Denison University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


I cannot say how much I miss the atmosphere at Denison. The campus is beautiful, the professors care, the majority of the students are intellectually engaged. I didn't really appreciate it at the time, but now, looking back, I was damn lucky to have gone to school there.


This place is pretty small, it's definitely not helpful that granville is pretty boring. There are a couple of cool places mainly restaurants Goumas Chocolates and the Junto club. Everyone is obsessed with Whitts but I don't understand why, they only have like 3 flavors at a time and it's certainly not the best ice cream I've ever had. So over all the place is really suffocating. You spend almost all your time on campus, which is on a hill so even going into granville seems like a hassle. There isn't much pride but you recognize a lot of faces and know one each other roughly by appearance, but the student body is very clique-y. It's a pretty well ranked school but noone has heard of it.


i like the size of denison. lots of familiar faces and a sense of community. BUT there is not a lot to do outside of school, like there's no "college town" atmosphere about Granville, Ohio. there was a huge controversy this past year dealing with racism and homophobia. It was good that people finally got to speak their mind, but i don't think there was much of a change.


Denison has something for everyone, a group to fit into for every type of student, activities and events to everyone's taste, and is one of the most beautiful places I know. Denison faculty and staff really take care of their students and actually work to ensure the most successful experience possible. It is a little oasis of learning and living that provides students with the skills to navigate the world more effectively. I met the most influential people in my life at Denison and would not have changed my experience there for anything. I love what I learned there and how I learned it, through experience and in the classroom, and what kind of a person I have become as a result, a thoughtful, questioning, and understanding person who can converse intelligently about anything and handle any life circumstance with grace.


One thing I think is the best about Denison is how small it is. Coming from a small high school, I would have probably gotten lost at a big state school and Denison is perfect. You know everyone or have heard of everyone and you know almost all of the faculty or at least one person in each department. Having the small knit community gives a feeling of belonging which is something important for a college to have. I also like that Denison is a town within a village. There is so much to do on campus and you make a ton of friends that going down into the village of Granville is like driving to Columbus.


The best thing about Denison is the liberal arts environment and the scholarships that give those students who deserve to be in college a chance to pursue their education. I would change the location of the school primarily because of Ohio weather. I think Denison is just the right size. Denison is a really prestigious institution and therefore people are very impressed when I tell them that I go to Denison. I am actually everywhere on campus but I think I do spend a lot of time in the library and in Slayter Hall. In my opinion, Denison has an excellent administration. The biggest recent controversy on campus was the racial discrimination that was a result of some posters that were put up with images of nooses. On the outside, I think that there is a lot of school pride but when you talk to some students personally, there seems to be lack of school pride when they tell you that they are not happy at Denison and certain things like that. I will always remember the forum that took place regarding racism.


The school is way too small, a big complaint, and there's really nothing for the students to do in such a small town if you do not have a car on campus. However, academically we are challanged and the faculty is great. Though our body has issues with race and sexuality.


Denison is a tiny liberal arts college -- having only around 2100 students. This was one of the things I looked for in my search for a college. Because it is so small, I never have had issues finding profs after classes (most give out their home phone numbers on the sylabus). The town around it is tiny and quaint, with most of the residents eager to invite a lost student to dinner or offer a bed off campus if you really need a vacation (I've been here for only one year and both of those things have been offered). But if you need a big city fix, downtown Columbus is an easy twenty five minute drive off campus. Every weekend my friends and I go to clubs on high street (the gallery district that has GREAT shopping and places to chill).


The school size is just right and the best thing is the tight knitted community with other Denisonians and the faculty. Gaining a Denison a great accomplishment. Biggest controversy was the racial, sexist, homophobic and social issues that occurred during November of 2007. The administration is great especially the faculty...there of course are those who have their issues that are in the administration. The most difficult thing is parking on campus and the town of Granville is not used to different cultures but they get used to it. There is school pride.


Great education and relationships with professors- if you make the effort. Education is a two-way street. No one will beg you to come in and get help; but they shouldn't have to if you are paying $41,000 a year to go to school there. Many people think its segregated, and it is- just like every other aspect of American culture. But it doesn't have to be. For the most part, it is segregated for people who choose to segregate themselves. Myself, as a white male, made more friends from more areas and dispositions than I could have ever imagined before going to the school. But I made this happen of my own volition. I wanted to see what else the school had to offer. Diversity is there if you want to embrace it. Granville is not a college town, but you can work around it with the right friends and the right attitude. There is no such thing as a perfect college- if there was, everyone would go there. It is a small school; and you can choose to use that to your advantage or disadvantage.


The administration is what sucks - it sucks that we have no rights and the dean takes advantage of that. And this is made possible by the fact they students must live on campus, in tiny, dirty dorms without hot water - at a higher price than off campus housing. And the food that you must pay for sucks, it makes me have the runs before I can get out of the cafeteria. But aside from all the administrations bullshit, the school is a lot of fun. There is not much to do in Granville, but I party hard Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday (normal DU schedule). Drugs are common but kept under-cover. The student body is accepting but the school and Licking County are not. DU has a history of drug use and the students are smart enough to be safe. Cocaine is common and LSD is a favorite as well as heady pot and, of course, booze. I stay at DU for the friends though. They make it worth it. The worst parts of campus come from have to live on campus, but so do the best - I live with all of my friends, the furthest is a 10 minute walk and, therefore, I have never had to drive drunk.


Denison is really academically challenging, and I love the small class size. It also is a really beautiful campus in the spring and fall. The diversity of people is something I had never experienced before, and I know that Denison has changed my perception of people because of that. The professors like to challenge students, but are willing to help. The academic atmosphere is a wonderful change from high school, where it wasn't considered "cool" if you were smart or liked to study. I can be who I want to be a Denison. Some down sides to Denison is the lack of fun activities to do if you aren't in to Greek life. It's located in Granville, Ohio, and there's not much to do outside of Denison for at least a 15 mile radius, which is really unfortunate for a lot of students who come in to the town from very far away and don't have cars on campus. That sort of turns Denison in to a little bubble that's pretty segregated from the real world. Denison administration is very concerned with and social disturbances, but at the same time sometimes aren't helpful. Denison does not really have a mascot, but as far as school pride goes for all the "Denni-do-ers" (a nickname that sort of rolls of the tongue) many love the school because of the friends they've made and the life experiences they've gained.


Denison is PERFECT! I love everything about it the population is just right, the types of students are very interesting and smart. They come from all over and mesh well.


Denison's campus (and the surrounding area) is gorgeous, particularly in the fall. It is Ohio, though; expect winters to be unpredictable and usually frigidly snowy. Denison's 2100 student enrollment is small enough that you see lots of familiar faces when you walk around, but large enough that you can find new friends and (for the most part) avoid anyone you want. There's four-year mandatory on-campus housing, which keeps the surrounding area free from the tenement housing that usually lurks around college campuses. The housing lottery is also a royal pain in the ass, and Res Life can be a constant annoyance. Sports are certainly not the most important thing on campus, although both the men's and women's swimming teams are consistently highly ranked for our division. Granville is a pretty little town, but there's not much to do in it. Thankfully, Denison does a reasonably good job of bringing speakers, films, and other entertainment to campus; there's usually something you can do every night.


Our school is sometimes a little small as secrets and gossip, especially amongst the sororiety girls is prevalent. But our school size allows a student to gain a solid core of friends. At first when I told people I went to Denison they did not know anything about it and asked why I would go to Ohio but over the past year people have heard more about the school as it becomes more selective and they see how much I enjoy it. The town is small but the bars are fun and the restaurants and people are very nice and you feel completely safe in Granville. There is a lot of school pride in varied situations, especially lacrosse games and often times soccer games as well. The most frequent student complaints are about the small size.


If you are looking for a smallish sized school Denison University is a great size. I came from a small high school and my graduating class only had 44 people in it. I was worried that I would find it difficult to know anyone with so many people. Denison's size is small enough that it is possible to know a lot of people in your classes but large enough that you are are constantly meeting new people.


Denison is a good place to gain a broad perspective on multiple disciplines, while at the same time honing your sights in on your chosen academic area. The campus is beautiful and provides an environment in which it is easy to make academic progress with as little stress as possible. With that being said, there are a few problems that at least I feel are present on campus. The administration here seems to like investing their time and efforts into doing things on campus just so they can tell other people that they did those things on campus. It strikes me as pride for the sake of advertisement, not for the sake of enriching our education here, although it still ultimately helps the students. Another thing that I feel is a problem at Denison is the manner in which disciplinary action is carried out. There are multiple cases of rape and hate violence that have gone on over at least the past year, and although we had a long, arduous forum discussing many of these problems, the strongest campaign against many of these problems has been a flyer campaign across campus. Security has considerably stepped up their patrolling and dispersion of student parties on campus, which generally have no long term negative affect to life on campus. In all, it seems like the administration is focusing their efforts on the wrong problems, and not punishing real criminals harshly enough, whereas harmless, rambunctious college students bear the brunt of the punishment.


I love Denison. The environment is a safe, warm, and inviting. The administration listens to the voices of students and everyone gets to know each other. Since my first visit, I knew that the east-coast feel in rural Ohio was one that I wanted. Granville is great, the staff and student body at Denison are outstanding, I am proud to have spent my college career there.


The size of the school is great. It's like a bigger version of high school, and if you liked high school, you will like Denison. A lot of people have never heard of Denison, but those who have are impressed that you go there; we have a prestigious reputation. I spend a lot of time in the library, in the department of my major, and in my dorm and the dorms of my friends. If I could change one thing, I would make the food better. Though I don't participate in Greek Life, I think that the fact that it is non-residential (pledges don't live in houses, as at traditional schools) puts a damper of a lot of what Greek Life is about, and discourages membership. The college town is really small, but adorable, like a little New England town displaced into rural Ohio. The downside to the adorable town is that all the restaurants and stores are closed by 8:30 or 9 PM, with the exception being two bars that are open til 2 AM. The upside to the location in a small town is the 0% crime rate. I am a small woman, but walking alone across campus at 4 AM does not make me feel the least bit uncomfortable. It is a very safe campus. Denison's administration is a bit messed up; they have been known to prosecute minor offenses too harshly. The athletic teams are not great, and the attendance at games is so-so, but not much else can be expected from a small liberal arts school. The staff is very friendly and welcoming, doing the most they can for their students (professors particularly).


Granville, the town Denison is in, is wonderful. Although it is small, it has pretty much all you could need. It looks like a small New England town planted in Ohio, and the relationship between the college and the town is very good. Denison is not very well known outside of Ohio, but that doesn't mean it's not a good school or that you shouldn't go there. Anyone that DOES know Denison knows that it's a great school. Denison's campus is beautiful. And you can walk anywhere on campus. In my opinion, it's the perfect size. Fall is the best season at Denison because from the hill you can see all of the leaves changing.


Denison is a beautiful school. Its in the quaint little town of Granville, just 30 minutes outside Columbus, which is good if you ever get tired of quaint and little. The layout of the school is really nice, and even though it is small, only about 2100 undergrad, its laid out to make it appear and feel larger. The seasons are beautiful. Denison is a very arborous campus, and the trees turn great colors in the fall and spring. It is Ohio, however, and it gets pretty cold in the winter months, especially since Denison is built on a hill. At least the snow is pretty, most of the time. One of the best things about Denison is since the campus has such a gorgeous landscape, during the warm months a lot of people spend time outside on the quads, playing frisbee, laying out, cooking out, drinking, etc. During these times there is a real sense of community, which I think is awesome. Denison is also known for having a strong academic reputation. Class sizes are small, which I like, and the ratio of student to teacher is something like 11:1. Students get a lot more personal attention and help from teachers, but this also means that since class sizes are so small and teachers get to know all of their students, attendance is usually a priority and teachers tend to deduct points for not showing up to class. The living situation at Denison is sort of interesting, since students live on campus all four years. It's like dorm-style living, but every year you upgrade and by the time you're a senior, most students get to live in apartment-style dorms. It doesn't bother me, but some students have problems with not ever really being able to have their own space. It's just something you have to consider in making your decision about college. When I tell people I got to Denison, I usually get one of two reactions. The first is "Where is that?" and the second is "Wow, that's a great school, you must be smart." Even though Denison is small, a lot of people I meet who have heard of Denison know someone who went there and are impressed by the school. Actually, Steve Carrell and Jennifer Garner are Denison alums. Just thought I'd throw that out there.


Denison is a great school. I had an excellent experience there. It sure isn't perfect, but I'm positive that it is one of the finest institutions out there. The faculty is incredible, the students are great, the campus is wonderful. The most important thing to remember is that my experience at Denison is really what I made of it. Of course there are ups and downs everywhere, but stay focused on the ups and it's great. My biggest disappointment was the winter weather. Central Ohio is greeeeeeey in the winter.


Denison's main perks: the perfect college town, professors who are intimately engaged on campus, and a close community due to the residential requirement.


The best thing about Denison is meeting people and then having the opportunity to get very close with them because of the size of the school. I would change the way students are treated by security- like we're in high school. I never think it's too large, sometimes I think it's too small, but sometimes it's just right. When I tell people I go to Denison, they either have no idea what it is or they say "ahhh" in a way that is supposed to imply "you have a lot of money." I spend most of my time hanging out in various locations with my friends, such as the quad (if it's nice out), or someone's dorm room. What college town? Granville is too small and clearly resents Denison's presence. The administration? Where to begin? I don't feel like opening up that kettle of fish. There isn't really a ton of school pride, probably because our school isn't solely marked by its athletics, like a big ten school might be. However, students definitely show up to football and lacrosse and soccer games when the weather's nice. Denison is extrememly unusual...Denison is it's own world, like a bubble. When I'm at Denison, (and this isn't necessarily a good thing), I have no idea what's going on in the world or even what's playing on the radio because I get so entirely consumed by the Denison bubble. It's fun sometimes, but it sucks you in, and I've found it's very difficult to merely explain this phenomenon to someone who is not a part of the Denison community. One experience I will always remember? Besides just hanging out with the amazing people I've met at Denison, the events this previous fall concerning the forum and the anti-harassment movement will be something that I will absolutely always remember. Frequent complaints: parking (it sucks), the food (it sucks), security (security hates the students), and it's unfair that we have to live in dorms as seniors. There should be some sort of apartments or options to live in houses, (besides the three that are available to the 500-some students).


Denison is a small school, but I really like it that way. I am from a small town and I feel very comfortable in the small group atmosphere. Because it is so small, most people have at least met the majority of the people in the school.


There is very little diversity at Denison. It's a small school, which is nice if you like community... you know people in your classes, your profs know you, and you can get everywhere on campus in 10 minutes or less (usually). Granville is a cute town. Denison is separate from it, on top of a hill, but the town can become like a home away from home as well, if you want it to be. The food is pretty good at Denison, but you definitely get tired of it, especially at the end of the semester. It seems to be better than many other colleges i've visited, but still doesn't seem appealing after eating it all year. Freshman can have cars! :)


Personally, I find the size of the school quite acceptable. My high school was small, and I could never get used to walking around campus and not recognizing anyone. When I walk to dinner, the library, or to class, I always see people I know. It makes you feel much safer than if you walk around and don't see anyone you've met before. I know everyone on campus either first-hand or second-hand. You could pick anyone at Denison, ask me if I knew them, and if I didn't, one of my friends would. When I tell people at home that I go to Denison University, if they are not major upper class, they don't know what I'm talking about because I grew up in an extremely rural area where kids grow up to be farmers and if they go to college, it'll be a state school. However, if I tell someone who knows about Denison that I'm a student there, their reaction is always "Denison? That's such a nice place to go. Very prestigious." If they don't say it out loud, the way they act says it for them. Personally, I find this reaction irritating because even though it's a nice school, it's just a school and it says nothing about me personally. All of the stereotypes (everyone's rich or extremely smart) do not really apply to me. I'm just a normal kid, and I happened to end up at Denison because of the English program. That's enough for me. Granville is actually rather quaint. The people go out of their way to make their yards look gorgeous. Even though there are no real food options in town, and shopping at a department store or mall are out (unless you drive fifteen minutes to Newark or Heath...and Easton is in Columbus only half an hour away), it's BEAUTIFUL. People are really nice, and when you walk into town, they're willing to say hello as they pass you on the sidewalk. Some people find it small, but I find it relaxing, peaceful. In November, there was a school meeting (for some reason I can't remember the proper word) discussing prejudice on campus. There were people who felt as if they were being put down because of race or gender or sexual preference. Acceptance is really important on campus, and if you are prejudice, I suggest you either don't go to Denison or you learn to keep your mouth shut. Some things are over the top, it's true...the way people respond to things as simple as "Your parents won't let you have a car? That's gay!" makes you very cautious. If you were to say that in the wrong company, you'd get several dirty looks, I promise.


In my mind the best thing about Denison is the people. Everyone is very friendly, polite, and willing to help you with anything, and not just the students, some of the staff have become close friends of mine as well. The campus size is just right, walking to class everyday I see at least five of my friends. It is so nice to see familiar faces everyday.


I love the people at Denison more than anything. Everyone is very friendly, eager to learn, and studious while also being fun. I love the small school and the fact that we can know everyone on campus, or no one. Granville (the town that Denison is in) is the cutest and prettiest town ever. The residents of Granville love the Denison students and are very welcoming all the time. Personally, I don't really think Granville would exist without Denison, but with Denison there it has grown and become an amazing village. During the fall of 2007, Denison experienced some serious problems with racism and sexism and had to have an all-campus forum to resolve the issues. Throughout that semester I believe our campus changed a great deal and has become even more welcoming and accepting than ever before.


The best thing about Denison is our sense of community. It's a small school, approximately 2,100 students and completely residential. Everyone is on campus all the time and there is a lot of interaction between students. On the way to class you'll always see people you know. The town of Granville is quaint, but not very active. There are two bars and a really good frozen custard place, but not much else. Even though there is not much to do in town there is always lots going on on campus and Columbus isn't far away either.


Denison is beautiful and Granville looks like a postcard. It may feel a little small by senior year but it really feels like a tight community. In the fall, in reaction to some racial issues, we had a forum which almost every faculty member and student attended. While some were embarrassed about it, I was proud that instead of cover issues up they were discussed openly by everyone.


Denison's too small. Granville has a strict police force that loves to arrest undergraduates. Granville is boring. Denison is like prison, but with a better library.


when i tell people i go to denison, they usually don't know where it is i think its just the right size, it may be too small for some people in november there were racial tensions and there was a forum to discuss them, the administration is now trying to recruit a more diverse student body


Best thing: It's fun even though you go to school there. 1 thing I'd change: Ski-lifts to take you up and down the hill. Too large, too small, or just right: In the beggining it seems bretty big, then maybe a little too small, but you know so many people, and because of that, the school seems just right. The other thing is that, you would think you would meet more people at a larger school, have more netweorks, more opportunities... Well, at a small school, because it's "small", you end up, more like have to, one way or another, meet most of your classmates, that may just add up to a larger number of people you'd know than if you went to a big school. Reaction, when I tell ppl. I go to Denison: (1) Denison? Ok. ...Where is that? (2) Denison??!! I went there!!! [admiration, admiration, admiration] Do you like it? Spend most of the time: swimming, Studying, relaxing, talking with people. College town?: Kinda, not really. People know that denison is just up hill, but Granvillle is Granville, I mean, people live there, so it's jsut a town--So many ppl though! Aministration: Not so friendly to students, strikt, it seems they aren't concerned about students as much--I guess they are, just too many of us! But in the end, you get all the stuff you need--housing, meal plan change, etc. Biggest controvercy: WE had a big anti-racism, anti-discrimination/hatred, movement this year. People spoke their minds a lot. Scool Pride?: Yeah, there is. People wear Denison T-shirts A LOT. Sports teams are really proud. Swimming--we are really devouted to out team and stuff. Anything Unusual?: It's a small school that not many know about, but it seems it opens up so many doors of opportunity for you--so corny--but so true. Will Always Remember: Friends, Swimming, the pretty, cozy, homy campus. Frequent complaint: "Stupid Lottery!" "The Dining Halls Suck!"(They dont BTW) "Too much work." (Sometimes)


Denison has great academics but the campus environment is terrible, the environment is rampant with homophobia, sexism, classims, and racism, the administration also tries to hide incidents that occur on campus


Best thing for Denison, in my opinion, is the size. It attracts the professors who want to teach, the students who want to learn (for the most part), and the community that wants to bond. I like being able to walk to class, or anywhere on campus for that matter, and see many people I know. Needs much (MUCH) more diversity, both in ethnicity, socioeconomic, and lifestyle choices. There doesn't seem to be one main place that everyone spends most of their time aside from their own dorm, though hot spots are Slayter Union (just to stop in and check mail or get food), the library (especially during finals week), and the dining halls. Granville is a cute little town with some nice restaurants and decent bars. If you need more excitement, there's always OSU and Columbus about 45 minutes away. On weekends, almost everyone stays on campus; the parties are plentiful and almost always open to the general student body. The only exception to this rule happen during special weeks devoted to Greek life, like recruitment, initiation, and Greek week. Denison provides plenty of non-alcohol related events to attend as well. For those on the more crunchy side: check out the Homestead. Off-campus, small group of men and women who work to make the place ecologically sustainable. Features really friendly people, no bathrooms, vegetarian/vegan meals, and an experience you'll never forget and likely never regret.


Although no one is really familiar with the small liberal arts Denison University, I have found that attending this small school has been fantastic. First semester of my freshman year was a really interesting transition because I came from a high school that was larger than Denison but after getting to know a lot of kids and especially after joining a sorority, I have found that Denison is full of quality people that you will not find any where else. A kid I know transferred to a big state school after his first semester at Denison because he missed the 'big' college feel. But after only a couple weeks he was back visiting Denison and now he is transferring back because he said that the quality of people at the big state school just didn't match up with the quality of people at Denison.


For me, Denison is the perfect size, not too small and not too large. It is small enough that you really get to know your professors and they get to know you but it is large enough that you don't recognize every student on campus when you walk around. Granville, the town that Denison is in, is very small. If you are the kind of person who likes to hop on the subway around a city Denison is definitely not the right college for you. To get basically anywhere it requires a car. However, I did not have a car on campus for my entire four years and I didn't find that it really hindered me. Most of my friends had cars so I was just able to hitch a ride with them to the grocery store and things like that.


The big picture about Denison is the small picture of Denison. Denison is a beautiful, 20-25 hundred student body liberal arts college. It is in quaint Granville, Ohio and has a couple of great places to eat in town along with a great ice cream shop. You will develop a community here with the students you come to know very well. Your professors give you personal attention if desired and you can be as active in campus life as you choose to be. That is teh experience.


The best thing about Denison is the way it looks. The buildings and the lay out of campus is very pretty. Other than that, Denison is not much but something that looks good on your resume. The school isn't too small for being a small liberal arts school, but being forced to live in dorm rooms all four years makes it seem alot smaller. If I could change one thing I would change 2, I would let fraternities live in their houses again and I would let people live off campus. There is no college town and living off campus might help that. Denison's administration is awful. After an uproar in the fall of 2007 they tried to have a convocation about diversity but even after every student that wanted to speak did, nothing changed. The school is headed down a bad road if the administration refuses to listen to the needs of the students. The only semblance of school spirit is shown at lacrosse games when 15 students show up hammered and immediately get arrested by the Granville Police Dept. also known as the gestapo. The most frequent complaints are about the lack of real food at the dining halls. Again, the administration refuses to do anything about it. The biggest thing that the kids at the rabbit hole are into besides getting drunk is doing an immense amount of drugs. The average greek life member has a cocaine tolerance higher than George Jung (Jonny Depp in Blow). Other than coke, some commonly used drugs are: weed, mushrooms, LSD, molly, and ecstasy.


Denison is very small. Extremely small. At 2,100 students, it is the size of some large high schools. Also, it is secluded and is on top of a beautiful hill. Granville is beautiful but it is home to a lot of families, and is not ideal for college students. Because Denison is so secluded, there is a great sense of community. I noticed this last year after minority groups felt that they were being attacked on campus. The entire campus came together and listened to one another- which was extremely powerful. Another powerful moment of community was when we tragically lost a member of our campus to a car accident. Because Denison is so small, almost everyone knew or knew of this student, and came to the candlelit vigil. The problem with the small size and seclusion of Denison is that there are only so many people. Rumors travel fast and catty high-school style gossip is definitely present. Also, you see the same people everywhere, which can be good except if you are not good friends with someone and would prefer not to see them everywhere.


Well, Granville is a pretty boring town, but we have a kickass ice cream place. There's nothing entertaining to do at Denison unless you like to be constantly wasted or want to drive 30 miles to Columbus. The campus is pretty, but it's on a big hill so it's windy as hell up there. It's treacherous in the winter time, as the roads are all covered in ice; I've seen several cars get stuck trying to get up the hill. Bring your tire chains.


The best thing about Denison is the small community feel. People really get to know a significant portion of campus while spending time there. While a smaller school isn't for everyone it is something that Denison has to offer. One thing that I would like to change would be to have more people attend sporting events. It seems hard to get people to attend these events only because with over 150 student groups on campus there is a lot going on so people usually have their own commitments during games. Granville is a quaint college town that is nice and safe and there is plenty nearby to do as well as a good number of on campus events.


The best thing about Denison is definitely the academics. Almost every professor I've had has gone out of their way to help students and to make themselves available to talk, whether it's about class or just life in general. The advising process is fantastic - my first advisor was too busy to meet with me, but after choosing a new advisor, I discovered why so many students love their advisors. Your advisor will meet with you any time you need to, and often will invite you to dinner at their home or have lunch with you on campus. It's very comforting, especially as a freshman when sometimes you need to vent about a difficult class or your crazy roommate. The school is the perfect size, in my opinion. I always see people I don't know, yet many faces are familiar, which is comforting. Students complain about the small size, but in the end, they seem to acknowledge that the small size makes Denison what it is. Granville is the smallest town I've ever seen (with only Kenyon's Gambier beating it out for smallest town in the world), yet the restaurants are great and the town is overall a nice place. Students don't do much in Granville for fun, but it's nice to be close to other eating options. I feel the administration at Denison does its job well. Everyone in the Registrar's office is extremely helpful; they'll take the time to fix your schedule with you or help you fill out paperwork for other things. Even the Registrar himself will help you out. Academic Support, Residential Life, and the President of the university himself are all very available and willing to speak with you.


If you are one of the half dozen or so commuters, you will always have to park in the furthest parking lot, because Denison does not have commuter only parking.


the best thing about Denison is the opportunity to develop close, meaningful relationships with professors who truly care about your success. Denison is the perfect size; i know a lot of people from all departments and interests, but it doesn't feel smothering. most other people my age have no idea where Denison is, but other adults i talk to are always impressed and mention a friend or relation who went there. i spend a lot of my time in fellows, the 24 hour computer lab, and slayter, the student union. Granville is small, but there are some cute restaurants and shops and lots of charm. it's also close enough to Columbus to go into the city for entertainment. the administration is very approachable and consistently listens to student concerns. in November, we had a campus wide forum about diversity issues on campus. a few stupid students had been harassing others and we as a student body decided we wouldn't stand for it and we united together in opposition to hate. everyone seems really proud to be at Denison, we there's not as much school spirit in the traditional sense of caring a ton about our sports teams.


Since I'm from NY, most people haven't heard of Midwestern schools, so they assume I go to a bad school. They classes are pretty hard and the professors all expect a lot from their students. A lot of the time I feel like I'm in high school because the student body is so small. The campus is beautiful, especially in the spring or right after a snowfall. I hate the gym because the facilities are pretty bad (considering this school is so well-endowed, it's pretty ridiculous). Gossip travels like wild-fire here; one can't keep anything secret for long. The boys suck.

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