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You really get what the stereotype is here, unless you try REALLY hard you can do your own thing, but it typically segregates you to a small minority.


Denison had small classes and unique opportunities for service learning and work study within the community. At Denison I was able to do work study in the community at a local non-profit for at-risk adolescents instead of working in an administration office or library at the school. I appreciated the opportunity to make a difference in the community while paying for my education.


The amoung of financial aid that was available through the school alumni network was absolutely incredible. The school strives to continue to better itself and wishes the same of its students, often calling entire days off to deal with a campus-wide crisis.


They offer academically based financial aid, it's in the Midwest, it has fraternities and sororities


This survey is too long.


My school has cars that allow students to do community service activities and for religious activities. My school allows students to stay over the summer to do research that interest them. My school allows its students to start whatever organization it likes and it provides funding to them. My school allows its students to study abroad in different countries and we accet those credits.


Explore the Homestead! The ecological community in the woods behind campus. It is beautiful, they do great things, and they have great parties...the best on campus!




Said it all already. But know that anyone can find their niche at the school because of the broad array of people.


I believe every thing I said is vitally important. It is important because I am not trying to rag on my school - I love Denison and would never trade it for another school. Everything I said is completely true and I would hope people know that information before applying to DU. There are problems at Denison that NEED to be fixed, especially Dean Phlegar who as taken the rights of students and turned a LIBERAL Arts School into something more like fascism. It is important to note that the best and the worst issues come from the fact that we must live on campus. However, possibly most important - people really have gotten sick from the living conditions. I never feel completely well living there and state schools must change carpeting every few months, while much of Denison's is age old. My roommate had to go to the hospital for weeks and move to a hotel, while still being forced to pay for his dorm. At the campus hospital, they will not admit a problem, but his diagnosis was clear for the hospital doctors. Do not get sick or injurred at Denison! and if you do - dont go to Whistler.


Denison is sometimes irritatingly small, and because of high academic demands few students rarely skip class. Maybe because of that, students can become egotistic because of academic accomplishments, which is highly undesirable. Students always dress nice to go to class as well: not much of the sweatpants and old T-shirt attire. The library is a fantastic resource. Lastly, Denison is college that I love because I am free to chose my life and my actions, and I feel that there are many opportunities that have presented themselves because of my attending the universities.


Denison is an experience and those that know and know what to expect from it will love it. Those that come with no clue about Denison will be in for a treat.


I love it.


Denison is a good place. Its got a beautiful campus and a strong reputation for academics and I feel privileged to go to such a nice school.


Denison is a weird place. It's not really like college at all, but more like boarding school. I love it and I hate it. It's isolating, but it also encourages you to step outside your comfort zone, if only because you're so fed up with administration that it forces you to get confrontational when you're usually a passifist. It's definitely like no other school out there.


Denison's campus is beautiful! :)




All residential living is cool in theory; but it sucks after two years!


i'd like to see more diversity on campus


LALALALALA It's a fun place, really relaxed--even if you aren't sure about it in the begiinig, I was planning to transfer after first year, in the summer before college, becuase I was worried it was too small, to provincial, self-preoccupied. I was worried the swim team was bad. I was worried I wouldn't find friends. No Way! I'm home now, Cuz school is done, and I miss it actualy, wow I just surprised myself, but yeah, it's relly fun. FUN is the one word that describes it.


I was always happy with my school experiences, I went to public school, had a nice group of friends, had a grand old time, whatever, Despite my finest efforts (being involved in sports, campus activities, a few good friends), Denison has been by far the worst four years of my life--mostly due to the ignorant student body, the uncaring administration and the blatant and rampant racism, homophobia, sexism and classism.


Denison has great academics, but what makes or breaks the individual experience is the friends one makes. That being said, if you want to find your closest friends, GET INVOLVED. Most people will not remain close friends with the people they meet at June or August orientation. Seriously needs to work on acceptance, though, and not just silent judging. Sometimes comes off a bit too much like high school, with all the cliques and drama and so on.


Denison is a great place but it is not for everyone. Some people love it and others do not. Do not come here if you're looking for a big school feel, because you won't find it. The sports are Division III, so if you're a huge sports fan, I wouldn't recommend it. The academics are very good but the classes are limited in selection and professors. Professors are generally great but there aren't a lot of them. The school can feel a bit claustrophobic, so I would be wary if you currently attend a large high school. The school has a little diversity but is mostly white, and middle to upper class.


Uh... the food is pretty good. We have a Taco Bell ;)


I think I pretty much covered everything.


I enjoyed my time at Denison, but I do know of some people who didn't. There were some instances of one guy sexually molested multiple women and was essentially not punished, because his parents are donating money to renovate Cleveland Hall. He was suspended only for a month and is graduating this year (2008). Since I know some people who were expelled for possessing pot, I think that this is mighty unfair. Being a sexual predator is MUCH MUCH worse than being a pot head.

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