Denison University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


It is a hidden secret. Most people might not know about Denison, but it is a great and prestigious liberal arts college. Some very successful people have attended Denison, including but not limited to George Bodenheimer, Steve Carell, Jennifer Garner and Woody Hayes.


The teachers on campus are so amazing. Coming from a public school of 5,000 students to a small university worried me because I did not have as much college preparation as I would have liked. When I attended the first day of classes the teachers immediately made sure that the students knew we could talk to them if we needed help with anything. Personally, I am not the best writer and thanks to the individual meetings with my professors, my writing has improved majorly. Overall, teachers always make themselves available to help students in any case.


The beautiful campus, the interesting classes, the great things the clubs on campus accomplish, the student government, the construction going on, and the great professors.


I like to brag about some of our alumni. Jennifer Garner went to Denison while I attended. Before Michael Eisner was fired from Disney, I used to brag about that, as well.


I usually brag about how good of a school it is.


It's good reputation and high caliber students both socially and academically. The professors are excellent, they are experienced and among the best in their fields and capable professors as well.


Everyone loves to party, everyone's a lot of fun but the classes are also really interesting so people learn how to balance things. But most of all I am obsessed with my sorority, if you get involved in Greek Life you really meet a lot of people and get to participate in more philanthropic, social, and active events.


the small class size

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