Delaware Valley University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


It's an ag school. We have our own farms on campus! Both dairy and beef!




when i brag about my school t my friends i love talking about the football team. Football is my passion its what i love to do in my free time and in the last 5 years my school has won 4 conference titles. My school has a great d3 football program with amazing coaches and players and hopefully we can keep that going


I brag to my friends that my school is small enough that I do not have to walk 2 miles to go to classes or that I do not have to sit in classes with 400 students. I am close to my classes and I also have at the most 80 students in a class.


I like to tell my friends about the barns that we have--directly on campus! It is about a 7 minute walk down to the barns and there is an equine center, standardbred barn, dairy barn, beef barn, pig barn and we even have llamas and sheep as well. The barns are incredible facilities; they are always clean and there is something new to see every time you visit, whether it is newborn babies or the horses are out and come right up to the fence to say hello! It is a great place to escape from schoolwork and relax.


I brag about the football program because every year we make the playoffs. Every year the team works hard so we can be successful.


The size and comfort factor. There are 1,600 students in Del VAl, and well the comfort factor is amazing. Every one is polite and happy and being at a small school there is no need to be worried about friends, its impossible not to find friends here. The other importnant thing here is thatthere is stuff do to. It is not a "suitcase college" there are plenty of things to do here from dances to movie nighs.


The fact that there are many animals on campus and how hands-on the classes are. Any given day, there are students down at the equestrian center, or at the milking parlor learning firsthand how it will be to work in the career path they have chosen.


I tell people that is has one of the best lanscaped a college can have and i get experience and go on trips for my major.


Small class sizes, Get to know your peers and professors


I don't


The amount of friends that you make because of the small size of the school. Everybody is very friendly and basically gets along with everyone else.


My major and the fact that it is small.


The campus is landscaped well, and has a farm on campus. But it is Dead on Weekends


It's a very pretty school, the campus looks great because of the horticulture major