Delaware State University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about Delaware State University is their educational values and suportive faculty who are deterined to help us conquer within four years. They also have a very wide variety of clubs and activities which makes it easy for any student to find his or her place at the University.


The best thing about Delaware State University was the fact that it was a smaller school. I enjoyed the close knit family feel of campus. Everybody knew everybody faculty and students included.


The classes and the teachers, they really work with you to get your maximum education.


Best thing about Delaware State University hands down is the school spirt. No matter if you are on campus or off campus, current students or alumni you always see people wearing Delaware State Uiversity paraphernalia because we love our school. Not only do we advertise where we come from but our school spirit brings us close together. You could have had the worst day, but go to an event on campus and feel the love, I garuntee you will forget all about it. Our school spirt makes us different then any other school, it makes us better!!!


I consider learning the best thing in school because by me being educated im closer to my dreams.I love my school Im comfortable and i have great teachers.My major is competitve on my campus when you have get into the nursing program its a big accomplishemt .I always here its a hard major but that doesnt stop me from geting where i want in life.Theres so much help on this campus like someone always reaching out there hand to help you with whatever it is.Theres positive energy and its just a blessing to be here.


The since of school pride.


school is the key of success.


There are many great things about my school, but the best things are Academics and the Diversity.


The best thing at my school is that we are a community. There is always somebody trying to help someone else. Even though our school is not that big, a lot more people on campus are able to get closer with everyone.


The best thing anbout my school is that it is not too far or too close to home. Also, mhy school provides help and assistance for students at the university.


The Best thing about my school is the enviorment. The enviorment makes me feel so safe and in place.


The best thing about Delaware State College is the Administrators care about the students. They offer support to all the students with a open door policy. All students must attend 20 hours of study hall each week regardless of your grade point average.. The Campus Secuity is always present on the campus grounds during the day and night. The students form a bond with each other and carry that friendship through out their stay at Delaware State.


I feel extremely comfortable with the campus life at Delaware State University. I also feel comfortable with all of the students who attend here. I love the different activities that they offer; and there is also a very good variety of foods. There is a stadium for running, and a gym for working out. Working out is very important to me, so that is definitely beneficial. I love all of these things because they make me feel comfortable while living on campus. I feel like if I am getting financial aid, the least the school can do is accomodate me.


One great thing about Delaware State University is that they have an excellent Aviation program that I'm currently in and they own their planes with the school colors on them. The undergraduate dregree I will recieve when I graduate will allow me to work directly in my field.


The best thing about my University is that it has a family environment. The employees make you feel at home as much as possible. Their are so many resources on campus to fit your needs. When entering college fo the first year, many things can overwhelm you. You're just leaving an environment that has guided you for four years, and when coming to Delaware State University, they continue to help guide you. The classrooms are small enough so that the teachers can be sure to give each student the attention they need. My school is a family.


The best thing about my school is the size, because some professors attempt to get to know their students personally when there's a low amount of students in their class. Although most professors don't make an effort to be involved with their students, when some try, it makes a large difference, and I know that wouldn't be possible in a large university.


The best thing about my school is that everyone has school spirit and gets along well. From professors to students to administrators, everyone helps each other and that makes it such a nice environment to be in.


The Freedom of not being in the gehtto and needing a gun to go outside.


The size. Delaware State isn't an extremely big campus, but it's not too tiny, either. It's just the right size to get around campus with ease without getting lost.


The best thing about my university is that as a student i feel as though i really do have a chance or opportunity to become someone great in this world if I put the neccessary work in, and some.


The social atmosphere. There is always something to do on the week nights and weekends. There are educational programs as well as programs provided for entertainment value.


The small class sizes were great because you're not just a number.


The best thing about my school are the different variety of people you meet.


the school spirit and the football team.


that it is a hbcu because i get to learn how people from all over are i also like the surrounding so there is always something to do