DePaul University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


My school, DeVry University, works well with my schedule with all of my classes being online.


DePaul provides a very nuturing enviroment and all of the support systemsyou need in order to suceed.


DePaul University is an inspirational place which not only gives the academic knowledge, but also adds to the whole character of any person that is lucky to be part of it.


A diverse and heavily cultural learning experience in the city.


DePaul is big enough to have any resource you could want and leverages the city around it but some may find themselves lost in such a large setting.


I would describe my school as a respected university by employers and will ensure me a successful future with a degree in Communications.


Depaul is amazing it has given me so many opportunies.


DePaul University is very welcoming, academically challenging, a friendly environment, and a great place to live and learn.


Excellent professors, engaging and dynamic academic community.


A place where diversity is at its fullest and where opportunities are knocking at your door every moment you are there.


In the heart of Chicago, DePaul is a liberal, artistic, high class college with little heart of its own but much to experience and offer.


If I could describe Depaul in one sentence it would be opportunity. Meaning their are various opportunities for individuals to grow and gain experince.


Our school is in the middle of Chicago, so people may not notice that what they are looking at are dorm rooms, classrooms, or the workout facility. All of DePaul's buildings are brick, so they can easily be mistaken for business buildings. Once you are on campus, there is a quad which connects U - Hall, the John T. Richardson Library, the SAC, and McGowan Science Buildings. Here, you see students playing football, frisbee, or any outdoor activity hosted by DePaul. On the other side of the SAC and Library, there is a brand new building called Arts and Letters Hall, which is absolutely beautiful! Next to that is the Student Center where students hang out, get something to eat, or check their mail. DePaul is beautiful in all seasons, but you should definitely check it out during the Fall, the leaves are so pretty!


My typical way of describing DePaul is that it is nestled in a leafy area of Chicago, heavily populated by young couples with dogs and babies and gross amounts of Chicago city students. To be honest, its a fantastic neighborhood, and you can easily see the main part of campus within it. Our library, Student Center, Fitness Center as well as our new English Building are most prominent, built in red-brick roughly three stories tall. It gives the feel of a state school campus, but on a much smaller scale. Its only an eight minute walk from one end of the Lincoln-Park campus to the other. But its area shouldn't be misleading as we have several thousand students. Most, however, do not live on campus, but around it, due to the pleasant neighborhood and friendly atmosphere. You may not notice at first that you are even on a collegiate campus, until you step foot in or walk past our quad. Although small in size, it often hosts free student events or has several groups studying on the grassy haven. The campus is frequented with students going back and forth between classes or out to lunch at the student center. And although our buildings are clearly marked, DePaul is still incorporated into the city seamlessly. You get the small campus feel while still being in the big city. Which, to me, is the best of both worlds.


DePaul's Lincoln Park campus sites amidst tree-lined streets with beautiful brownstone houses and lovely gardens in every direction. Most of the streets are quiet and students intermingle with residents on a daily basis. Most of our buildings are large and beautifully constructed, but are four stories tall at a maximum, which makes for a comfortable, community type feel that isn't utilitarian at all. On a week day, the sidewalks and buildings are hustling and bustling with people of all ages and colors and there is always an event going on in the quad or the student center.


DePaul is a friendly university with great professors and programs.


Devry University is most practioner-oriented than a reseach school.


DePaul University is a large private university that is for students that thrive on life in a large city.


Depaul is a very diverse school that thrives on community service within the Vincentian Values.


A community with a heart and at its core loves and respects everyone.


DePaul is a great school with diverse interests, students, career paths, settings, weather, and political views; it allows for its students to see all sorts of life and expereience more than just a classroom.


DePaul University is a nice living environment with all race, and people coming together to help the students at DePaul t to graduate with a degree.


DePaul is a wonderful school, with great professors and intellegent students; it has a beautiful campus in the amazing city of Chicago.


DePaul Universities is one of the oldest, highest achievement universities in the country that offer professional academic state-of-the-art programs.


A perfect mix of academic and professional cultures that will help you develop as an individual and become successful in life.


Three words that best describe DePaul University are: Catholic (because of their religious roots), Vincentian (because of their commitment to service), and Urban (because of their many ties to the city of Chicago)--these values are upheld in all aspects of the school.


DePaul is everything that I thought it would be: there is a diverse population, small classes, and many opportunities for all students.


DePaul University was like no place I had been before. DePaul University has some of the best teachers I have ever come across. Their mission of accepting everyone is impacted into each student in some way throughout their years.


DePaul university is one of the greatest, most welcoming, diverse and academically outstanding universities in the United States


DePaul University is an environment that inspires students to strive for their potential and to become well-educated citizens who can go out into the world and make positive changes.


Depaul is a school in Chicago that does not feel like your typical college town. You ride the train to a lot of your classes with a diverse group of people and it really gives you a taste of the real world.


DePaul University allows students to feel the downtown experience while being challeneged by courses and professors.


DePaul is a liberal-arts university in a big city with a focus on education.


A well rounded school that has a little something for everyone.


Too big for its own good.


DePaul is a university in a neighborhood setting within the great city of Chicago that provides access to the city while creating an atmosphere of community and acceptance.


I have well rounded teachers, classmates and classes at my school.


DePaul University is a very open and welcoming environment in the heart of Chicago, perfect for all kinds of diverse people who strive to succeed academically and socially.


DePaul University is a melting pot of races, ethnicities, relgions, and backgrounds.


My school is somewhat deceptive because it invites a variety of levels of students but I'm not sure it is easy to access all that is available.


Closests thing to a community college feel with the price tag of a prestiges University.


DePaul University is a cultural melting pot, where students are encouraged to seek their career paths with a wide selection or readily available resources.


DePaul is amazing; it is a beautiful campus, and a great learning institution--it's worth every penny of tuition.


DePaul is an amazing school, where everyone cares.


DePaul is too small for me.


Catholic school gone liberal, urban place to learn!


Depaul is a welcoming school with unlimited opportunities to expand your views.


An urban-minded, progressive school with many outside resources as there are in.


DePaul University is a very diverse school with many different fields of study allowing students from many different fields to interact in a major university campus social life.


DePaul University does whatever it can to help you achieve your definition of happiness.