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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Hello my name is Veonka Kennard and knowing what I know and have experienced I would give my high school self this advice: when you start your first year in college it a whole new world. You start meeting lots of new people, you are now more independent than in high school, you start going to more parties and activities. It is very easy for you to become too evolved in these types of activities and fail out of school academically. That’s exactly what happened to me, I wish I would have found that balance between my course work and social life in college, because know I am a single mother still trying to pursue my career to become a registered nurse and it is very stressful financially. It’s ok to have fun, however you need to have a balance between work and play, and you will be very successful.


If I could pick a class in my college career that has helped me use more logic and sparked my critical thinking skills, I would definitely choose Psychology. This class helped improve my interpersonal skills, understanding of my personal development and increased awareness of others. It helped me to better understand myself and to those whom I come in contact with on a daily basis. I loved my first Psychology so much; I decided to minor in it.I believe it is essential for health providers to be able to effectively work with people. I feel confident in my ability to look beyond people’s behavior to find their motivations and be able to relate to them. I plan to combine all the behavioral theories I have learned in my Psychology classes with my innate warm and caring personality throughout my career as a Respiratory Therapist.


I've always had a passion to keep learning something new on a daily basis. By attending college, I've found myself learning more than I could possibly imagine. I am very happy and satisfied thus far with the quality of education that I've received and look forward to the future to achieve my goal to become a pharmacist.


If I could go back in time and speak to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself three thing. First, I would say that I am doing a great job, just hang in there and you'll excell at what you do. Next I would tell myself to try to learn to study a bit more because college is a bit more challenging. Lastly, I would tell myself congratulations, you've made it!


The advice I would give myself is threefold. First, I would tell myself to go to a community college. A community college offers what a 4-year institution does, but on a smaller scale and budget. A community college also offers more one-on-one time with professors. Second, I would tell myself to be more involved in school activities. This would teach me how to balance school and extracurricular activities effectively. This would also allow me to meet other students from across my state with whom I can become friends and potentially future business partners. Learning to balance school activities and school work will also help me in the business world where I will be faced with many challenges that will require me to be flexible and able to adapt quickly. Third, I would advise myself to get to know my teachers and guidance counselors. These people are the gateway to a bright future because they are full of good advice and can be great for references when transferring to a 4-year institution or applying for a job after graduation.


I would have told myself to take college classes, since I would get out of school on early release. That would have been one or two classes I would not have to worry about when I graduated from high school. I wish I could go back and tell myself to take the SAT and ACT test seriously, so I could have gotten recommended for scholarships. I would have also told myself to make better grades and participate in school activities, because that looks good when you are applying to colleges and for scholarships.


I would tell myself to work to be the best and try to make all A's instead of just trying to get by it actually does pay off.


Do what is practical for me, not whats practical for others. Make a plan and stick to it. A degree is easier to obtain before life really hits. The older you get, the more responsibility you acquire (i.e. car note, house note, spouse, children, jobs, etc), and the more responsibility you acquire, the shorter 24 hours a day becomes. When I graduated high school I felt I was young and had plenty of time. I have moved from school to school because I jumped into college head first without plan. Life has unexpected speed bumps, EXPECT THEM. I am still young, but I am juggling a house, full time job, marriage, and a baby. School is a neccessity in this economy so I make time for it. Unfortunately it will take me a couple extra years because of my load of "acquired responsibilities", but without a completed education there are simply not as many opportunities. A struggle now is better than finding myself at deadend job in my thirties. I can only count on myself to take care of myself, so my education is my most valuable asset that can never be taken away.


First of all, i would tell myself not to give in to peer pressure. Next, i would start hitting the books a little bit more maybe take a few harder classes, like anatomy and biology. work hard and try to set goals of going to college like maybe usi. furthermore i would try to tell myself that ot is the way togo and definitily go after high school to study and not wait until you are 32years old to finally find the careeeer of your choice


I understand that you are young and are finally getting a chance to experience the independence in which you have anticipated but realize that you are still young enough to make choices that will have a lasting impact on your life. More than ever now is the time to focus in school, make a long term plan for what to do with the rest of your life. Even if you are undecided on what you want to be when you grow up, pick a career or a degree program that will give you some flexibility, at least fill your first semesters with classes that are generally required for any program such as English, Math, and electives until you sort out your goals. One thing for certain is that you do not want to look back in five to eight years and regret that you did not seize the opportunity before you now. Yes, going back to school in your later years is possible, but tougher especially if you are married and or a parent. Seize today and the opportunity before you because there will not be a better time in your life than now to begin earning your college degree!


If I could go back in time and talk to myself and talk to myself as a highschool senior (knowing what I know now). My advice would be to grab a hold of every scholarship I could apply for, and to not limit myself. I am smart, have a great G.P.A. (grade point average), and been through many great experiences where I was aknowledged (awards and newspaper articles). I shouldn't limit myself of the opportunities life gives us to afford and reward your education. Your education will prepare you to become the person you will be in society . This will affect you for the rest of your life. So as I said before, my advice would be to never limit yourself of what you are capable of.


I would have told myselve to try harder and to push myself. To ask questions when I was lost or confussed. I should have took the time and paticapated in school functions. I would have told myself to take to SATs and ACTs so I would be better prepared for college.


As a high school senior, I was not ready for college. Even after a fews years surviving on my own, it took time to get over my childhood's shortcomings and to gain enough knowlege of the world to know what I wanted to study. I also couldn't see a way to pay for it, and I had an irrational fear of going into debt. If I could give myself advise, it would be to not believe it when family tells me I will not succeed. I would tell myself there is financial help in the form of loans and grants that are a worthy investment. When considering a college degree, pick something that will be valuable to building a career. It takes an exceptional person to suceed without an education. It is much better to give yourself every advantage. Missing out on a party is a part of life, it is not so important to do what your friends do, as it is to do what is best for your own progress and own development. Life is not just about keeping up, it is also about getting ahead. College is more important than I thought.


Seeing that I didn't stay in school long enough to be a senior I guess that if I could go back in time I would tell myself not to drop out and tough it out. I would also tell myself to go ahead and take Honor's so that college honor's would be a little bit simplier.


i have study in high school to get good grade. i join the swetheart dance as a king and homecoming game.


I honestly believe I made all the correct choices when transitioning to college life. Some may consider my ways unconventional but it worked for me. I took 5 years off from school to figure out my goals. I'm thankful I did not persue a degree straight out of high school, because if I had it would've been the worst decision I'd ever made. I took the time to reasearch & actually work in the certain areas I was looking to go into. I think being an older student also gives me the advantage of being more mature with my choices while in school as well.


I would explain to myself that life is bigger than New Orleans. I did not realize that untill Hurricaine Katrina hit my city and I was forced to move away. Upon traveling between Chicago and Texas where my family were scattered, I got to see some of the world and to broaden my horizon. In order for me to be abled to do the things that I want to do like travel more I need to finish with my education and have a foundation where i can provide for my family as i need to.


Keep on track with nursing classes. Don't take13 years off after having Daniel. Just take off the planned 1 semester and get back to class.


i have studied for the high school for exam to get a best grade. i was on the sweetheart court to be a king. i join the group.