Denison University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


There is the 'preppy' stereotype, and a perception that greek life dominates the social scene.


Rich, Snoppy, Elite, White, Preppy kids


rich white kids who have everything handed to them on a silver platter, bros, lacrosse players who think they're gods gift to the world, homogeneity


Denison is know as a preppy party school filled with trustfunds and popped collars, short skirts and Ugg boots, etc.


Preppy, Rich, and Snobby


Denison students are stereotyped as White, wealthy, preppy, conservative, party animals, self-absorbed and obsessed with their sports and fraternities/ sororities.


That all of them are rich and selfish snobs.


Denison students are rich and spoilt.


Rich, white kids that only party


Mostly upper crust, white, and liberal. Students are from many nations, but most are from the U.S. East Coast.


That the African American students only hang out with other African American students and minorities. The there is nothing but rich, preppy people at Denison. That if you are a minority and not in Posse that you are rich.


Rich, Snobby, Disconnected, Priviledged


They do a lot of Cocaine. They do a lot of LSD. They Party Hard. They have a lot of sex. The school cares more about alumni money than students. The Grateful Dead loved DU. The dorms have mold and fungus. Security and the school will narc on you since the students are forced to live on campus and, in turn, have no rights.


Denison is known as the rich kid school, where students party a lot and wear expensive clothes. Denison is very small but likes to draw students from a wide array of ethnicities. However, these ethnicities oftentimes group together and produce segregated social groups, which kind of gives an atmosphere very similar to high school. Denison is also known as the school for kids who couldn't make it to Harvard.


Rich Preppy White Students that aare very SMART


Although it's made a better name for itself in academics, Denison is still known as something of a school for the snobby rich kids from the East Coast who weren't able to get into the Ivys. The social scene is purportedly dominated by the frats and sororities. It's also been characterized, particularly in recent months, as lacking in (primarily racial) diversity.


Rich Preppy kids from the east coast. Good looking student body, mainly athletic and many play sports. Overall priveliged kids who are smart but not smart enough for a big time ivy league school or a top liberal arts school such as swarthmore. Kids like to have a good time but study hard as well, party four nights a week.


People in New York told me that Denison University should not be my first choice for college because they had heard that the academics were not very strong and that the people were superficial.


Preppy, snobby, rich


Affluent, east coast, prep school, ribbon wearing, popped collar.


The general reputation, particularly surrounding the sororities, is that everyone is spoiled, rich, and wears designer clothes all the time. People tend to be portrayed as snobby and rude.


Denison students are stereotyped as white, preppy, conservative, rich kids from the Northeast. Denison is stereotyped as a party school because of it's rural location.


Common stereotypes are that Denison is very preppy and that all the kids who go there are rich. Also, even though the school is in the middle of Ohio, its gotten the reputation that a lot of the students are boarding-school kids from out east.


The most common stereotype about Denison students is that they are wealthy, white, privileged, and many feel very entitled.


Denison students tend to be upper-class, fashionable, and ready to make their millions. Denison students, overwhelmingly, get dressed for their 8:30 classes, a fact that baffles me


That every Denison student is a wealthy snob who enjoys partying with their fraternity/sorority and doing drugs.


Some stereotypes are that all Denison students are rich, snobby, and drunk every night.


Rich, snobby, good school, party school


The girls are thought to be divided into two categories. Those who are "Ugg Girls" (ie: they wear Uggs, leggings, skirts, and have their hair flat-ironed all year around. If they look disheveled, it's intentional), and those who are not. If you attend Denison, you're thought to be very rich.


Smart, Preppy, and Rich


We are all a bunch "rich, racist, white kids." Very preppy and well-off.


People assume that everyone is very preppy and rich.


A lot of people think that it's extremely preppy. Some people think that as a small school it's boring, others who have heard about Denison's history assume that it's still crazy.


preppy, rich, frat and sorority obsessed


Steryotype #1: Denison is a party school. Steryotype #2: Denison is in the middle of nowhere. Otherwise... because Denison often finishes AFTER Kenyon at Swimming meets, it's a steryotyope that Kenyon is a better swimming program than Kenyon.


The stereotype is that Denison students are ignorant and privileged...they enjoy wearing pink shorts with lobsters on them and don't have to worry about finding a job after school because "Daddy's connections" have got them covered, they care more about fashion and being drunk rather than the state of the world or their own campus, another stereotype is that Denison is a bubble-'a college on a hill' isolated from the real world


Denison students are often stereotyped as rich, upper-middle class white kids who love a good party. Many, students or not, see Denison as a nice, safe, little bubble of a community up on a hill. Greek life is very prevalent. Conservative, traditional outlook and views.


Students are very preppy, rich, white, affluent, east coast-ish


Denison is considered a party school with preppy students.


Popped Collars and Pearls.


All students are all white, rich, and stuck up.


That there are a lot of wealthy students who live in their own worlds. They are really into Greek life and do not care about others as much as they should. Girls and guys alike wear the latest trends and wouldn't dream of wearing sweatpants to class.


That we're a bunch of snobby, liberal, elitist east coast preps mooching off our parents' money.


There is a stereotype that Denison students are preppy and Greek.


Two of the biggest stereotypes are that Denison students are preppy and very rich. Another is that all the students are friendly and everyone seems to get along.


Many Denison students come from wealthy families.


everyone wears pretty clothes, is super rich, and parties all the time


cliquey, j.crew/banana republic wearing, vineyard vines and vera bradely toting, snobby, rich, blond, jocks, etc

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