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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


This question has constatly came up in my head. If I woul have known what I know now, there would be a complete difference in me now. I went to a community college after high school to play basketball. It was a lot of freedom that I wasn't use to. A lot of things that didn't matter soon became more important to me than school. I had okay grades but not the ones I was use to. After my two years were up, I came to Delta State to play basketball. This became even more freedom because I was almost 4 hours from home. If I could give myself advice, I would tell myself to focus on you and your future. That is the main thing you should be worried about.


To push harder life, to focus and take every opportunity and make the most of it. To not let a chance pass up and not make the most of it.


If I were a High School senior, I would give the advise that it is never to early to start applying for college and getting things ready. Towards the end of your senior year, there are so many things to do before you leave for college. I would have advised myself to start planning ahead and not to wait.


I would tell myself to make sure that I stay on top of everything. I would also tell myself to get a job, and be more wise in how I spend my money.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior knowing what I know now about college life, I would probably tell myself that a small university probably is not the best choice for me. I would also tell myself not to be so hard headed and to listen to my parents when they told me what my best decision would have been. I would have told myself not to be afraid to go to a university three hours away not knowing many people there because I could easily make friends. I would have chosen the larger university that is further away from home because they offered me excellent scholarships, and now I worry about having enough money to stay in school. I would have definitely told myself to breathe, and think through my college decision more thoroughly because I now know that I made the wrong choice for myself and I can not go back and change my mind.


I would advise myself to work harder, study longer, and save your money up. College is fun, but it is very hard at times. Do anything you can to understand what your class is going over and form study groups. College can be fun, but it all depends on how much you put into your education.


I would say, "Jon, college is the greatest experience of your life, and we're making the best decision in going! You will learn so much and be so much more knowledgeable. Jon, go to Kent State University and don't turn down the acceptance because of money issues -- it'll work out somehow! Instead of applying again after you've completed one year of college, just go. Even though you'll be happy, you won't be where you want to be. Start applying for scholarships! You will regret not going to Kent State University - it's the perfect match for you! We'll eventually apply again for the Fall of 2011, and be accepted again! Let's just hope we can find scholarships so we won't have to decline them again. Jon, we have so much potential and care about the world so much, and something so unimportant as money is our biggest issue. We'll search for Jobs throughout the year, and none will be hiring - we'll think about selling our own car for Kent State Money, but we can't. Jon, my advice for us is that we continue to strive and move forward."


College is very different than high school. I can possibly say that when you start class just be prepared. It's nothing like high school course class.


I'm not sure that I really would want to go back in time as a high school senior, but if I could, I would definitely give myself some advice. I know that I would tell myself to dedicate my final year of high school to making the very best grades that I could and to learning the most that I could in my final high school year. I made A's and B's in high school and maybe an occasional C if it were a class that I really did not think was necessary or of much interest to me. I did not know until after graduation how important your GPA is to getting scholarship money for college. Almost every scholarship you apply for has a very high GPA or ACT score as a minimum requirement for even applying. Therefore, only the smartest or highest achievers have the best chances for receiving scholarships. I did not realize this until after graduation. I am the youngest of four children that my parents have sent to college, and I know now that this has been a real financial struggle. I could have done more to help!


I would tell myself to be more prepared going ito the schools. I would have told myself to be more open to options and to listen the advice from teachers. As a college athlete, I had numerous places to go play basketball. I will never regret choosing Delta State because we were so successful, but I got in too big of a hurry. I didn't put in the time and effort that i should have and that's the thing i regret most. I would have told myself to devote more time to being an outstanding student and an outstanding athete. That would have made more successful.


The first thing I would say is STUDY! It is always good to make good habits before it's too late, because now it's going to be hard to get into the swing of sitting down and actually looking over notes for longer than ten minutes. I would also force myself to fill out all those scholarships I let slip through my fingers because I just knew I was going to get a Pell Grant. Well that was definitely not the case. And I would definitely make sure that I focused more on the different aspects of each college. Just because one may may be cheaper, does not mean that's a great school for you. I know many people always say go where the money is, but I've always been the type of person to follow my heart. I would also focus more on the band, you never know what blowing an instrument could do for you in college. I would have done more traveling so I wouldn't have gotten homesick the first week here. Having more college friends that had already purchases the books I need for my freshman year would have been nice.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself when I was a senior about college, I would give several points of advice. First of all, I would say that it is important to focus on your studies and keep the grades up. The main reason you attend college is to get a good education that you can use to be a productive and contributing citizen. I would also say make good friends and have fun along the way. A part of the college experience is enjoying those who you are around and making friendships that will last a lifetime. Lastly, I would say to get involved. I would recommend getting involved in student government, intermural sports, clubs that you are interested in, work, or any other opportunity to meet people and put yourself out there. I think it is importmant to get the most out of the time that you have in college and also give back of yourself. This will make you a fullfilled person.


Find a college that offers your major and is accredited. Students make the most out of their college experience by getting involved on campus joining clubs and attending events enhances the college experience.


When students are choosing a college they should choose a college that fits their personality and one that will encourage academic growth. Also, do not choose a college because all of your friends are going. In addition, when choosing a college review the curriculum for your major and compare it to other colleges. After you have compared the curriculums decide which curriculum will provide you with the necessary skills to be successful. Furthermore, when choosing a college check out there extracurricular activities. I would advise that entering freshmen get involved on campus. Joining various organizations on campus helps student become familiar with how things on campus works and it helps students make friends. Also, I would advise students to develop time management skills. There will be plenty of social gatherings, but keep in mind your school work comes first.


Choose a college that best fits you. Like if you like to have fun and go out and are very rich, Ole Miss would be the best school. If you are middle class and still like to have fun MISS. state is good college. I choose Delta State becaus it is a lot smaller and i like to feel like i know everyone and everyone knows me, also its further away from home so i did not know anyone and it made me go out and meet people who have become my best friends today! College is the greatest experience of my life school wise im getting more into my major which is art and love it and the teachers are great and know not to pile on to much homework. Anyone that has the fire to go to college and can make it through however many years of school they have to should be proud of him or herself!


pick one that fits you


Students should always go to a school with an open mind. Don't think about all the things that could go wrong. It's a new experience and you should grasp on to college life. If you don't know anybody there, don't hesitate to make new friends. It will all work out for the best. Try to get to know the campus and become familiar so you won't feel as home sick. Being in college is a true learning experience. You will do some things that you wouldn't have ever done at home. Enjoy your time away from your parents. Being yourself is always a good thing. It may be hard for some parents to let go, but they knew that the day was coming soon. To the parents, it may take a while to get use to, but just let the students be college students. I'm quite sure your training has done the well.


Choose a college that is known for having teacher who "care" about their students and not just the paycheck!


I would find a college that has a lot of extra things you can do. Also find a college that is not in a small town so more jobs are avaiable.


To me, I devoted too much of my time to school. Now that I have graduated, I feel I missed out on parts of the college experience. I would advise any future or current students to make the most of their time at college while being somewhat responsible about their schoolwork.


Make sure the school offers what you are interested in. Stay focused on your goals and dont stop until you get there becasue there will be road blocks and many obstacles... Just dont give up no matter what. If somebody tells you that you cant do something, prove them wrong and show them you can! You can do all thing through Christ who strengthens you! God bless you and Good Luck cause you can definitely do it!


My advice is to make sure that you are comfortable. There is a right place for everyone and your college experience will be wonderful if you find that place. A sense of community is important in a college because it becomes your home for four years. Another important aspect in a college is the variety and quality of academic majors. You need to have room to explore what career path you would like to take. If you find a school where you feel comfortable and have opportunity for intellectual growth, you should not pass it up.


If you are looking for a small, offordable school, where you can get the same quality education as you would at a large university, come to Delta State University. You will make lifelong friends and memories, be introduced to a diverse population of students, and will be ready to continue your career after graduation. The walk from class to class usually takes two minutes top, and you will more than likely run into an old friend, or make a new one along the way. Don't miss out on a great education and a life full of opportunities.


Making sure you choose the right college can be hard, especially in your senior year of high school when you're already in over your head with fighting off the senioritis. My advice would be to start researching colleges early--as early as you have an idea of what you want to do. Investigate the programs of study at the colleges you have in mind, email admissions advisors, and set up a date to visit. Visit all your possible candidates, if possible. Make a list of pros and cons based on what you find our during your visits and decide which colleges deserve a second (or third, fourth, and fifth, as was the case with me) visit. Ask advisors if you can meet with or exchange emails with some of the professors in your intended area of study. Not only will you become more familiar and comfortable with your options, you'll display yourself as conscientious and involved in the planning of your future. Apply for state and federal financial aid as early as possible and make sure you keep all your deadlines marked. Once you've made your decision, things fall into place. Enjoy college--it's wonderful!


Pick every school that you can see yourself going to, eliminate the one's you can't afford. Continue your reaserch on those schools, eliminating all the ones you have a bad feeling about. Visit the schools left on your list. This will be a had decision, but have confidence in your final pick. When attending the school, you will find things that you didn't expect and probably don't like very much. However, if you to to college with a "no regrets" attitude, you are most likely to last the whole 4 years and graduate.


Always remember that the college experience in a once in a lifetime opportunity. It opens so many doors, not only academically but emotionally, mentally, and worldly. If you are worried about your child moving far away or are afraid of moving away yourself, you're always a phone call or a send button click away from home. These are the times to grow and to figure out how to become a functional and well-balanced adult. With the degree you'll be earning, you'll be gaining so many parts of the new improved you you never knew existed. Soak it up. College is waiting for you!!


My best advice about finding the right college is searching for one that is known for excelling in the area in which the student wants to go into. It is well worth going out of your way to get a good education. To make the most out of the college experience, I suggest constantly meeting new people, especially those in your field. Students shouldn't isolate themselves in the classroom but instead, make friends with their classmates. It is much easier to do group work with people who you interact with on a regular basis. Plus, this gives you the opportunity to unite socially with peers who share your career interests.


Listen to what your child wants. Don't let that distant away from home or the finanical issues effect his life.


Search for a college that has the best program for your major.


When choosing a college, lots of things have to be considered. Among these are the departments at the school, the social life, the academic progress of the school, and of course, scholarships. I would reccommend taking as many college days as possible and really researching every college you're interested in.


Visit the college before attending, speak with pervious graduates about their experiences before making a choice. This will be one of the greatest experiences in your life, make sure its the right choice for you.


For musicians try out everywhere you can. Do not just settle with applying to one school. Apply everywhere and see where the best offer gets you.


Go where you feel most comfortable and at home. Everything will fall into place after you follow your heart.


Make sure you visit all the colleges you have as choices. Ask the students what it is like there. Remember you are going for and education not to party.


I would tell them to go to Delta State University!!!!!!


Don't choose a school based on where your friends are going or where your friends want you to go. Find out what you are going to major in, then do some research and find the college that would be best for your major. Study, do your work, turn it in on time, and have some fun along the way. College isn't all about partying or all about working your butt off, it is a mixture of each.


College is a place to find yourself, discover what to do with the rest of your life, make friendships that last a lifetime, and possibly even find a lifelong partner. So much of one's life is determined in college that it is extremely important to select the college that best accomodates that person's individual wants and needs. Look into all aspects of a college before selecting it: academics, size, location, scholarships, student/faculty ratio, and any other individual concerns you may have. To make the most of your college experience you should come to class prepared and study hard. No one will force you to go to class so you have to be self disciplined and go on your own. With all the new-found freedom of college it is easy to stay out too late or not study for a test, but just remember to balance your social life with your school work. This way you can have fun AND do well in school and enjoy this wonderful time of your life to the fullest!


Best way to find the right college for you is to simply pick a place where you would comportable. Do not just pick some place where everyone from your high school is going to attend. Do it for yourself. Your individuality is very important, and finding a college that will bring that out in you will be the college for you.


Take a school tour. Make sure you can cover the cost!


My main reaosn for choosing Delta State University was so that I could remain close to home, but not too close. The three factors that I would consider would definitely be distance, cost, and programs. Many people look at credentials, but one school may be wrong for one person and the perfect place for another. Although the three factors that I mentioned above should definitely be put into consideration, I think your number one priority should fall in the hands of God. Ask for His guidance and your family's opinions, and you will definitely be in a place that you can call home.


I would tell parents it is primarily the student's choice, they will be the one having to attend and to study. If you want them to do well, they need to be in an atmosphere they are comfortable with. I would tell students to really, really, study the colleges they wish to attend. When I visited some, they were not at all what I expected. They need to find students or acquaintances to show them around or answer questions. I think students need to look at the graduation rates of the colleges and the success and satisfaction of the graduates. You can tell a lot about the school from the alumni. If they are active and give back to the college and its community and students, they feel strongly about their experiences and more than likely you will as well. I think parents need to check on attendance and grading policies, and information they can receive, if they are paying for the education, they have a right to know the money is being well- spent.