DePaul University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


You will experience everything at DePaul racially, religiously, LGBT, and socio- economically. The awesome thing is how well these diverse groups get along. Of course there will be some disputes, but for the most part, people get along. Those who are uncomfortable being in a diverse atmosphere will feel out of place.


I was pretty involved with SASA. In the college of CTI, a true academic would feel out of place.(response: aww, really?) It's true, it's not that type of school. Casual dress. There is that one guy who dresses up as NEO from the Matrix. Um... Pretty diverse. The Chicago area, I would guess. Upper middle class. Not particularly so. I dunno, I would say right. (yeah, you really don't know) Yes.


Well DePaul is the most Diverse school in the US so I do see lots of minorities and it is know as DeGay so I do see lots of different types of people. I dont think that anyone would feel out of place at DePaul because there are literally groups of people for everyone. Most students from DePaul are from teh chicagoland area, but there are also lots of epople from out of states as well. and DePaul students are mostly left I would say, very liberal.