DePaul University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


DePaul is best know for it's basketball team.


DePaul is best known for engaging the Chicago Community. One of the biggest slogans DePaul likes to use is "The City is our Campus". DePaul provides a very unique experience for students where they bypass the "college experince" filled with frat parties and tailgates and replaces that with the "city experience".


DePaul is best known, out side of the City of Chicago as the largest Catholic university in th e country. It is also known for having one of the worst D1 Men's basketball teams in the confrence. In the city, the school is known for its community service, well rounded students, and their party habits.


Although DePaul is well-known for being the largest Catholic University, it is proud of its diversity. This includes religious diversity, and I can honestly say that I found more diversity, religious and oherwise, here than in the small town where I grew up. Although Catholicism is a large part of the university, I have never felt as if I were being excluded for not being Catholic. I notice more than a focus on Catholicism there is a larger focus on its values of service work, diversity, and urban environment.


A well known business scholl recognized all around the country


DePaul is known for its urban location and large number of commuter students.


FEST-its a big concert DePaul Activities Board organizes and is right near the end of the year. My freshman year it was Wiz Khalifa, and last year it was Lupe Fiasco. It is something all students look forward to!


To the general public I'd say DePaul Demons are known for their basketball team years ago. They were arguably one of the best in the country. Nowadays, I'd say the university as a whole is known for their all around quality programs. Many residents of the area either went back to DePaul in some kind of adult program, or graduated there after high school. The business school is very presitgious, and the school boasts most about its dedication to a quality education- such as the professors are there to teach, not conduct their own research for their careers.


Law School and its education program is what its best known for. But even though those are the fields its known for it has exceptionally good placement for all its other majors.


This school is known for representing a high level of professionalism. These teachers, professor can actually teach from personally experience because they actually have businesses and have studied specifically in that field of study. Because I don't see too many professors teaching from hands on experience, this school really caught my eye. I enjoy having teachers whom can teach through curriculum and then be able to tell stories in which relate to the topic at hand. When someone can do that, they have my undivided attention and spirit of motivation.


DePaul University is known for The Theatre School, The Music School and it's Law School. DePaul is one of the largest Catholic institutions in the nation. Even though it is Catholic, they do not force religion down people's throats. The University is left of center.


DePaul is best known for being diverse and one of the largest Catholic Universitys in the nation. It is very diverse, all different types of ethnic, racial, sexual, and religious backgrounds are accepted at DePaul.


Law, and now its Computer and Design Programs with things like Film, Computer Gaming, and Photography Majors.


I would say that DePaul is best known for its location and how fun it is. There is a hugely diverse population, and there are so many different places to visit you can't be bored. From the lake to parks, theaters, concerts, bars, and artsy places there is so much to keep you busy. Downtown Chicago is only a train ride away!


DePaul is best known for being in the city, right in the middle of all the hustle and bustle. It is also known for the girls and boys basketball teams. There are two campuses, one in the loop and one in Lincoln Park, using the el is a commonality.


My school is probably best known for it's business college.


DePaul is best known for their ability to grow students into professional individuals and prepare them for the complications of life.


DePaul University is best known for the volunteer role the school plays in the city of Chicago. They prepare their students to go out into the real world-- not just to thrive, but to make a difference as well.


DePaul is known for its work that students and faculty do throughout the communtiy aroud the University. It is also know for it very diverse student body and faculty memebers.


Respecting the dignity of each person, strongly focusing on diversity, and giving back to the community.


Being the most diverse campus in the country. Along with being the largest Catholic university in the nation


Their Business program.


I came to DePaul University for it's School of Music which is outstanding with great faculty and high expectations for its students.


The quality education that you recieve. Also for the great job opprotunities that present themselves in the future upon graduation. we are very motivated and have great professors tohelp us achieve our goals for the future.


DePaul is best known for its Business and Law colleges. Students, like me, are able to meet with recruiters from many of the top 100 companies in the United States and the opportunities to enhance our learning environment are pretty much endless.


DePaul University is best known for its diverse student body. Students from all different backgrounds come to DePaul to study.


DePaul University is best known for it community outreach services.


Basketball, the business and law schools, being in the city of Chicago


A few years ago DePaul was rated "happiest students", but what we're most known for is our service programs. There are a lot of volunteer opportunities, and all students are required to fulfill one service program per year. Programs include helping at elderly homes, soup kitchens, Children's Memorial Hospital, and programs overseas.


Our school is probably best known for our basketball team. And is the most notable part of, and often associated with, the Lincoln Park area of Chicago.


Being urban, large, and liberal. Associated with the city of Chicago, and it's former basketball repuation.


The music and theatre schools go above and beyond what any student could ask for with respect to training, real life experiences, and overall expectations. Since DePaul is in the city of Chicago, it is extremely easy for the students to go see the professionals of their art in action. The professors at these schools in particular are also considered the best among the professionals, and each professor is dedicated to the education and careers of his or her students. Although these schools are very competitive, it is a learning environment preparing the students for the real world after college.


I would say that DePaul is best known for consistently ranking in the top ten schools nationwide for it's business programs in the College of Commerce. DePaul is also the known for it's uban setting and extremely diverse student population.




Being Most Diverse


Campus life


Its basketball team.


My school is best know for their Business and Law programs, and their many different sports teams.


The Theatre School is top five in the country. For Design/Tech, I believe we are number one. For acting, top five. But for my field of study, I feel like we are the theatre majors that don't make money and so no one cares about us. We also have a good music school here.


The school is best known for its community service in and around the city. Students live by Vincentian values, though a large amount of students on campus are not Catholic. DePaul is also well known for being the largest Catholic University in the nation, though you would never know it! DePaul is extremely accepting, encompassing, and diverse in its student population.


The degrees it offers the the school enviroment.


DePaul University is known for its business school mostly. It is known for its urban location in one of the most powerful and developing cities in the world. DePaul is recognized for its urban location and the opportunities that its urban location and connections the university has with affluent people. Many studens, particlarly those in business appreciate the connections and exposure the University offers. It is also known for its strong sports program--especially basketball and softball. Students love the school because it offers great education, opportunities within the city and an excellent club/social life.


DePaul is becoming more known for their computer science technologies and digital technology opportunities for students has been expanding greatly. However, I think it has been more acknowledged for its business and law schools over the past years.


It's business program, psychological research programs (which is why I am a student there), art department, its campus feel in a big city, its diversity the list goes on.


My school is best know for hooking people up after college with jobs and provides excellent networking opportunities while students are in school