Denison University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


There is no real "off-campus" since we are located in a small city town in rural Ohio.


The worst part of Denison University is the student loans I am still paying on over ten years later! The quality of the education, though, is excellent; there are many opportunities for development and participation in campus activities.


I consider the schools location the worst thing about it. It is in the middle of flat, corn field, ohio. The campus itself is really nice and feels like a New england school, but if you take a step off campus, it isn't realy that nice anymore. This causes students to be really bored during the breaks and weekends, especially the students without cars. It also means more students will drink to pass time away when they aren't studying. Since I don't drink or party, it is a little bit of a disappointment to be here sometimes.


I love my school and in all honesty the worst thing I can think of is that it's literally located on a very large hill which can make for some annoying walks up from the arts quad.


Conflicting personalities. Everyone wants to be accepting and diverse but they don't know how to do it. Conflicts arise about once a year. It's fairly simple to stay out of it though, but the organized protests/ campus wide meetings get old.


The worst thing about Denison is something that it shares with every other school: Denison has the problem of promising to be a hub of interest and open discussion, yet is just as closed-minded as any other place you will go to.


Security are a bunch of jerks


The student body is largely homogenous and uninteresting. A majority (I'd say over 90 percent) are completely satisfied to attend identical parties, weekend after weekend, for four years. That said, the remaining ten percent are awesome people and you can make excellent friends with a little effort.


The climate through the winter; Seasonal depression runs rampant through Licking County's 90 days of gray


Too much free time. You really have to stick to your schedule to make yourself do work.


Many students are stuck in their social groups and afraid to branch out and talk to people that are not like themselves.


the low level of socio-economic diversity


Sometimes you forget about the real world outside of it because people are so focused on what s happening on campus. It may seem important at the time, but in the grand scheme of things it isnt necessarily.


The food. It gets boring after awhile, it is not good, and there are very few choices.


One of the worst things about my school is that everyone is kind of the same. A lot of the people come from the New England/ North Coast area. They dress and think in a similar manner to one another. Because a majority of the school is pretty much made up of exactly the same person, the rest of the campus sometimes feels a little awkward.


The dining halls are not very good. I hardly ever eat there and we are not allowed to not be on the meal plan unless we're living an apartment so the money that my parents put towards the meal plan is kind of a waste.

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