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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back to my senior year and talk to myself I would have quite a bit to say. I would say get more sleep, study more, whine less, eat breakfast, and do your best. But is that not what anyone would say? I think everyone wishes they had tried a little harder or been a bit nicer or just been more aware in general in high school. Beyond that, I wish I could go back and tell myself not to be own critic. There are enough of those in the world, and instead of being my own enemy I wish I had been my own friend. I have learned in the last year that there will always be someone out there hoping you do not succeed or waiting for you to fail. You cannot always count on others to lift you up when you are sad, lonely, or stressed. Sometimes we can only count on ourselves? I would tell myself to be more emotionally self-reliant because we are the one constant in our own lives. Knowing this in high school would have saved me some soul searching, but these are the years we find ourselves, right?


If I was able to give my high school self advice it would be to attend college right after high school. I would explain how to find resources such as financial aid or student loans to help pay for my education. This was the reason why I didn't attend college 25 years ago. Another thing I would tell the young me is how much easier it is to go to college when you don't have to work two jobs and raise a family. I'm 42 years old and in college pursuing my Bachelor's degree in Business Administration. The job market has changed dramatically since I graduated and an education is no longer optional. After graduating high school I obtained a part-time job and worked my way up to management. The next 20 years I advance in my career without a degree. In 2012 I lost my full time job and not having a degree limited my job choices and wasn't able to make anywhere near what I had in the past. Had I went to college earlier in life I could have been in a new career already.


I would tell myself to definitely go to college after I graduated. I was accepted to UC my senior year and despite everything that happened that summer I should have went to college. I would also tell myself that mom is going to back down last minute for state boards for cosmetology, dont just give up tell her you really need her and this is your future. College really is important and no matter what you end up going back to college several different times. Don't wait until the future when you have your son. Do it after you graduate and make sure you follow through with it. You need to support yourself and your son. Being a server in a restaurant doesn't pay all of the bills. You need your college degree!


Relax! That would be the first thing I would tell myself. Make sure you find the college you want to go to and apply for scholarship, but most importantly enjoy your senior year. Make the most of the time you have with your friends. Don't take life so serious or yourself so serious. There will be plenty of time to be serious but for now enjoy these moments, trust me, you will miss them. It is ok to laugh and make simple mistakes, thats how you grow. Do not be so afraid to try new things because if you don't you will never know what you like. In those moments you find out who you are and if you know who you are, you will stand for what you are. So breath, soak up this time because you will only be a high school senior once.


I would tell myself to be prepared for hours of homework and frustration. I would tell myself to not get overwhemled and stressed out. I would also tell myself that it is okay to not have a major decided yet. As well as how to balance college with a social life. Also to always get help from the teachers and ask questions, it is much easier getting through classes with help. The final thing I would tell myself is to never get discouraged over a bad grade.


I would tell myself three levels of advice: The first level would be plan for the future. The second would be to think realistically. And the third level would be to stay focused on your goals. Planning for the future would consist of getting the chosen college's course book and writing down an educational plan for the first two years of college. Thinking realistically would constitute your abilities and employment situation. Because in this economy everyone is basically required to work. This will help manage your time, (which is key to all success) over the course of the first two years. Finally, keeping focus on your goals should prevent you from choosing one of the many green pastures of work and profit along the side of the road to lie in and get settled. I've talked to many people that did this and all of them regret it because they never acomplished what they set out to do with their lives. So, planning for the future, thinking realistically and staying focused on your goals is what I would tell myself if I went back to me in high school.


Make sure to attend all classes, everything you learn in high school helps so much in college. From note taking to study habits. Teachers are not here to make life difficult, they are here to help make life in the future be some what easy and understandable. You have to pay attention to math and computers the most because technology changes everyday and the world revolves around money. Pay attention in english so you can talk and write proper in the professional world. G.P.A. really matters. Grades and attendance are very improtant. High school is not just to socialize it is to help prepare you for the future.


If I could go back in time and give myself advice about school, I would tell myself three things. Number one, I would tell myself to stop worrying so much about what people will think of you in college because you'll never make friends by being self conscious. Number two, I would tell myself to save every penny I can, because the only person resposible for paying for your expenses when you get out of high school is you. And finally, I would tell myself to never walk into a class thinking it will be easy. You will learn very fast how little you know.


I really would have encouraged myself on studying a lil bit more than i did start being cautios with my time and getting my rest because friends will be there almost forever but a better life for me and my family wont be accomplished unless I step up to the plate


Make sure you think about what career you want to go into. Make sure you plan your time wisely. Remember if your going to take any time off from school, don't take more than a semester off. Keep your classes fresh in your head and review materials your going to use often. Do things early, never put anything off to the last minute. Remember snacks for between classes, bring extra paper and pencils. Good luck


I would tell me that it isn't easy unless you go in head first and keep your priorities in order. I would also tell me not to get discouraged when classes start to become harder and work seems to pile on top of you, and that once you understand how to cope with the hardest part of school, which is learning how to be discipline , it'll get easier but will require alot from you.I would stress the fact of getting to know your counselors when you start attending that certain college/university. I would also explain to me that the fianacial part of school will tend to get expenses so fill out as many scholarship applications as you can once you find out about them.


I would tell myself that paying attention to high school isn't worth it, fitting in and having fun. Instead I should have been focusing on my goals for after school. I would say that I need to find a job, starting to work just before school wasn't enough to prepare me for the responsibility I took on when I moved, by taking on two jobs and a full load of classes. I would have told myself not to make the mistake of surrounding myself with negative influences by having too much fun once I moved away from home. A little fun is okay every once in awhile, but you must work before you can play. Having a degree, and a better job in the future, will provide many times to reward yourself. Take care of yourself, and listen to what you want to accomplish, where you want to be. When it comes down to the end you have to be happy with what you have done, and be happy with who you are. And last you can't control everything, so pay attention to the things you can control and don't stress about the rest.


Take responsibiliy for your actions. They are yours to make and if you make decisions to please yourself, then you will be able to be proud of your actions and own up to them. That is all that matters. College is a learning experience, if it goes too smoothly then maybe you forgot to learn something.