Delta State University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The type of person that needs to attend this school is a person who wants to succeed in life. They give you constant ways to be a better person, to branch out, and to have fun in your college years.


A person that is okay living in a small town and loves getting to know a lot of people since the campus is smaller.


The type of person should be very friendly. Everyone on campus is friendly and willing to help you on whatever your needs.


Anybody who want to go to school to learn something should attend this school.


Any person interested in a good education. I like the school because it is not so big as to be overwhelming. I think it offers many opportunities.


a person who does not like to be around alot of people


The type of person who should attend this school should be well focused. Delta State have great programs to start you on the way to a sucessful future. You should know what you want because they are able to help you with everything.


Delta State is a good place for students who are looking for a smaller university where they are given individual attention and encouragement from highly qualified and enthusiastic professors.


A great person, who can balance work and play. A person who wants a great college experience and to meet new people. A person who wants small interactive classes and do not mind volunteer work. A person who is willing to give more time in to doing work than going partying. A person who do not mind getting to know mostly everyone and willing to let people get to know them also. If you like a small community with good people, this is the place for you.


Everyone fits in at DSU.