Delaware Valley University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


There is not much to do activity wise on campus. The weekends are quite boring and there is not much for the students to do to have fun and get to know each other. I would really like for there to be more to do on campus.


They are doing construction on the new science building and the loud noises were annoying last semester. The internet is doing awful lately even thought they are supposed to be upgrading it. The dining hall food is neutral, but I wish that they would switch it up a bit more. It isn't terrible, but it isn't great either.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that they seem to have more oppertunities for minorities than the rest of the people attending.


The work program for my year is brand new, and still has many kinks to be worked out.


Being 5 hours away from home and being away from my family. It has made me a stronger person. I have learned to appreciate things much more than before. College is a lot differenet than High School, less drama. Lake of sleep and home cooked meals.


The most frustrating thing about my college is,well nothing except for when the schools cafeteria food is on the nasty side.


The most fustrating thing about my school is that there are not that many people on my campus that are similar to me. There are a lot of farmers and country people, which is not me at all and I wish there were more people who listened to similiar music and liked going to concerts and such.


It is often heard complained about by students that their voice is not heard when it comes to evaluations on teachers, opinions on where their tuition money is being spent, and other areas of campus life.


parking & registering:Neither can handle the # of students trying to access them. Parking is horrendous, especially with 30 new handicapped spots in the big student lot. STUDENTS get booted by security left & right trying to deal with it & then get fined. Registering: the system we have in place never seems to work right. WebAdvisor always gets backed up the minute registration opens because the "system is overloaded". I wait until the registrar's ffice opens the next morning and do it then, although those who did persist the night beofre may have filled all of the spots for a class.