Denison University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


There is a Black Student Union on campus and Outlook a Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, and ally organization. These groups offer support so that no students feel out of place at Denison and it is a very welcoming campus. A lot of people on campus wear t-shirts and jeans but preppy fashion is on campus as well. All kinds of students interact. Because Denison offers significant financial aid no financial background seems to dominate. Students who are politically to the left would probably say that the right was dominant and vice a versa. I think that means that politically we are very much in the center.


Denison isn't exactly known for its diversity. However, coming from racially diverse Los Angeles, I was perfectly content with the diversity on campus. The non-white students really don't make an effort to befriend white students; in fact, many of the international and black students exclude white students and call us racist, which offended me. Many students come from rich families, but you honestly cannot tell with many people. Wealth isn't bragged about or flaunted; in fact, it's really only apparent in clothing and vacation locations. Students tend to dress up for class - in the spring and early fall, girls wear sundresses and guys wear polo shirts. In the winter, fashion is kind of ignored due to snow, yet it is still apparent through coat choices.


I had an art history class (ARTH 297...I think) and on one winter day 17 out of 22 women were wearing those stupid UGG boots. 'Nuff said.


there are lots of special interest groups on campus, from Outlook (GLBTQ) to the Black Student Union, to Denison Religious Understanding and dozens more. people wear everything from sweats to designer labels and everything in between. interaction between these groups is still somewhat limited, but is visibly improving since the forums in November brought diversity issues to the public consciousness. the new incoming class has more geographic diversity than ever, with less than 1/5 coming from Ohio and plenty from around the country and indeed the world. middle and upper class students are the most common, but generous academic and need based scholarships make Denison affordable for people of all economic means. tons of students are heavily involved in political activities and attend the numerous free lectures provided. the most active and visible groups are left-leaning, but there are plenty of conservative students too.


I have never personally experienced the racism that is apparently so evident to some people on this campus. Being one of the very, very few Jewish people here I sometimes feel like people are ignorant. Different types of students interact to a degree, but for the most part people hang out with other people in their same race, class, sorority, etc. The financial background most prevalent is that of middle to upper-middle class.