Delaware Valley University Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


There are a few fraternities and sororities but joining one is not vital for a good social life. However, if you don't enjoy drinking every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evening into the next morning, you'll be very bored on the weekends. Many people start drinking around noon or the early evening and don't stop until they fall asleep early in the next day. Then they eat, shower, and start all over again. Classes are definitely attended a little drunk on those days. People just laugh it off because those kids know when to crunch down and get their work done. There really isn't anything else to do around here. Even if you have a car, there's nowhere to go in Doylestown. A ton of kids go home for the weekend so you need to make sure you're friends with kids who live far away if you don't plan on going home for the weekend.