Delta State University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A person who is not serious about his education should not attend Delta State University. The teachers, counselors, and all staff are here to help in anyway they can, but you must first show a true interest in learning and achieving your best . This school is not one to pass you on just because you came and made an appearance. Many are there to help and encourage, but you are there to get an education and for this reason Delta State University is for the pursuer.


The typical student at Delta State is a small town, down to earth student who is content where they are.


Someone that isn't friendly and doesn't get along with people easily should not attend this school. Also, people who do not want to work for their grades should not attend.


The type of person that should attend Delta State University is someone who loves a southern-feel of things.. someone how likes a quiet environment, someone who wants to learn, and someone who has their eyes on the price. Delta State University is a great school and a place to grow.