Delta State University Top Questions

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The difference in this four year school and a lot of other ones in Mississippi is that you can excel here. I've visited all of the 4 year schools here at least one time. The class rooms are huge and consisting of 200+ students. At DSU, the classes are no larger than 50. I personally think it was the best decision for me.


First off we are the fighting Okra, which is awesome but the atmosphere is very personable, people are very friendly and help you when you need it.


They have a great music production program at Delta State.




Delta State University use to have a saying which was, Mississippi's best well kept secret. It is a small school, but offers large amounts of experience and knowledge in your field of study. I have met amazing friends and the faculty here is top notch. They know you by name, not a number, and they are more than willing to help any student with problems they are having. They understand the students and their needs as well as too push the students further in learning.


The school is a small yet convenient university. It is also one of the few in the nation that offers my major, Commercial Aviation.


They are always available to help and i do mean always


It has such an at home atmousphere. When you walk to class you find that you can say hello to literally EVERYONE.


Professors are so concerned about students doing well. Also, the faculty and staff helps with everything.


The most unique thing about Delta State is that it is small enough not to get lost, but big enough not to know everyone.


It is a smaller campus than most so it makes your college experience more unique and personal. The faculty really gets to know students on a personal level and you're not just a number.