DePaul University Top Questions

Describe the students at DePaul University.


As I mentioned earlier, DePaul welcomes students from different socio-economic backgrounds and attracts those who seek to have their voice heard through its many on-campus groups regarding LGBT, politics, religion, and community activism. The hub for these campus groups is the student center, where one can find other students petitioning or fundraising for upcoming university events or social issues. Though most students I have met at DePaul are more on the liberal side, students have open minds toward each other's personal beliefs and practices. DePaul students are passionate about their beliefs and want to see change done in the world, and they might just be the ones to do it.


As I've previously said, DePaul is extremely diverse! If you're looking for an LGBT class, racial or religious studies, etc, DePaul is the place for all of it! The university consistently hosts speakers from different backgrounds and areas of opinion to cater to its diverse student body. The school recently hosted a drag show at the student center and it attracted all kinds of students, not just those that identify LGBT.


I have had nothing but good experiences with diversity at DePaul.


Students at DePaul are very open and welcoming to people of all different backgrounds, social class, race, and gender, which makes for a very warm and welcoming learning environment. People are comfortable to be themselves, wear the things they want, and act the way they want. This also allows for many interesting conversations about various environmental,political, and societal topics without lots of arguing, but more sharing of ideas.


There are so many different organizations at DePaul University. Like many, if not all colleges, athletics plays a large roll in student life, but at DePaul it does not define it. Students take more pride in academic and community participation. There are numerous organizations that focus on volunteering, which benefits our greater Chicago community.


I think DePaul is extremely accepting of people from all different ethnicity's, races, sexual orientations, and socio-economic background. I've met students from all different walks of life and DePaul is accepting and supportive of everyone. I would say that students dress a little more formal to class than most schools because we are in a large city. There are all different types of students. I honestly can't think of a stereotypical DePaul student because everyone is so different. A lot of students are from the suburbs but I've also met students from all over the world. There is a large homosexual population at DePaul so I would say that students tend to be more liberal but there really is a large range of students. A lot of students do strive to make a lot of money but students also work extremely hard in class and in extra curricular activities.


As I detailed earlier, there is almost every type of student at DePaul-- which is something I found necessary when choosing a college. The campus is small and cozy, but situated in a dense neighborhood. Regardless of your religious/political/socioeconomic position, most people who attend DePaul treat eachother as adults. We don't wear pajamas to class, ever. Campus is hustling and busting with Undergraduates who may live on campus or nearby, graduate students and professors co-mingling in our Student Center, Ray Meyer Fitness Center and the Library. There is every type of person, and I think we are definitely more fashionable and interesting than the average college student. Many students picked DePaul specifically because it is urban, forward-thinking and world class.


DePaul is largely made up of students from Illinois and the surrounding midwest states but I have fit right in as a student from california. I was worried initially that my friends would all go home on the weekends or commute but that is not the case and lots of students live on or near campus. DePaul has tons of student organizations and there truly is something to match everyone's interests. DePaul made up almost entirely of liberal faculty and students though as a political science student I feel that both sides of the spectrum are always presented. Students at DePaul really are free thinkers and love to come up with big ideas to make changes in the world around them. Socially responsible leadership is a key aspect of a DePaul education and this is definitely reflected int he careers students choose and the conversations they have outside of class.


The people I have met seem down to earth friendly people.


There are students from every religion, racial group, sexual preference, socio-economic status. The students are predominantly left-wing. Students who desire a spawling campus in a rural area probably would not like it here. I personally enjoyed my time here very well. Only 15{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of students live on campus (mostly underclassmen), but many live within blocks of campus in apartments so that stat can be misleading.