Delgado Community College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I have attended LSU, UNO, and Delgado Community College. Having been on three much different campuses, I have learned to appreciate things most students do not notice. Convenience is important. Everything from parking to access and communication to a professor. Delgado is a smaller college with multiple campuses. The convenience is much higher than LSU.


I am more than grateful for the educational experieces John Curtis and Delgado has provided me with. Curtis helped me find my passion for science, and helped win numerous science related awards for projects that placed me in the newspaper. They also took me to inspirational events like: ?The Engineering Fair? at U.N.O (our school won 2nd place), ?The Pittcon 2008 Science Week? and ?A Day with a Doc? (which was intriguing.) Delgado helped me by providing me with the classes and information to help me prepare for my career choice to become a Sonographer.


Delgado offer's so many programs theres bound to be something there for everyone. They offer classes from early morning till late night and six days a week so they allow students to be able to attend classes and hold a job if they need to. The teachers are great adn they really care about you there and the other students are friendly. Delgado has a great student goverment and they welcome all students to join the many clubs they offer.


Delgado is a wonderful college to attend if, like most people, you have a life outside of school. If it weren't for the flexible schedules, such as offering a variety of night classes, I couldn't achieve my goal of continuing my education.