever do especially the first year. It is okay to cry, and it is okay to ask for help. The experience is really what you make of it. If you have a positive mindset and allow youself to go out and do things, chances are you will enjoy it a lot more than if you were to sit in your room and wish you could be somewhere else. No one is going to babysit you, you need to take responsibility for your own self and learn how to acheive what you want by your own means.


If I could go back in time to my senior year I would have definitely applied for more scholarships. If I would have applied for more scholarships I wouldn't have had to stress about getting the money to fund my education. I also would have took AP classes so that I wouldn't have had to take as man classes now and my tuition would be cheaper.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself I would give lots of advice. First, I would insist on enrolling in a SAT prepatory program. Thiis will help to increase my chances of earning a high score that will enable me to be accepted into a competitive school and earn competitive scholarships. Next, I would insist on becoming more involved in extra curricular activities. Not on;y will this build leadership skills but it will improve my ability to handle working with people with diverse personalities which is a skill you need in college. Additionally, I would suggest networking with a current student within my major to arrange shadowship opportunities. I believe this would have been helpful to me because I eliminates doubt and uncertainty. It also provides opportunuities to hear advice from someone who has experienced what you will be undergoing. As far as the transition, I would tell myself to prepare to be resourceful. Learn how to do more with less to survive! Exhibiting self control and self preservation will take you far. Have a stash of non perishable food, a chant to calm yourself and pictures to remind yourself of goals.


If I could go back in time and give my high school self some advice I would give myself three vital tips. One tip would be to choose wisely who I surround myself with. I say this because in high school I often surrounded myself with the wrong group people which somewhat hindered my progression, socially and academically. Having the right friends as a support system is crucial in high school. Secondly I would have told myself to develop better studying skills no matter how hard it is to focus. In high school I didn’t study as much as a should have and consequently I have trouble with studying currently. Lastly I would have told my high school self to become more involved in in-school and out of school activities so that in the future I would be more experienced as well as informed about what does and does not work for me. Being involved in activities can give to a feel for what you might be interested in the future and it also gives you things to put on your resume (which is always a good thing). Extracurricular activities are simply a way to find yourself.


If I could go back to talk to myself as a high school senior I would remind myself to remain focused, I would remind myself not to let my financial problems affect how I finish the school year or the future. I would constantly remind myself school is not about partying, it's about making a foundation for yourself so whatever you went through in the past you wouldn't have to deal with anymore. I've always had financial problems so I would let myself know that I can cross any obstacle that comes my way in order to succeed.


If I could go back to high school as a senior, 2 key things that I would tell myself are to stay organized and to plan ahead of time. In high school, a lot of the time when assignments were given to me I could wait untill the last minute to do them, but now in college I realized that is not always possible. A lot of the work given in college is lengthy and required you to put in a lot of effort. Planning ahead of time is also very beneficial as well. Using techniques such as a planner or an agenda to keep you on track can be helpful as well. In high school it was almost required for us to use ur daily planners to keep ourselves organized, but in college since you are seen as a young adult it is your responsibility to remember when due dates are approaching. This is the advice I would give myself if I could go back to my senior year of high school.


Hindsight is everything, and looking back to the seventeen year old version of myself, she had no idea what she was getting in to. Firstly, I would warn her to not get caught in the overwhelming cycle that all students seem to get thrown into: that to be successful means to travel with a well-known field: such as science, law or medicine. I would tell myself that it is okay to not get swept up in the technology and STEM factor of college-life. You are just going to waste your time and eventually find your way back to what you are truly passionate about. I would tell her to not be scared, that it is okay to feel out of place sometimes. I would tell her that life exists outside of your comfort zone and that by pushing boundaries, you will become the better for it. I would let her know that it is going to seem difficult at first, but soon you will feel confident and grow into a young woman that you can be proud of. Mostly I would tell her to be brave and that this is an extaordinary opportunity.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would make sure my grades stay on top, because the competiton for scholarships is very large. Also, I would tell myself to not be nervous and relax, because if you stay on track, college is a piece of cake. I would also tell myself to always believe in yourself, even when others try to discourage you. If you want to major in something that you find interesting, then go for that major, instead of pursuing a hard major and having to transfer out. Lastly, have fun, get involved, and not only build your network, but form lifelong connections with people who may someday change the world.


If I could have a conversation with my high school self, I would tell myself to learn more about paying for college. College is a time to discover who you really are and make desicions both good and bad. Stay true to yourself and do not like anyone distract you away from the real reason why you chose to pursue a higher education. Parties, boys, and social aspects of life will always be there but, this opportunity might not present itself again. Strive for exellence and always think of the great outcomes you can accomplish.


The freedom feels great but don't let it keep you from your studies. I messed up my fall semester that I had to come home to push my grades up.All upper classmen guys want one thing and they see freshmen girls as fresh meat on a platter. And freshmen guys are the same.. Just be smart and be careful who you trust. Not everyone has your best interest at heart.Use your freshmen year to get acquainted with your school and yourself.. You're probably going to grow up a lot this year. Have fun cause freshmen year is the easiest. Try to get involved with clubs and activities but not too much freshmen year save most of that for your later years.And one more thing: WORK OUT. Freshmen 15 is sooo real and a lot of freshmen girls get depressed if they let themselves go. Always keep your head up and don't let nobody punk you or change who you are


I would tell my high school senior self to simply enjoy college. Those four years flew by so fast that now look back wondering where the time went. For most people your undergrad years of college are your most memorable. I look back and feel like I was so concerned with getting out and starting life that I missed the most important aspects of college. If I knew then what I know now I would have had a greater appreciation for college and the transitional stage it provided into true adulthood.


If I can go back in time and talk to myself when I was a high school senior I would tell myself that college is not what it seems. I thought that college would just be partying, going out all time with your friends and just having a good time all the time. Meanwhile, it’s not exactly like that, college is nothing but work. You have multiple homework, essays due at a time and a lot of studying to do. Most college freshman’s put the work to the side and then would regret it later. Partying would always be there but getting a good education wont. If you keep failing you will eventually get kick out of school and your parents just wasted a huge amount of money on your tuitions. So I would tell myself work hard and every time you feel like quitting never give up.


When stepping into one’s freshman year in college it can be a new but frightening journey. Usually when one thinks of college he or she does not think of hard work and grades. When people see any college movie, they see underage drinking, crazy parties, and fun social outings. Freshman year is a base for the rest of one’s life in college. There is more to college than what people see in movies such as creating a social life, time management, and becoming a mature adult.


Tamara as a high senior i will tell her to be very organize and always keep up with her papers and important files. I will also tell her not to miss any classes and always be on time. I will info her about keeping up with deadline and when something is due it is due, so stay on top of your work. She will need to know to get a goodnight rest because falling asleep in class will just get you kick out. she will also need to know to get to know all her professor on a one to one basic it will count in the long run. I will tell her to be around postive people and people who will help you grow. The best advice i will give her is get grades and once you have good grade then the fun will come.


I would tell myself to take every single year in high school very seriously. That the higher you're grades are the easier it will be to recieve scholarships & that even if grades aren't high enough to apply for many scholarships. The freedom your freshmen year feels great but don't let it keep you from your studies. All upper classmen guys want one thing and they see freshmen girls as fresh meat on a platter. And freshmen guys are the same.Just be smart and be careful who you trust. Not everyone has your best interest at heart.Use your freshmen year to get acquainted with your school and yourself. You're probably going to grow up a lot this year. Have fun because freshmen year is your easiest year just like in high school. Try to get involved with clubs and activities but not too much freshmen year save most of that for your later years. And one more thing: WORK OUT. Freshmen 15 is so real and a lot of freshmen girls get depressed if they let themselves go. Always keep your head up and don't let nobody punk you or change who you are.


I watch myself as I sit in the auditorium of an assembly. Its weird, I can see my whole past and everyone in it from my senior year of high school but no one can see me. "Am I dreaming?" "What is this?" Last thing I rememeber is falling asleep in my dorm room of college, now im here. Weird. I take a seat in the back of the auditorium and listen to the guest speaker. Its a recruiter from a college talking about how important it is to apply for scholarships and that thousands of scholarships go unapplied for every year and the money goes to no one because students are not willing to put in the work. I find myself in the auditorium and see myself laughing with my friends, and playing on my phone not caring what the speaker has to say. I wanted to to snatch the phone and explain that this is not a joke, listen to what he has to say and apply for scholarships because if not, your parents will struggle paying for your tuition. Take advantage of the oppurtunities, you are a smart girl, what do you have to lose.


If I could go back in time and give my high school self advice it would be dont give up so easily, if you have a dream have the courage to see it through. There are more opportunities out there for college graduates then for single moms with no degree . College transition seems harder than it is sometimes but everything in life isnt easy you cant just walk away from something because you dont fit in. There are lessons to be learned in college that will help you to be a better person and get the job of your dreams, build your self esteem, and take pride in yourself for something well deserved after you earn your education. So in conclusion I would say go to school get a good education, build your future and be proud of yourself lifes to short to let the opportunity pass you by reach out and grab it.


First of all, college is not as hard as anyone ever thinks it is going to be. It is easy if you learn how to manage your time and get yourself together enough to get your work done. Do not let anything get in the way of your education. Parties and going out all the time may be tempting but that is not what is important at that moment, getting school work done first and being prepared for class is the most important thing anyone could do for themselves. Teachers will appreciate it and help you succeed in your studies and eventually in life but if you slack off they will forget about you, even if they know you have potential they will not help you if you will not help yourself. Please do not be your worst enemy in college. You know why you are going there and you have been waiting your whole life to go, just stay focused and do your work, it is not hard at all if you put your mind to it.


The advice that I would give myself would is since I'm learning the knowledge and I have range of options it's time to go above and beyond to learn moreabout resources and how to get them now so that i am preared for my future to come.


I would tell myself that it is important to start preparing now by studying and making sure I am able to get up on time for my classes because you have to be ready to do that in college. I would also tell myself that some people aren't at all what they seem and you cannot be nice to everyone because peole will take advantage of that.


I would tell myself to make sure i have atleast 3 opitions of what i want to do in life. The major that you choose make sure you are comfortable with it. Dont let anyone or anything stand in your way of your dreams. And to also just remeber to stay true to yourself and you will be great in life.


The easy days are just about over and soon your going to be stepping into a new chapter in your life. Going to college is a big decision to make, but it's a decision you've made. This means you are headed down the right path to make the transition from being a young girl with little to no responsibilities into a young woman who will soon be responsible for substaining life without her parents there to hold her hand. Without a doubt your nerves will get the best of you in the begining because this is something completeltly new and your not used to being on your own. Once you become more comfertable and realize your parents have equiped you with all the neccesitites to survive on your own you will be fine. Just always remember to 1.)be aware of your surroundings, never place yourself in a situation you can't get out of. 2.)Never get caught up in the typical college student life where your always partying and not focusing on why your there in the first place.... to learn!!! 3.) Life does not have a easy button, do not fold under pressure! Just Breathe!


If I could go back in time to my high school senior days, I would tell myself to not worry so much about the work I will receive and to trust my study skills. As I went into college, I was terrified I would not be able to handle the work, but with my 3.6 in college I obviously could handle it. Another piece of advice I would give myself is to save up each summer for college textbooks because they can be very expensive. Along with the textbooks, I would tell myself to buy the books online because they are much cheaper than buying them in the bookstore. The most important advice I would give myself as I transfer into college is to be sure I am on top of my game when paying tuition. It is important to consistently check my email and stay on top of financial aid.


The advice i would give to myself when i was in high school would be follow the same motto I have been going with all my life. That I have to be successful for my little sister because I am the first one to attend college out of my six older family member.


If i could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior and talk to myself as a college student I would tell myself about how important it was to save money and how crucial it was to take advantage of every opprutunity that school had to offer me whether it was sports, dance, chrous, sga etc it wwouldve really helped set me up for how college life is now.


Although popularity and friends are a big concern right now, and they are important, focusing on your future is even more. I know that some of the classes you are taking are boring and don't seem important, pay attention and get the highest grades you can. High grades are like money in the bank, they pay off in the long run. When you apply for colleges, jobs, and career opportunites, an active extra-carricular activity life and high grade point average will open more doors for you thanyou can imagine. If you take a look around you and notice those that are supposedly cool, also look at what they are doing for their future. Are they going to be working at some fst food place, or are they going to running it? How are you planning to buy a house and support a family? Appreciate that school is free now. Appreciate that housing, food and clothing are free now. Very soon, you will be havingto pay for all of this yourself. You don't have the skills and need to aquire them now. Enjoy life as you go,but invest in your future as you go.


Having someone to talk to as a high school senior would've helped out tremendously. One of the biggest things that I would've stressed to my past self was the financial part. I had NO IDEA how much I would actually have to spend or loan to attend college. I thought I wouldn't have to worry about it and that financial aid would have covered everything. I was completely wrong. Finishing my second year of college, I was around $15000 in debt. Now that I transferred, I can add another $20000 or so to the amount. I could have applied for so many scholarships to help reduce the amount but I just did not sweat it. Secondly, I would have planned out my college choice a bit better. I chose to complete my general studies at Rhode Island College, which was a great experience. I met some wonderful people and learned so much, but I could have attended a community college, get the same education, and pay much less. Those are some of the things I would have loved to know and maybe one day I will be able to help my children in their pursuit of college.


Assuming that I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, the one thing I would tell myself is please, please, please manage your time wisely Antoineka; do not waste your time because time wasted is a mind wasted and a mind wasted is money wasted. There are too many scholarships out here that you could earn your first year so focus on your financial need and the fun will come later on down the line when you have absolutely nothing to pay off in loans. Anything that can be counted in your life as a stressor that has nothing to do with classroom time and finishing assignments ignore it. The parties and the fun will still be there after the work is done, so think smarter and work productively.


Going back in time would be a highly unlikely event. Some would even call that impossible. If I could go back in time and talk to my past 'self', it would only be to explain how I went back in time in the first place. I would help myself rewrite the laws of physics and turn the scientific world on its head. This, of course, would be extremely foolhardy in any given case. Time-reversed matter looks quite similar to antimatter. When one kilogram of antimatter collides with one kilogram of matter, the resulting explosion would be nearly equivalent to 43 million tons of TNT. Weighing approximately 61.23 kg (and assuming I go completely naked with no clothes or carry-ons) the explosion would be around 2.63 BILLION tons of TNT, destroying everything around where I started/ended the journey. In short, the answer to that question is, "I would not go back in time in the first place. I prefer to save lives, not end them."


diamond prepare yourself for a quick and fast transition. instead of taking only four your classes this year , you should take more. the extra classes will benefit you in college. the more time you read, the better off you will be. o yeah, visit the guidance office more often. they are there to help make the transition from high school to college more easier. and if you didnt know they could also make it so that your college application fees will be waivered. they even have a counselor there to help you fill out, and find scholarships. dont wait til you get to college and end up being offered no money, because you didint apply. you should really start today. in your free time consider looking up majors that your intrerested in, how in demand they are, and there starting salary, so you dont miss out on 3 weeks of classes, because you cant make up your mind. by the way not asking for help, wont really do anything but hurt you in the long run. your going into your first year of college so noonne expects you to know everything. lastly, practice some time managment skils starting tomorrow. seeya.


If there was a possibility for me to go back in time I would tell myself to focus on myself, my dream, and school. Unfortunately, back in high school I did not work as hard as I could of. With that being said I now have to work twice as hard. I would tell myself to know what I want in life and pursue my dream because I have the potential and the oppurtunity to make my dream come true. I would tell myself to focus and work on the person that I want to be, and be the best I can be. I cannot depend on others I have to take responsibilty in what I do. I was born in this world by myself and I will die by myself so in the end all I have is myself. Knowing who I am and accepting the person I am will make me a stronger stronger person in this cold disturbing world. Since there is no way of me going back in the past the only way for me to be the best I can be is to learn from my mistakes and focus on what is most important.


If I could go back to me senior year I would give myself a five-finger slap of reality. By this I mean, I would tell myself to focus more on plotting educational foundations for my future while I still had people eager to help. I’d tell myself to do some research as to what professions are in demand and which ones are of interest to me so I can get to where I want to be. I would advise myself to apply for as many scholarships possible so I could afford the education that I deserve which would ultimately lead to a decent career eventually ensuring financial satiability. I would let me know that the real world is a great place if you’re ready for it, but it won’t write sick notes or pay you for your impressive ability to memorize lyrics. Lastly, I would emphasize the importance of obtaining a college education not only for the financial rewards and social status, but also for the personal gratification and sense of achievement such an accomplishment will bring. Then, and only then, can you say, "This is exactly what I wanted to be when I grew up!”


My college experience thus far has been a whirlwind to say the least. If I were able to travel back in time and give myself advice about college knowing what I know now, there are two things I would tell myself. The first thing I would tell myself would be a Dr. Seuss quotation. “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened”. I would say this in order to help prepare myself to let go of high school and to mentally prepare for the vast amount of change I would later go through. This was something that was very difficult for me to do in my first year of college and it hindered my emotional stability. The second and most important piece of advice I would give would be to not hesitate to ask for help in college. It is important to reach out to professors when you are struggling, tutors when you need help, and psychologists when you are depressed for example. College seems intimidating and overwhelming when you are in high school, but colleges provide a numerous amount of resources for students and it is important to reach out for those resources when needed.


If I could go back in time to talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself all that I have found out over the past few years of college. The primary suggestion I would make to myself is to not listen to everyone when they say college is hard or stressful. I have found out that college is not like people try to make you believe it is. College can be anything you want it to be as long as YOU and only YOU make it that way. I think that if I would have realized this before I went into college I would not be the procrastinator or become as stressed about things as I do now. I am slowly starting to learn that I am the one in control of my college experience and I am now slowly learning how to make my time in college comfortable for me. The other major suggestion I would give myself is to know I'm not alone. The whole time I have been in college I have been surrounded by people who are willing to keep me above water when I feel like I am drowning.


College has always been a dream of mine. I didn't take it seriously my freshmen year and some of my grades were greatly affected. I became so caught up in going to all events and parties that I didn’t focus on my academics as much as I should have. If I was still a high school senior, I would give myself advice that people never gave me as I was about to enter college. Some advice that I would tell myself is college is truly not how it looks on television. A person has to put a lot of hard work and time into their education if they would like to succeed while in college but also life. You do not have to make every single party or event that is held on campus. College is four years so over the course of those four years you will be able to attend a variety of different parties and events. Being all in the mix is not a bad thing but when a person constantly focuses more on their social life then studies, a person's grades will start to suffer and I can attest to this.


The advice that I would give to myself as a high school senior would be that when I enter college to have fun with everything that they have to offer as well as take advantage of what the school is offering. I make make sure to tell myself that my career goal is to be on tv and that instead of going into school as a business major I should go in as a Mass Communication major. Not only would I say become a become a Mass Communication major I would also say, instead of going home after classes stay on campus and join up for an organization and have fun on campus with the stuff that they are providing. I would make to included that I need to stay focus on doing my homework so that way I can substane a 3.0 or greater rather than having to work my way up the ladder.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to follow my dreams. I tell myself to not let anything hold me back and do what I wanted to do and not what my parents think I should do. You are going to make mistakes in life and its okay to fall sometimes as long as you can pick yourself back up. Even though I still live at home and going to school at a community college, I feel like it was the best decision I made. In high school I just wanted to get out of this small town but now that I am still here I realize I would be missing out on a lot if I just left home. There have been opportunities for me at home that I wouldnt of gotten if I would of went off to a University after high school. I would tell myself to slow down and enjoy life and enjoy what I have while Im here. Dont rush fate, it will be waiting for me when my time comes.


I always think about this if i could go back i would have I pushed myself more.What i mean by pushing myself is not settling for nothing to go beyond expected.I really wish i was envolved more .I just really wished i took things more serious now that i see where i failed in myself i improve each day in college.


If I could go back in time, I would tell myself to not rush into a major immediately. Take a more settle approach, and wiegh your options. At first, I thought Criminal Justice was for me, but I didnt really do my research on the major. I made the mistake in rushing into it, basically wasting a year. You could remain undecided and simply follow where the fun is. take classes that you enjoy for a semester and see if you wish to remain in that specific field. Also, talk to your advisor more. I went to my advisor just to sign up for classes, but never actually had a conversation with them. Trust me, it makes life so much easier to talk to them, they know what they are talking about as well as professors. Im now a Political Science Major with a Minor in Lawstudies. Picking up a Minor is simple and is always better to have. Also, pick up a Minor relating to your major. most likely, you will have to take some of the same classes for both so its like knocking two heads with one stone. Also, stay focused on academics.


In college one must realize that college is a place for you to grow. As college students we are in the identity stage of our lives. We are finding out who we are, why we are like this and deciding what we want out of life. If I was still a senior I would have informed myself out time management, money management, as well as how to handle stress. I also would have informed myself about how college is mainly about what you make of it. I would have told myself that I am benefiting the university by becoming a student so my expectations for change and other things would have not been so high. Also I would have informed myself how college will benfit me so much and teach me the lessons of independence. Also when it comes to dealing with emotions as far as missing my family I would have prepared myself more for this transition. The main thing that I would have advised myself about prior to entering college would be, growth! Making myself realize it is necessary when one is progressing in life. I now realize that.


If I could go back in time and take to myself about college life, I would emphasize time management and how much free money there is for me to attend college. I would have told me to retake the SATs for the thrid time to get a full ride academic scholarship to Delaware State Univerisity. Next, I would stress how prepared I need to be to pass the Praxis exam because I want to be a secondary math education teacher. Then, I would warn myself of certain professors that would cause me the most trouble to excel in my studies. Lastly, I would encourage myself to keep a positive attitude ands outlook on what is to come over the next few years.


In high school i did not work up to my potential. i graduated with a 2.5 GPA. That figure is nowhere near close to what my potential is. Knowing what i know now about my university and my experience here, i would have definately worked harder so that i would have been accepted into a better school. i would advise myself to stick with sports, and get more involved as well. All of these thing played a major role in my current state. i have a 3.3gpa now a great improvement, but had i achieved this in high school senior year i most like would have received academic scholarships to the schools of my dreams. Socially i would warn myself that college can be distracting so being more involved once you get into college with lower your chance of being distracted early. i current have a younger sibling who is in that situation and i advise them and encourage them to do well. i did not get that mentoring while i was in highschool.


I would give myself the advice to take my time and do it right. I would encourage myself to understand the process of leaving high school and going to college to make it easier on myself. I would tell myself to test myself and my willingness to complete a goal just to make sure that I'm able to stick to what I need to do. I would tell myself to keep my credit clean, keep my company to a few people and make sure that I'm investing more time in myself than anything else. I would tell myself to hold off on relationships, hold off on any types of activity that distracts from paying attention to my education. I would tell myself to make sure that I'm able to commit myself to what I need to do and how I need to do it. I would most of all encourage myself to be forgiving to myself, noone is perfect and live shows that no matter we all make mistakes.


i thanks God for keep me out of trouble and do the right thing and put me in the right way of success.


I would express to myself to make sure you have a direction and a plan before you go off and make your decision of university. The college that you select will not only determine the path of life you choose to live but will determine the friendship and connections you will make for a lifetime. Do not take your close friendships for granted. Make all your decisions for you and you alone because you are the one who has to live with yourself at the end of the day. Once you make a decision, stick with it through thick and thin. No matter how rough the college is, most likely you will not find relief somewhere else. Consistency and commitment are the most important qualities to have as a college student and an adult, and you should capitalize on every opportunity thrown at you. Take your life seriously and make sure you stay true to yourself. Remember all the people who have invested their lives, time, and money into you and do not disappoint them. You owe it to them and to yourself to succeed and not let any obstacle stop you. Keep focused. You know to do. Do it.


"Ade'Zsa it's time to focus, this is it! Senior year is the most important year of High School. It's important to do all that you can do and always do your best. It's time for you to grow up and take responsibility for yourself, it's a very harsh world. Don't be afraid to ask questions, don't feel left out or down on yourself because you don't know something, it's ok sometimes. Be proud of who you are as a person, be yourself. Don't do something that makes you uncomfortable just to please someone else it's not worth it. Stand up for what you believe and people will admire you and also, don't forget to have fun. You have so much potential Ade'Zsa, now use it to the fullest." Sincerely, Ade'Zsa


“Okay, Jenna I need you to listen to me, this is important.” I look up at who is talking to me and I see myself, I’m speechless. “Jenna, I know this is a lot to take it but I need you to listen to me, I don’t have a lot of time.” What can I do? I have to listen to myself, so I nod my head in the yes position, still too shocked to speak. “Jenna, I am the future college you, and I need to give you better advice now.” “First YOU NEED TO FIND SCHOCLARSHIPS, paying for school is extremely difficult, but you can get through it better with scholarships, Second I really need you to study hard, college is no joke and if you want to be a veterinarian, then you are going to have to strive for success. And lastly, make sure you choose your friends wisely.” I stare at her; this was a lot to grasp. I wanted to ask so many questions. Yet I asked the most important question I could. “How can I trust you?” She smiles “I am you remember, you can always trust yourself.”


Dear Aminah,


If had to give myself an advice about going to college, knowing college life and making a transition. I will first start by motivating myself to work hard and reach my potential to provide good and moral intelligent to everybody around me. By serving and set a good examples in the community. Also by participating in the community so it will allowed me to know myself and other people better. I truly, believe that working with teens my own age will help me to avoid simple mistakes that I could have done. I try to be a role-model so my coach and my mentor could rely more on me .Truly I think community service will have an influence my life-in a positive way. I had provided benefit and useful aid to other all people so I could satisfy their needs. For example, I helped my church clean and move barrels of clothes the Haitian community after the earthquakes that happen years ago. The reason that I am passionate about helping the community is because we all have an obligation to help those around us. In conclusion, I am applying for this scholarship because it mean alot to me.


I would tell myself to not wait to start college! To start taking classes right out of high school while all of that knowledge is still fresh in my mind. Waiting for almost 5 years before starting college is proving to be a struggle. If I had enrolled in college classes right out of high school (even if I was only taking one or two classes) I would have been much better off. Besides all of that, if I had started college right out of high school, I would be graduating from college with a BA right now (with all of my friends that I graduated high school with).