Delaware Valley University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Classmates here are helpful, understanding, and completely open to your ideas, values, and opinions.


My classmates are very diverse ranging from farmers to inner-city kids and everyone in-between.


The people at Delval are kids who grew up on farms, who work in greenhouses, who wake up at 3 a.m. to go milk cows, we are an agricultural school and the kids who go here are aggies.


Everyone on campus is polite, as well as intelligent and considerate, as well as agriculturally inclined.


Based on my first semester I found my classmates to be friendly and helpful.


My classmates are very nice, the Delaware Valley College atmosphere is very caring and comfortable. Your peers treat you wonderful and you are able to feel comfortable in class right away.


My classmates are the typical lot ranging from your college jock to the straight A, double major bookworm; mostly white but still a good diversity in the classroom, all of which are just trying to get a degree and start their lives outside the classroom


I am loving my freshman Fall semester. It has been an interestering transition. I have met all kinds of students with many other interest than mine. I have learned along with them to adjust to the new lifestyle. I love my roomate El. She is doing equine and our schedules are very different. Everyone here is very hometowned. All students that I talk with are interested in the enviroment and helping the world with Biology research. I am so happy that I choose Delaware Valley College.


Like I said before, either you're a hick or a guido. There are a few kids in between, but not really. Both groups seem to be happy, but they definitely stick to themselves and don't mingle. The few that fit in between, however, seem to be able to bounce back and forth just fine. But when I say a few, I really mean a few. Maybe 10 kids on campus float between the groups. Not very many people here have a ton of money and with the ones that do have it, you'd never know. Most people here are politically conservative though very aware and informed. The only type of person that wouldn't find at least a few friends here in any circle is a PETA/Animal rights activist. You're in hunting country. Don't try to come around here and tell us we are cruel to animals. You'll just be made fun of and then ignored for the rest of your stay here.


outgoing, wanting to learn more about there major, fun, entertaining, inteligent


Hard-working and knowing where they want to go in life, Delaware Valley College students focus a lot of time and energy on their studies, internships, and jobs but also know how to have a good time when the time is right.


farm kids or jersey kids.


Some are more driven than others are when it comes to classes.


There are a lot of students here who grew up on farms.


partiers, drinkers, hard workers, diverse, friendly